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Ammonia 82.42% Zero Carbon, TAPPS, TAPPKTS plus Zinc,  Exactrix Makes A Triple Play

You must use Less to get More.  You are the man that makes the Triple Play. Exactrix Liquid Streaming NH4 placed and reacted Nitrogen is 166% more crop available as TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus Zinc.


  1. The per acre average crop yields go up about 7% to 30% in irrigated and especially big jump in dryland wheat of the Great Plains.
  2. The nutrient use goes down 5% to 15% with TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus Zinc. 166% more acres can fertilized at top yields.
  3. The environmental advantage with deep banding Mustang openers allows federal carbon credits with nitrous oxide reductions and reductions in weed pressure.

Enhancement of the Triple Play.

Rotational Band Loading can be implemented.

Cost of Nitrogen Drops when it is locally built Green Ammonia. Green Play Ammonia can be implemented in 2025 at considerable savings in nitrogen cost for Exactrix owners practicing No-tillage.

Land Values Increase with Green Ammonia and Exactrix.

How do they do that?

How can I be sure it has been tested across North America?

A  Kansas Success Story, Seven Years of Success,  Irrigated, Double Crop, Dryland 120 bushel Winter Wheat.   - Broadcast 06_08_2020 (

What is the science?

Who invented this TAPPS and TAPPKTS  process of nutrient efficiency?

Anhydrous Ammonia, A Triple Play is coming in 2023.
Odds are 1 play in 486 games.

The Triple Play of Ammonia is coming with Small Scale Ammonia Plants from Exactrix® Global Systems and Proton Ventures.  

At your farm site and locally built ammonia available within 7.5 miles of your farm.  

Better quality service and a better quality product applied at 1% CV.  

It is called Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® Flywheel Energy and built for 36,000 acre management zones in Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, and the PNW.  

A triple play happens every now and then. It happens about 486 games in MLB.  

Only one unassisted Triple Play has every happened in the World Series in 1920

Bill Wambsganss (far left) standing alongside the victims of his unassisted triple play (from center left to far right) –
Pete KilduffClarence Mitchell and Otto Miller. 

Exactrix owners are about to witness a triple play on their farms.

  1. Improved soil productivity and reduced crop production costs.
  2. Available to your farm the day the Zero Carbon Green Ammonia is built.
  3. A much better energy source for your engines and heating needs with Yielder NFuel coming 2026 with ammonium engines.
  4. This is an improved payback for the small-scale plants that go up fast and provide local availability of low cost contracted Green Play Ammonia for Exactrix producers with on farm storage.   
  5. A major clean-up of the climate of with Zero Carbon Ammonia.
  6. Fumigant Pacific Gold Mustard cover cropping is possible in a relay or pre plant seeding which drives corn crops to consume ammonium or NH4 at much reduced rates. The crop prefers ammonium. Our rivers and streams will no longer suffer. Climate change can be reversed.    

A true Triple Play is coming…..and it will be assisted. We want to help producers clean up the environment and help improve land values using Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS with Zinc.  

Some of the best thinking on planet Earth comes from Exactrix Global Systems and Proton Ventures.

Many USDA ARS scientists endorse our goals to help producers clean up and make up in a triple play of profitability.



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