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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Sir Arthur C. Clarke

2KA Series

2KB Series


2KD Weigh Master



Black Bird….

Designed for all controllers, ISO-Bus, 6 and 10 Auto Boom, with NPSH supply of NH3.
Or set up utilizing any NH3 manifold…and any NH3 Cooler and primary filter.

Applying 110% more crop available N.

Black Bird…Fast and Reliable delivery of NH3 to injection point without freezing.
Use your old controller, Use your old cooler, Use your old manifold, Use your old breakaway.
Black Bird is an introductory system for producers that require a lower cost system to start.

No freezing Injection Lines.
Black Bird is a Low cost system with impeccable credentials……created by engineers of Exactrix.
Black Bird allows a future upgrade to Exactrix Weigh Master Series with a 166% more crop available N rating.
Durable corrugated line covers, numbered and sheath protected injection lines delivering NH3 in a liquid state to each opener.
Section Control 6 or 10 booms. Short line runs with 3/16 x .138 id lines for quick drain down.
Highly repeatable carbide bearing amplified volumetric flow meter in boom widths of 10 feet or less.
Low Flow repeatable system in VR-Site Specific from 2 mph to 7 mph.
ISO-Bus ECU allows all virtual terminals supplied by the tractor manufacturer.
Compatible with Mid-Tech, Dickey-john and Raven older controllers prior to Can-bus.
Fast VR response in cold weather. 3 seconds or less pressure change at the injection point.
Black Bird delivers additional tractor seat time with high system reliability and low 2.8 gpm hydraulic oil consumption.
Black Bird has many patented features of the more advanced Exactrix systems


1. Hydraulic Motor, 2.2 cu.in. (Eaton or Sauer Danfoss) at 2.38 to 3.38 gpm nominal hydraulic flow at pressure to 2600 psi.
2. Hydraulic Flow Control valve provides a 3 second response full turn at 0 to 5 gpm.
3. All Hydraulic hook ups are JIC Male with Color Coded and Name Tags.
Check Valve protected…No chance of hooking up the system backwards….the system initial run in is foolproof.
4. The Stainless Steel Great Plains Weather Shield protects the Flow meter and the ISO-Bus ECU and Auto Boom components.
5. The Corken Modulation Valve allows very low flows and provides a variable back pressure on the system.
The Corken Modulation Valve assures the flow meter is metering a liquid flow.
6. The Corken Sliding Vane Black Bird pump allows low hydraulic flow and delivers only liquid state NH3 at a predictable rpm.
The Corken Sliding Vane Black Bird pump allows flows to 21 gallons per minute at pressures to 350 psi, (150 psi above tank).
The Corken Black Bird pump is Underwriters Laboratories listed and produced by the world’s largest compressed gas pump manufacturers.
The Corken Sliding Vane Black Bird Pump is rated to 65 gpm and is de-rated 3 times to assure long life with the highest quality components.
The Corken Sliding Vane Black Bird Pump can be stored with NH3 in the pump. No pump maintenance is required other than 1 grease application per year.


7. The ¾ flow meter is constructed entirely of stainless steel and uses carbide bearings for long life.
The ¾ flow meter regulates as low as 1.12 gallons per minute and will go as high as 21.75 gallons per minute in 3 seconds.
The ¾ flow meter is inductance type with an amplifier located right at the flow meter to assure a high quality signal to the controller.
8. All components after the 100 mesh final filter and before the ¾ flow meter are stainless steel high pressure fittings to assure very low to no maintenance of the flow meter.
The Black Bird Final filter is designed to handle very high, micro-second, pressure spikes (3,000 psi) from boom valves.
The Black Bird Final Filter housing wall thickness is 1 inch.
The final filter elements are re-useable and cleaned when internal pressure gauge gets too high.
The double backed filter element is silver soldered and sealed with double o-rings to avoid filter channeling.
The Black Bird Final filter catches and stores all particulate and rust (.006" dia.) that may pass from the pump towards the flow meter.
An optional large Final Filter ceramic magnet can be installed if low quality material or poor tanks are being supplied.
9. No replacement date hoses…pump outlet lines and manifold delivery lines are lifetime rated.
Manifold ¾ od lines are cut to length.
10. The Bypass Return back to tank allows the positive displacement pump to turn in the corners with low NH3 heating and improved pump life if the operator desires to set the Hydraulic Flow Control Valve at Hold.
The Bypass Return may be closed if the Hydraulic Flow Control Valve is moving to Close rather than Hold at shut down.
For cold morning start ups the Bypass Return can be fully opened to heat the NH3 tank supply for 30 minutes at full load (350 rpm at 150 psi boost..….also heating the hydraulic oil for 104 degree F operation requirements.
11. The Black hole manifold orifices are supplied in standard .035, .045, .055 and .080 with 1/8 inch nptf adapter ends.
The Black hole Terminal Injection Orifices are supplied in standard .045, .055 and .080 sizes.
The Opener Tube holders for the TIO’s are supplied in simple configuration 3/8 inch tubing with compression fit up.
The Openers are removable and lines are joined with standard Black Bird Line splices.
12. A Powerful Tool…Only Corken Sliding Vane Black Bird Pumps provide the operator true relationships between supply and delivery of NH3 using a pump Tachometer. The pump tachometer assures proper reporting of system health…allowing repeatable flow and delivery targets to be understood.
The pump tachometer provides valuable assistance in setting the modulation valve.
The pump tachometer allows easy monitoring of the Auto Boom start and stop of each section.
The pump tachometer is a double assurance that the VR, Site specific targets are being meet.
The pump tachometer monitors pump supply and poor or blocked NH3 tank valves.
The pump tachometer avoids over revving of the pump when the supply of NH3 is poor or the system is empty.
Each system is flow and pressure tested for 1 hour in a dynamic check of all system components.  



Liquid NH3 Flow at 60 degrees F with Net Positive Suction Head
Maximum NH3 Flow above tank pressure……..21.75 gpm…………. 91.57 lbs.N/min.
Nominal NH3 Flow above tank pressure……….17.75 gpm. ………… 74.73 lbs.N/min.
Minimum NH3 Flow at tank pressure…………...1.12 gpm………… 4.72 lbs.N/min.

Maximum hydraulic Flow at NH3 tank pressure…….5 gpm hyd. oil at 525 rpm.
Nominal hydraulic Flow at 74.73 lbs. N/M above tank pressure….2.38 to 3.38 gpm hyd. oil at 240 to 355 pump rpm.
Hydraulic Flow Control Valve, full travel, 3 seconds, controller setting Hold, or Close.
Tractor Hydraulic System, Pressure Compensated, Load Sense (Power Beyond) or SCV.
Hydraulic system pressure gauge, oil filled, 0 to 3000 psi.

Corken Sliding Vane pump, 2 inch nptf, Black Bird…………………………..…rated to 350 psi pressure, UL listing.
Pump flow characteristics. Phase Lock Loop closed…no NH3 bypass flow return back to tank.
Maximum Pump RPM, de-rated 3 times to 21.75 gpm………………….……..…525 rpm.
Normal operating pump RPM with Modulation valve set at 2 turns………….... 240 to 355 rpm.
Non-functional operating range (pump cavitation)…………………………….… 425 to 525 rpm.
Maximum NH3 pressure above tank pressure (hyd. Limited)…………..……….150 psi plus tank pressure.
Pump Internal Bypass setting…………………………………………….………..180 psi plus tank pressure
Maximum delivery, system design, Modulation valve set 0 turns………………21.75 gpm NH3 at 150 psi above tank pressure.
Minimum delivery, system design, Modulation valve set 4 turns…………….…..1.12 gpm NH3 at 60 degrees F.
NH3 System Pressure, oil filled, 0-400 psi.

Flow meter, ¾ inch nptf, 4 blade ss 304 turbine, with inductance brake, carbide bearings, and inductance amplified signal.
Turndown range at +- .005 repeatability…………………... 1.75 gpm to 17.5 gpm.
Pressure rated to……………………………………….……. 350 psi.
Full flow range response time at injection point…………….. is less than 3 seconds on all boom widths.
Stable at flows to 1.12 gpm with sectional boom control. Auto Boom mastered by the low flow repeatable 3/4 flow meter.

Black hole Orifices at Manifold. .035 .045, .055, 070, 080 1/8 inch nptf compatible with all manifolds.
Black hole Orifices at Injection. .045, .055, 080
TIO injection holders inside the opener, 3/8 x 6 inch stainless steel tubes with TIO holder.

Line Looms
3/16 x .138 nylon sheathed with corrugated loom sleeve. Nominal band spacing of 14 inch or less.
¼ x .190 nylon sheathed with corrugated loom sleeve. Nominal band spacing of 15 inch to 22 inch.
3/8 x .250 Polyethylene with corrugated loom sleeve. Nominal band spacing of 20 inch to 30 inch.
3/8 x .290 nylon sheathed with corrugated loom sleeve and high pressure fittings. Nominal band spacing 20 inch to 30 inch.

Controllers, tested and compatible with most controllers and virtual terminals
1. ISO-Bus Virtual Terminals complete with six section control or ten section control with Auto Boom.
2. Mid-Tech
3. Dickey-john
4. Raven.
Pressure and Tachometer Optional based on controller capability.
Exactrix Pressure gauge panels are available in 8 readout 0 to 500 psi.
Tachometer Panel is utilized for 2 position readout of pump and air-seeder fan to 10,000 rpm.


Exactrix® Global Systems LLC
4501 East Trent Ave.
Spokane, WA 99212
509 995 1879 cell, Pacific.