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2KA Series

2KB Series


2KD Weigh Master



            2KB SERIES
Corn Belt Rates, High Speed Tool Bars.
Applies Up To 12,000 lbs. per Hour In Cold Temperatures to 20 Degrees F.

$25,873.47 in 12 port arrangement
Twin tank required after 30 gpm with bottom outlet valves

  •  Add $120.00 for each port above 12.

  • Ideal for high speed side dressing. Remote discharge valve is standard for quick response in corners.

  • Outstanding cold weather performance.

  • The sliding vane Corken transfer pump boosts pressure to the piston injection pump.

  • The system includes the Exactrix 1 gallon primary filter. The low pressure drop filter has over 30 sq. in. of open area.

  • The system comes complete with Smarthose breakaway that remains with the tool bar. A very safe breakaway for dusty conditions.

  •  Low pressure drop. Engineered Controls A-3210-065 bottom outlet tank valves extend the range 15% by completely emptying the tanks, ideal for rolling terrain.

  • Variable rate, hydraulic drive, GPS compatible, less hydraulic lines, $5,800.00 using MidTech, 6100 TASC Controller. radar sensor not included.


  • Bottom outlet valve and vent kit: $1,237.37

  • Hydraulic lift meter wheel: $1,250.00

  • Hydraulic drive with motor, less controller: $1,150.00

  • Smarthose breakaway, 1.5 in. diameter x 15 foot length: $850.00

  • Side dressing orifices: $12.75 ea.

  • Exactrix designed turntable mount drawing: $125.00

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