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NH3 at 1% - Where did all the money go?
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NH3 at 1% with GPS Binary Banding On The Great Plains, NH3 as NH4 is at 99% crop available with Exactrix® Binary Banding. Improving Corn Yields and flexibility, and driving nutrient efficiency beyond any previous efficiency values. Exactrix® produces top yields with the safest, most advanced pressure increasing direct injection NH3 system.

NH3 at 1% is a Time Capsule and critical to your success. You can buy land from others. Willing Sellers....Unwilling buyers 

Green Play Ammonia - Zero Carbon, Anhydrous Ammonia Pricing is $100 to $300 per ton, Windy or Photo Green Play Ammonia, Yielder NFuel.
Exactrix Producers take a big leap ahead.






NH3 Fertilizer Costs Deep Dive Into Reality. Long Term Planning Must Be Implemented. “We have got it, and they don’t.” Reducing production costs $150 to $200 per acre.  Only in North America will you find TAPPKTS plus Zinc built at 1% Uniformity or CV.  A stellar reaction of nutrients in a deep band vermiculated to 8 inches, No-tillage.

Exactrix Owners, Scientists, Soil Fumigation experts in Relay Intercrop, Fumigant Mustard at Beemer,NE

Japan's Road Map for Fuel Ammonia.
Japan Ramps up Ammonia Power Generation





Exactrix Pays Off Land Debt. Bigger Margins In Corn Pays off $12,000 per land debt fast with much lower Risk. Paying off $12,000 per acre land debt fast with bigger margins in No-Tillage Mustang operations.

$1,500 per acre gross income, irrigated No-tillage Corn with $85.00 per acre of TAPPKTS plus Tra-fix Zinc.   It takes less commercial fertilizer to raise more No-tillage corn every time with Exactrix TAPPKTS.

Seed Corn Quality Goes To Higher Levels With Nutrient Packing, Binary Banding and TAPPKTS with Zinc.

Videos of Liquid Transfer of NH3 and APP/ATS/KTS to Exactrix Track Carts applying nutrients with Binary Banding for seed corn production.  Gangwish Seed Farm, Shelton, Nebraska. April 23 to 28.


Right Idea, Wrong Tool.Tillage is the wrong approach to control Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, and Methane. The End of the Beginning.

No-Tillage Ammonia is the key to control GHG.
Your future will include carbon free Green Ammonia at reduced cost because it is local.



Beat The Ammonia
Green Play Ammonia™
Yielder® NFuel - Ammonia at $100 - $300 a Ton
Locally Built
Improve National Security
Always Available

Go for the good crop.   Spend about 8% to 12% of the average yield at current price of $6.50 per bushel of HRWW at an average dryland yield of 35 bushels per acre.  

For Great Plains Winter Wheat with good protein, You can spend no more than $32.00 per acre for wheat production…you will be fine when Dryland nutrients are banded to 7 to 8 inches in depth winter wheat hangs on in drought.  

You may have read the 2017 broadcast and the 2018 broadcast recently exposed to your reading agenda today.
Here is the upgrade, Revisit the Cover farm with current news as of January 2022.  

Zero Wheat, Andy and Cody have removed wheat from their rotation in 2020 and set their tool bar on 30 inch centers .


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