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Ben McClure
Kramer Seed Farms.

2008 Nitrogen Test Plots

Last Updated: 03/04/2021 12:33:34 PM

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Joel McClure Discusses His Exatricx® System With Guy Swanson - July 2012

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Ben McClure at Hugoton, KS reports in......this is Joel McClure's brother who has become quite famous in recent years for his plot work.......Ben also operates Kramer Seed Farms which is a winter wheat seed supplier.....This is a large center pivot farm in western Kansas.
Ben's results are on large plots with 28 total plots under a center pivot with Garret Havel,  Crop Quest Agronomist,assisting with the data.  The plots meet Steep 3 and are harvested with a weigh wagon.
We are confident this is a good set of data.
Applications of TAPPS with N above 150 pounds per acre....creates a backside of the nitrogen yield curve.....Yields do go down above 150 pounds N quite often with Exactrix Application....N rates must be reduced to take top yields....
The Marginal Return Point is between 126 pounds to 150 pounds N.....a good bet is 140 pounds N is about maximum with 30 inch band spacing...making a one time application....Side dress could bring 10 more bushels per acre.....or 15 inch band spacing with Strip Till.....and side dress in pre-plant.
Exactrix does apply 166% more crop available nitrogen....Across the Great Plains....The system does apply 166% more crop available nutrient when you include P and S.
Ben  has another plot regarding phosphate rates.
Garret Havel assisting in plot design. Large center pivot plot, Hugoton, KS. Plot paperwork reviewed.
Ben McClure, Joel McClure, Craig Rife and John Supplemental irrigation is required. Large plots require a half cut and two passes.
Each plot is weighed individually. Garret Havel, agronomist, Crop Quest. Exactrix 2KC Weigh Master,
2KP TAPPS Formulator

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