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Ammonia in Green Play is $1.52 per Kilo H2…
or $247 per ton NH3…This is viable and is a workable number at Green Play Ammonia

Here is a quote that is notable on Feb. 9, 2023, Cash Price, Corn today, Columbus ADM $7.17 per bushel with a 40 cent basis.  

February 9, 2023
West Point, NE
Rick and Russ Engelmeyer
Kaup Fertilizer.
Mustang Openers on 30 inch centers.
2KC Weigh Master.
2KP TAPPS and TAKTS formulator, 166% More Crop Available N.
Stabilized Nitrogen with KTS.
Exactrix Owners Target 300 plus bushel per acre corn at $2,200 per acre gross income….can they do it with 140 pounds N and 8 gallons KTS?
Land Values Irrigated, $12,000 to $15,000 per acre.
Corn Soybeans with feeder hogs and feeder cattle and highest quality soils in Nebraska with OM at 3.5 % and pH at 6.5 to 6.8.
Rolling Nebraska, Loess Soils. Powerful Production area with Irrigation dominant, Cummins County.

Ammonia is $1192 per ton at West Point Nebraska for March, 2023, Application period. That is Dealer stored fossil ammonia that was purchased last fall at a much higher price of around $1,523 per ton retail. The dealer nurse trailers are at 2,000 gallons. Hedge your bets fertilizer dealers the Oligarchs are up to no good.
Hydrogen cost is $7.45 per Kilo as fossil H2.

Zero Carbon….
Green ammonia is not available in this area until 2025/26 and is priced at $1.52 per Kilo Green H2 or $257.00 per ton Green NH3, Zero Carbon, FOB, Fort Calhoun or Chester, NE. At $48 per ton per 150 miles to deliver to your on farm storage


300 to 315 bushel per acre target goal.
That is 74 cent N. applied at 140 pounds N per acre, Exactrix Weighmaster, 2KC. That is $103.60 per acre for fossil NH3. The soil is 3.5% OM and the pH is 6.5 to 6.8 and the soil has been amended on all previous soybean acres with 2 ton per acre of gypsum from a Fort Calhoun power plant at $20 per ton Gypsum. Lime is injected into the coal fired flue and stack and this allows Calcium Sulfate to be the byproduct which is offered at the freight cost.   

The Rick Engelmeyer farm and fields are within 120 miles of two Nebraska Ammonia plants at Geneva and Beatrice. The field is within 58 miles of a Sioux City. South Dakota, barge terminal and pipeline terminal area for NH3….that may not be open.  

KTS is $5.00 per gallon or $1.00 per lb of K and S.  That is $40 per acre for KTS at 8 gallons.  There are 42 pounds of Nutrient in 100 lbs of KTS. 1-gallon weighs 12 pounds. Each gallon has 5.25 lbs. of nutrient…we recommend 7 to 8 gallons per acre which will allow 300 bushel per acre corn. KTS will stabilize the nitrogen as NH3 which is being applied No-till with a Mustang Tool bar this spring…Relay Fumigant Mustard will be on only 1 previous pivot from 2021/22 and it will be soybeans.  

That 8 gallon rate is 25 K and 17S of highest quality KTS. Looking to Prevent Nitrogen Loss? Start Blending | Crop Vitality

The 1%CV uniform Application, No-till starts here. TAKTS.

Relay Fumigant Mustard. Fall 2021

Nitrogen Stabilizer….similar to Thiosul. Registered as such.

At close of business day Feb. 10, 2023 the 10, 800 gallon transport delivery to an approved site of 85,000 gallons of farm storage, located at Lyons, KS. The price delivered is $745 per ton NH3. That means about 150 miles of trucking and a plant price of $700 per ton. Purchased through a broker normally operating with a 10% margin. The plant netted $630 per ton or about 5 to 10 times over the cost of production in a Fossil Steam Methane Reformer. If sourced Green, Zero Carbon, the green ammonia producer would have $480 per ton of additional margin. 

KTS priced at Lyons at $4.44 per gallon. This price is 87.5 cents per lb. of K and S.

At 140 lbs. N or 44.22 cent N. $61.90. KTS at 8 gallons is $35.52. About $97.42 per acre.


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