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Less Is More, Better Crops, Better Margins


Exactrix owners report 12% more net margin... from $100,000 to $1.5 million additional annual net margin. 

Powerful Economics with TAPPS

The total investment is often paid for in the first 2,000 acres.

Dec. 30, 2014, Economic Report based on 6 year study. Go to http://www.exactrix.com/Broadcast_12_31_2014.html

                                  Lineal Uniformity, Geometry, Chemistry, Physical Structure and Superior Engineering

                      Seward, NE                                                  Exactrix USDA Tool Bar, P-51 Mustang Swiveling Single Disc Openers.

Practicing five annual factors brings good yields and excellent nutrient efficiency.
Apply 166% more crop available N and 200% more crop available P with TAPPS.

1. Timing of application.
2. Uniformity, lineal stream, exact band width with every band on every acre on every field....exactly applied.
3. Root pattern geometry.
4. TAPPS formulation of balanced nutrients.
5. No-Tillage practices provide additional nutrients timely.

Practicing three perennial factors improves yields and nutrient efficiency.

1. Rotation.
2. No-tillage, Rotational Band Loading.
3. Adjusted soil pH. Optimum 7 to 7.5 pH.

Fall Banding with Case SDX.

Genesee, ID One pass campsite. Logistics are important.

        Each opener band is applied within 1%, formulating TAPPS.

The TAPPS band width is exact.

The band concentration or the band width or the band diameter remains constant across the applicator pass. There is no over and under concentration of nutrients. Over concentrated bands cause root burning and or pruning. The bands are homogeneous with zinc and sulphur and phosphate combined with ammonic nitrogen feeding plants with a balanced nutrient crystal band.


                                           P-51 CUE Mustang Openers

                                               Shelton, NE

          Corn and Wheat

    Consider a tool bar that does both pre-plant application
    and side dressing

  1. Index the banded nutrients with guidance.
  2. Setup NH3 trailers to pre-plant or side dress.
  3. Consider NH3 transport delivery.
  4. Consider side dress on sandy soils.
  5. Consider pre-plant application on 2/3 of your acres.
  6. Use single disc openers for high speed pre-plant applications
    and low disturbance side dress applications.
  7. Start side dressing immediately after planting.
  8. Design your tool bar and trailer to handle big corn.
  9. Hedge your bets...keep your options open.
  10. Maximum nutrient efficiency and top yields may require two passes formulating TAPPS.
  11. Qualification for Tier 3 CSP is possible.
  12. Timing drives crop production decisions.

A 40/60 blend of APP/ATS weighs 11.22 lbs per gallon. The F Series meter confirms product quality, correct blend and allows a sale at the Exactrix

Exactrix 2KM TAPPS Formulator. Utilized by custom applicators to apply APP/ATS
by specific gravity and weight at 11.40 lbs per gallon typical, APP. Weighs the material as it is applied and confirms proper manufacture of 10-34-0.


Double crop side dress sunflowers with swiveling P-51 Mustang openers results in virtually no soil disturbance.


Double crop side dress sunflowers with swiveling P-51 Mustang openers results in virtually no soil disturbance.


No-till single disc application provides flexibility in all soil types.

Maximum nutrient efficiency with applying TAPPS into growing roots.

Excellent yields with timing of Exactrix TAPPS Formulation.

Exceptional returns on investment.

Apply 166% more crop available nutrients.

Add 12% more net margin.

In irrigated corn production producers bring 150 more net dollars per acre to the bottom line in 2015.

Totalizer readout in lbs.
Change fields without changing tanks.

Exactrix has received national and regional awards for exceptional
product and customer service.

Guy Swanson Explains Economic Advantages In Corn Production.

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