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MRB-20 18 Inch blade diameter

Adjust scraper to the edge of the blade.

Double block spacer required



  Bourgault 8825 May 2011, 60 feet, 15 inch band spacing.. 8 miles per hour, MRB-25

MRB-25 has a 20 inch blade diameter. The MRB-25 was produced after the MRB-20.
Also applies to the series 3 MRB, mounting is the same.
The blade diameter is 20 inch for the MRB-25 and series 3.
The blades are available in 21.9 inch diameter from Exactrix®.


MRB-25, 1 spacer block required.
Adjust scraper to the edge of the blade.



Triplex with bent tube.

Roll pins set blade to injector clearance.


During the 2010 crop production year several saturated soil conditions and unusual weather conditions prompted a different approach to  reverse tube injection of nutrients with the Bourgault MRB-25 opener.  

A. Flying Corn and Sunflower stalks at 9 mph did create reliability problems with the check valve.  

B. Mud was a challenge.....and some operators did have problems setting tubes correctly across the machine width.  

C. The 20 inch diameter x 1/4 thick blades were operated well beyond the typical blade replacement criteria...requiring more adjustment and a stronger tube design. Blades were operated to 17.5 inches before replacement. 

It became apparent that acres could be increased with some changes to the injection mounting and injection point using time proven stainless steel TIO holders retained with roll pins......with additional chrome wear plates added at the injection tip.  

1.The 2KP/2KM Check Valve is located 2 feet away from injection point at frame. 

2. The check valve can also be housed in a sectioned steel pipe housing . Optional.  Just in case the Check Valve location needs to be moved in to the range of the sunflower stalks. 

3. The Bourgault MRB-25 Triplex adjustment for wear is made by relocating spacers and locating Shims correctly. This takes away the guess work of setting the injection point. 

4. The adjustment for wear is not required until the blade has worn 1 inch. 

5. The housing will not deform in mudding conditions. Bending of the housing has not occurred to date.  

6. The housing uses a triple TIO holder....allowing up to 3 products to be mixed...or an alternate injection TIO for NH3. 

7. The MRB-Triplex is quickly removable.  

8. The Triplex TIO holder (Bourg 128) is held in place with two roll pins….and is two position mounted in a Hi/Lo option as the conditions merit. The TIO holder design has been utilized since the Flexicoil 5 Paired Row Stealth opener was developed 6 years ago.  

9. A hard chrome wear tip is installed to protect the TIO in case the blade wears down too far before adjustment.  The Chrome insert wear tip is utilized to assure the TIO’s cannot be worn by the blade or the soil.  

10. The three injection lines are protected in spiral wrap plastic tubing that is very durable and retained with a stainless steel hose clamp.

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