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                     The Process of Exactrix.
        Exactrix is a mobile fertilizer factory on tracks or wheels.
The magic of Exactrix is  known to a few……and it has changed again in 2012….

With the fifth year of development of the P-51C Mustang Openers….and the third year of  TAPPS and TAPPKTS testing with Hydra Hume…… Exactrix will continue to improve and change.

                P-51 Mustang Openers

Developing new goals and proprietary rules of nutrient application at 1% CV allowing NH3 crop utilization to be increased 166%.

Utilizing Mass Flow techniques to weigh the material and deliver at accuracies at .003 or 30 pounds in 10,000 pounds applied.

Reporting the application of nutrients telemetrically to the budget office computer or fertilizer dealer computer.  

Utilizing almost any type of controller from major suppliers of ISO or Can-Bus systems.

Allowing the full yield potential of each and every crop to be realized when the weather is right.

Developing outstanding phosphate performance utilizing high pressure orifice delivery of liquid NH3 to improve placed Phosphate efficiency between 200% to 300% over other methods of Phosphate application.


Liquid Steaming Flows formulating TAPPS, TAPPKTS...Hydra Hume formed up as Ammonium Fulvate in a High pH reaction with NH3
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Providing root pattern geometric access in soils that are moist with .75 inches or greater of stored soil moisture in the top 1 foot….driving nutrient efficiency by avoiding air dry, brick hard soils using timing of nutrient application and high speed application.

Operating at speeds of 10 to 12 mph with single disc Mustang machines that can apply 1,000 acres per day and up .5 million pounds (250 tons/d) or $100,000 to $150,000 per day of crop nutrient.

Breaking yield barriers with only 7% of the crop gross income invested in Exactrix high quality fertilizer which is constantly achieved in center pivot irrigation of the Great Plains.  

The timed process of application with liquid streaming flows of NH3,APP/ATS/KTS/AZn/Hydra Hume on band centers of 10, 12, and 15 inch centers at depths to 7 to 9 inches without tillage.

Forming a vermiculated crystal lattice of highly crop available and balanced nutrients without tillage leaving ideal seed beds for no-till drills and planters and thus saving moisture.

Forming vertical column nutrient balanced and precisely elongated bands which increases root targeting of nutrients by 10 times and allows for higher yield potential.

Utilizing endurance Exactrix Mustang openers that perform surgical soil cuts that elongate vertical deep bands from 7 inch depths to the aerobic zone….and yet simplistically sealing the soil surgical cut slot.  

Placing Nutrients bands in moist soil zones that allow growing roots to penetrate and colonize at improved soil depths improves yield potential.

Improved banding and distribution of crop nutrients at consistent soil moisture depths…… which has never before been achieved in No-till.

You do not need a lot to raise a lot.  

Exactrix owners continue to unravel the mystery of top yields at lowest production cost (cost per bushel produced) using Exactrix Process Management.  


Guy Swanson



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The new tool bar offering from Exactrix and Case at 50, 60 or 65 feet. ….Case IH 940 Tool Bar.

High Speed….with Vermiculated Crystalline Deep banding ranked in line or offset with Exactrix P-51C Vacuum Injection of TAPPS and TAPPKTS with Hydra Hume at 7 inch depth.

Lowest cost operation of any tool bar developed when 7 inch deep banding is considered.

Traveling at high speeds of 10 mph or at 50 feet 1.01 acres per minute to 1.313 acres per minute at 65 feet.   

The 940 has 5 section flex….and 7 section fold. Outside folding sections fold forward.  Wing wheels not required with Mustang Gyro counterweight depth bands.

19’ wide and 14’ high…..Folds very narrow at 18 foot 9 inch  transport width….about 1 foot under 20 feet. ….and is low in transport at 13 feet 9 inch which allows door height of 14 feet.

Has 7 sections that fold….the 6th and 7th section can be added in the field….and no wing wheels are required with Gyro Counter Weight Depth Bands.   

The 940 frame ships from Des Moines, Iowa….on a flatbed.

Openers and frame are assembled at customer location. Freight must be added.

Exactrix Sales engineers 940 cost is $61,500 at 50 feet…..$68,600 at 60 feet and $69,165 at 65 feet.

Typical Assembled cost with Gyro counter weights, at factory list pricing.  

50 feet at 15 inch centers. $142,700…set up cost $4,575 add sales engineers mark up is 10% for Frame or $6,150 sales engineer mark up with assembly is $10,725, or $153, 425.   

Estimate at least $$6,500 to $8,500 in delivery cost.

50 feet at 12 inch centers $162, 550.   Set up cost at $5,467.00 add sales engineers mark up for the Frame or $6,150 complete with assembly at $11,617 or $174,167.

50 feet at 10 inch centers $183,300.   Set up cost at $6,321.00 add sales engineers mark up for the Frame or $6,150 complete with assembly at $12,471. Or $195,771.

Introductory Program….first 10 owners receive $5,000 cash refund to start the program and help with endorsements.



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