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36 Port E-5 Pump

Exactrix Direct Injection NH3 System
36 Port with E-5 Pump Pressure Increasing System (350 PSI )

Ideal for air seederss, and no-till drills under 40 feet in width...maximum rates at 150 lb. actual N per acre at 6 mph with full regulation at 20 lbs. per acre actual N at 2 mph or less.

  • Description: A complete precision NH3 system rated at 16.5 gallons per minute @ 350 psi maximum pressure.

  • Standard port-to-port accuracy is 5%, also available at 1%.

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI Standards

  • Fully integrated design is dedicated to the safe use of NH3.

  • Includes specifically designed elements that assure long term use, low operational cost and maximum instrument grade reliability.

  • Adaptable to hydraulic drive for variable rate GPS systems.

  • No wetted electronic parts, supercoolers are not required, it's a full mechanical system

Critical Components Supplied are:

  • E-5 Pump

  • Primary filter

  • Pressure and Safety Gauges

  • Safety 100 mesh filter

  • Hydrostatic relief valve (350 psi)

  • Dual stage (Creeper) manifold

  • Gas-charged accumulator

  • Range orifices

  • High-pressure 3/16 black nylon line machine harness

  • Terminal expansion orifices with compression style clamps

  • All fittings are supplied at minimum 800 PSIG Burst Pressure

    Substitution of critical components voids performance guarantee.    Follow all guidelines in handbook.  Do not install additional supply-side components without approval from Exactrix Global Systems.  Exactrix copyrighted handbook supplied.

    Warranty: All parts and components are warranted to be free of defective material or poor workmanship for a period of one year from date of first use and is fully transferable to the next end user.  Warranty is administered direct to Exactrix via the Internet.  Free safety goggles supplied with completion of warranty card.

    Spares: shipped within 18 hours of your order receipt via air carrier or your specified carrier.  Five year total parts guarantee including replacement harness and all system components.  $500.00 at time of purchase.

    Price Quoted FOB Spokane, WA....$10,200.00 With 1/4" Lines -- $10,500.00 With 3/8" Lines
    Price Quoted FOB Spokane, WA....$9,900.00 With 3/16 Lines, Airseeder Arraignment.
    Airseeders Can Use Flow Splitters, Contact Fargo Products, 701-235-0124.

    Annual rental charge....$3,600.00 all normal service parts included.

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