The Triple Tree of the West.
Three Horse Evener. Transportation of H2 and NH3

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A Three Horse Evener….explained.

  • A Single Tree requires a Morgan walking horse to pull a light carriage surrey or a plow horse to pull a single bottom plow called a “foot burner”.
  • A Double Tree is used for a horse team of two Quarter horses or heavy Percheron mules arranged side by side. Where by the load can be balanced with a tree mounted center pivot bearing so the two pulling horses share the load of a two or three bottom plow.
  • A Three Horse Evener allows three horses or mules to work as a team to pull side by side.  The loads can be pushed rather than pulled. The team averages the load with an additional geometric cross member that has an offseting centerline of .666. The offset lead tree design allows all horses to sense the load through the harness and thus share the load evenly. There is another plus of flexibility of the Triple Tree, Three Horse Evener.
  • A dual Three Horse Evener is shown with Six, 2,000 pound, Percheron Mules pushing the ground powered sickel, reel and elevator of the Case harvest header.  The operator sits on a wheeled tiller and directs the horses to turn in and out to make square corners by reversing a team of three horses with a backup bar.  You get six horsepower with a dual Triple Tree or dual Three Horse Evener plus the load can be backed up.

At Green Play Ammonia and Yielder NFuel our approach is to drive the Green Revolution and make a good profit by being the lowest cost producer and flexible to meet the needs of transportation power. Doing it requires Dual Team of Three Horse Eveners to meet the needs of the Zero Carbon Revolution.   

Fossil Fuels have six different classes of Diesel oil and three or four types of gasoline. Now we have mixes of Bio Diesel and Ethanol. Moving from the era of Steam to Diesel also changed the fuel types. 

It is not alarming to discover that Zero Carbon fuel can now be produced locally in a chemical factory that is economic and much safer environmentally. 

The Three Horse Evener Plants have the ability to supply three Zero Carbon Energy products.

Number 1 Horse is Sam which is NH3 which can used for Zero Carbon Nitrogen in Agricultural Crop Production and can also be used to fuel engines as NH3 and also NH4 in irrigation and transportation.

Number 2 Horse is Joe which can provide pure H2 for fuel cells or for fueling a Hydrogen engine or an Ammonium Engine by combining NH3 with H2 to improve, engine life, fuel ignition, emissions, and fuel economy.

Number 3 Horse is George which can provide Zero Carbon Green Amperage to charge batteries in Electric Vehicles.  

The Number 4 Horse is Paul which provides Zero ammonia to coal fired plants to reduce the emissions, producing up to 30% of the power.  

The Number 5 Horse is Peter which provides Zero Carbon Ammonia to Ethanol Plants for Heat and Process using NH3 and H2 with a cracker for Zero Carbon electrical power and also producing digester heat in process reducing emissions.

The Number 6 Horse is Matthew providing contract ammonia delivery over 7 year contracts to large irrigated and dryland farms on the Great Plains. The improved land value goal is a producer triple play for the original uses of ammonia.  

The versatility of locally built ammonia allows for storage and low cost transportation of energy. No Electrical Grid is required and and national security is greatly improved.

Cost of energy production will continue to go lower with wind and solar power.

Some vehicles will use batteries, hydrogen engines and some will have economic heat recycle. Some vehicles will require at least two energy products to compete for the lowest cost of transportation across the interstate systems.  

One thing is for certain…no bet should be placed on a single energy product in the Zero Carbon era. 

An attractive investment in the future requires three energy products made with the wind and solar.





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