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Technical advancements in 2KM series.
The Gravity of the situation with telemetric reports.


Joel's Sunflower Field 07/13/12


Joel's McClure 07/13/12 Joel's Sunflower Field 07/13/12
Harvest Time - 09/2012


Harvest Time - 09/2012 Harvest Time - 09/2012
Harvest Time - 09/2012    


Mass Flow with the 2KM is proving economically successful with reporting the Specific Gravity of the APP/ATS.

Producers can challenge the scale…and can confirm daily application of "Tons Moved" directly to the fertilizer dealer.

Joe McClure is the first Exactrix owner to double check the APP/ATS blend....and confirm the third product into the flow.

Typically Joel’s blend of APP/ATS weighs about 11.57 pounds per gallon and comes from the Elkhart Coop at Hugoton, Kansas ….

Joel injects Ammoniated Zinc/Chelated Zinc into the flow of the APP/ATS just before the pump. He also injects KTS in certain parts of the field.

Running three liquid pumps (diaphragm and Peristallic) he can confirm exact pump timing and application rates are on the mark with uniformity. Normally about 2 to 3 seconds of pump engagement results in a readout change in Bulk Density.

Changing Specific Gravity.

With injection of Ammoniated Zinc in the flow of APP/ATS….the Bulk Density of APP/ATS in a 70/30 blend drops from 11.57 pounds per gallon to 11.47 pounds per gallon….

What happens with the Injection of KTS….and the Bulk Density jumps to 11.72 pounds per gallon. These values confirm that the combined flows are meeting the criteria of on-the-go-blending.

Plus any malfunction in the application of 3 products is easily monitored…such as plugged filters, entrained air….or simply being out of material.

A different type of Mass Meter is used with more advanced electronics to produce Specific Gravity or Bulk Density.

The F Mass Meter is mounted to be self draining and is protected by a Great Plains weather shield.

An F Mass Meter produces data regarding Bulk Density as well as total pounds applied.

The F Mass meter is also superior for many other features over volumetric flow meters.

Batches do change....and mistakes can be made….confirming the blend is correct and no mistakes have been made…the correct way is to scale at the applicator.

Telemetric reporting.

Another big plus at Exactrix for producers like you is the recently developed telemetric system that allows Mass Flow meter process data to be transferred to your cab i-pod.

You can send your Totalizer report and the specific gravity to your office computer to report applications that have been completed for the day.

You can send your report up to the minute to your favorite fertilizer dealer.

You and your fertilizer dealer can plan better because the deliveries are timely of high quality material.


High Quality Fertilizers.
Bulk Density of 4 common materials used in blends.
ATS Ammonium Thio-Sulfate, 12-0-0-26S, at 11.1 pounds per gallon.
APP, Ammonium Poly Phosphate, 10-34-0, 11.6 pounds per gallon.
APP, Ammonium Poly Phosphate, 11-37-0, 12 pounds per gallon.
KTS, Potassium Thio-sulfate, 0-0-17-25S, 12.15 pounds per gallon.

Big Acre Producers prefer Mass Flow at $3.00 per acre savings right to the bottom line.

The outstanding economics are produced especially with APP at 95 cent P and ATS at 85 cents per pound S.

Since APP is sold by the ton....you should be metering your expensive fertilizer product by the pound...not by the volume.

APP/ATS is not a compressed gas why would this be such a good idea?....
The APP bulk density varies by mistakes in the supply chain....and also the mechanical flow meters have drag and do not apply exactly to the target.

The quality problem may not be your supplier…it may be your handling and mixing….and making Blends.

The cost overruns may be caused by your filter maintenance….and your particular storage problems.

When you are making your own blends….you will want to confirm the blend with the Bulk Density, Specific Gravity, F series Mass Meter.

Humic Acid….If you are using Humic Acid Blends…you need a mass meter to confirm the blend is holding together….no overnight settling of the material. Stop for 5 days and watch the Specific Gravity change.

You can give your fertilizer dealer a break….If your fertilizer dealer needs a little more quality control you need an F meter with Specific Gravity Readout that can report directly to your fertilizer dealer via Exactrix Telemetrics.

If you desire to raise more bushels and would like to Variable Rate Apply….you need the F series, Mass Flow…with a Smart reporting meter that constantly confirms it’s own health….and also confirms the Quality of the Blend.

1. Variable Rate application does require a self troubleshooting Mass flow meter that is always accurate. Volumetric flow meters begin to drag over time and must be constantly recalibrated with no advanced warning of problems. In variable rate application....there is not an accurate way to calibrate the tank against the volumetric flow-meter. F series meter assure every square foot of lineal band is exactly applied as you have called out in the prescription….Not every acre….every sq foot is correct. No other liquid application system can apply as accurate as the 2KM Mass Flow System.

2. Entrained air in the flow from the filter to the pump is easily pickup by the Mass Meter. Volumetric flow meter systems never report plug filters or entrained air in the flow.

3. Most producers budget for 5% over application costs with the volumetric system application....Joel McClure reports his application was exact with the 2KM and the savings was substantial by meeting the total target under 5%. The calculations come out at $2.50 to $4.50 cents per acre advantage of Mass Flow, Bulk Density Readout at current P and S prices…$650 per ton and $450 per ton. Take your total APP/ATS bill and multiply by 5%....you will understand the payback.

You can plan on the 2KM, F Mass Meter being accurate....and you can save 5% on your total APP/ATS,Zn fertilizer bill.

4. Wireless reporting directly to the cab and on to your office computer.

5. An independent Mass Flow meter that trouble shoots quality problems might be pretty good investment when applying on more than 5,000 acres of TAPPS.

6. Exactrix Mass Flow systems are simply more reliable than other flow-meter types. The 2KM Mass Flow has higher levels of customer acceptance of advance

7. Mass Flow may cost more…but the investment return is made in the first 5,000 acres or in the first year.




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