Double down in dry conditions.
 Saving Moisture in Texas means No-tillage Farming.
 Double the profit margin fast.

When it is dry the TAPPS bands must go deep at 7 to 8 inches to develop deep roots.

Technical Marvel of No-tillage and Exactrix TAPPS. Positive Down Pressure, Mustang tool bar at 40 feet with P-51C, 10 to 20 inch band spacing.Lohn, Texas, The Heart of Texas, No-tillage Headquarters and Lance and Ronny Helberg.

Band-ammonium, $30 to $60 more net income per acre in a close margin, dryland farming operation, No-Tillage P-51-CUE, Deep Banding TAPPS Vermiculated in Unique Involute bands on 15 inch centers.
Up to $150 more net income in irrigated production.

In Kansas Conditions, In Nebraska Conditions Profit Margins double and more.
of TAPPS at Quinter, KS, July 27, 16. Just south of Interstate 70 and 5 miles west of Quinter, KS north of Road Z. Don Tilton, accountant and an Exactrix owner/producer at Quinter, KS. Banding up to 7,000 acres per year.  Dryland No-tillage production of Corn, Winter Wheat, Winter Wheat or a three year rotation in a nominal 19 inch rainfall.

Following No-tillage guide lines of Rotational Band Loading of TAPPS.  Building Soil Test P over 7 years of No-tillage Exactrix banding and seeding and planting.  Banding 100 lbs. N at NH3,  5 gallons of APP and ATS or a total of 106.4 lbs. N as Ammonium.  With favorable weather a great potential fall start with vermiculated TAPPS bands at 7.5 inch depth. Exactrix recommendation for 80 to 90 bushel per acre winter wheat with 12% to 14% protein,  Reset to 90 lbs. N as NH3, 3 gallons APP or 10-34-0 and 7 to 10 gallons of ATS, Thio-sul® 12-0-0-26S following a gigantic winter wheat crop. A Total of 105.2 lbs N as Ammonium and 28.9 lbs. S.  

A 30 foot, 7 x7 double rank tool bar. Openers on 15 inch centers, Exactrix 2KC Weigh Master, and Exactrix 2KP TAPPS formulator, Deere GS-3 control, Dalton NH3 trailers are set up twin 1,000 gallon tanks. 

Tractor is a Deere R with 335 horsepower, three point is Cat 4. Liquid tank is 500 gallons.

Exactrix Mustang Openers have a nice feature.
Turning is allowed in the corners with the banders in the deck at 7.5 inch depth.

Leaving a snow trap for the winter of 2016/2017 and a great seed bed for the Deere 1990 on 10 inch seed row centers or planting corn in the spring of 2017 on 30 inch centers.  

TAPPS is stabilized in a July application and works for both spring and fall crop. “Anhydrous Ammonia and Snow Go Together” with Thio-Sul® delaying the conversion to mobile nitrate.   

The slow soil perk of the melting snow allows the Vermiculated TAPPS bands of ammonium and sulfur to droop or elongate to 12 to 24 inch depth.  “We have got it and they don’t”.  

Two critical components that are unique to North America as not every agronomist knows, winter snowfall under No-tillage is critical to top yields. Snow and NH3 go together hand and glove for top yields.  

Keeping the nitrogen as ammonium is critical to top yields in corn and wheat.  The vertical bands have an ammonium droop effect to the 24 inch depth under typical fall banding Exactrix TAPPS application.

Banding deep with ½ x 25 inch extreme double edge blades. Swiveling Mustang
 openers produce deep bands with virtually no soil disturbance.


Banding at the 7.5 inch depth with Mustang P-51 CUE openers.

Quick change at the landing. Less than 20 minutes invested in liquid filling and NH3 trailer swap by one man. Covering about .45 to .5 acres per minute with about .5 gallons per acre of diesel fuel.

A good winter wheat crop followed by another winter wheat crop, followed by corn.  Maximum stored soil moisture. No cover crop required. High speed banding covers acres fast with 1% CV of application.  

Nitrogen is 166% more crop available and phosphate is 200% more crop available. Crystalline TAPPS works very well in Kansas conditions keeping calcium away from placed P.  

Exactrix Weigh Master Applies NH3 within 20 lbs. on 10,000 lbs of applied…Liquid streaming flows of NH3 assure high crop availability.

The winter wheat “Stripper Stubble” provides the low evaporation, more even snow trap and even distribution of chaff only residue.   

July Kansas temperatures were reaching 90 to 100 degrees F for two weeks during the Bandammonium event.

Deeper without tillage, 200% higher available placed P. 166% more crop available N.  

Wheat and Corn residue is on the deck and Exactrix Mustang P-51CUE bands are not visible.  

This great No-till field was Mustang banded deep at 7.5 inch at 7.5 mph at 15 inch centers.

Correct Information... 

Injection Pressures at the opener orifices are observed with positive displacement pumps showing rpm. NH3 at 334 rpm and Liquids at 76 rpm.  

Pump rpm indicates system health along with error codes from the Deere GS-3.

Timing is Everything…. 

Where are the bands?  Plus there is no seeding or planting limitations with Exactrix uniformity…the planter and the drill can run in the same field the same day. 

Guaranteed, No Root Burn with Exactrix Mustang technology banding at 7.5 inch depths on 15 inch centers.  

Banding Deeper with unique Exactrix TAPPS Vermiculation is the key to quick turnaround planting or seeding.

Turning with the Openers Is Powerful and Fast. 

The 7.5 inch Mustang deep bands show up in turning and banding,  as shown “Turning and Banding on the lands”. Mustang openers swivel into position. The outside tool bar openers have 10 degrees more swivel.

Yielder Manganese Steel Blades. Run deep and fast with precision machined blades that get tougher with time…
Built with diamonds and tough against rocks.

Camp Tilton with a great No-till corn crop in the background.
TAPPS banded with the Mustang high speed tool bar in the spring of 2016.

Go Deep, Go Fast. Run at low cost. Maintain all your management options with Mustang No-tillage banding tool bars. No Equals known with improved workload and excellent timing in Winter Canola.  

Going Deeper, Going Faster, with highest uniformity of TAPPS bands at 1% CV of application…..
Going for Maximum Net Income in Kansas conditions.

Gyro Counter weights provide 75 lbs of rolling centrifugal force which stabilizes the opener at speeds to 12 mph. Gyro Counterweights can also be removed to band deeper in moist soils.

 Triple sealed swivel pivot shaft uses the same bearing used on the Boeing 747, sealed for life with no lubrication required.

Vacuum Injection 

Involute formulation of TAPPS and TAPPKTS in 15 inch bands at 7.5 inch depth. Involute patterns are shown on the blades tapered double edge. Blade dimension is ½ x 25 inch in extreme double edge.  

Optional Blades for the P-51CUE is ½ x 26.5 extreme double edge allowing 8.25 banding at speeds to 12 mph.  

Vermiculated vertical bands are formed over a 5.5 inch depth from to 2 inches to 7.5 inches as shown.  

How does Vermiculation work? How do they do that?

Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Thio-Sulfate(Thio-sul®) with ammoniated Zinc, (not chelated Zinc).  TAPPS.   

Highest quality nutrients and lowest per bushel cost produced. Anhydrous Ammonia, Ammonium Poly Phosphate, Thio-Sul®, Ammoniated Zinc.  

82-0-0, Primary Nitrogen actually 82.4% N, Pure and highest quality ammonium with a full guaranteed of analysis every time. 10-34-0 or 11-37-0, Primary Phosphate and 70% Polymer and 30% Ortho. 

12-0-0-26S Ammonium Thio-sulfate or Thio-sul. Primary Sulfur and a Nitrogen Stabilizer,

0-0-25-17S Potassium Thio-sulfate, KTS functional in cold weather and good source of sulfur, works well with Exactrix in keeping N as ammonium. 

16-0-0-20Zn Ammoniated Zinc, a low cost metal micro nutrient.  

Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate, Potassium Thio Sulfate with Ammoniated Zinc, (not chelated Zinc), TAPPKTS.  

Note 1: Ammonium Poly Phosphate was purposely designed by the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority and Shell Chemical Company, 1965) to carry low cost metal micro nutrients like Ammoniated Zinc. Thus 10-34-0 and 11-37-0 are typically 70% poly and 30 % Ortho Phosphate.

Ammonium Poly Phosphate is made from NH3 and Phosphoric Acid 0-68-0 which is delivered in rail tank cars to local sidings from manufactures of the Polymer Super Acid. The base materials are delivered to the fertilizer dealers place of business reducing freight and assuring highest quality.

Super Poly-Phosphoric Acid as 0-68-0 is not imported. The 16.63 lb. per gallon Super Poly Phosphoric Acid used by producers west of the Missouri River comes from the Idaho Phosphate Reserve, Pocatello, Idaho. Super Phosphoric acid is also built in Florida and North Carolina.

Ammonium Poly Phosphate is normally reacted and used within 30 days on location.

Ammonium Poly Phosphate is common across North America and built primarily and only in North America. “We have it and they don’t”.

Ammonium Poly Phosphate is as revolutionary as Anhydrous Ammonia in what it has done for the North American farmer and the fertilizer organizations.  

Note 2:  Thio-sul is an original product of Kerly Chemical Company, Texas and Idaho, and is a by-product of refining since the early 50’s.

The critical sulfur is removed from the main crude products that build diesel and gasoline.   

TKI or Tessenderlo Kerly Inc. is the major manufacturer of Thio-sulfate materials which are phyto toxic to plants and cannot be used in the seed rows.

Exactrix recognizes Thio-sul® as a low cost nitrogen stabilizer since it is phyto toxic to nitro bacteria that could convert soil stable ammonium to mobile nitrate.

TAPPS always includes Thio-Sul® to assure highest availability of Ammonium.  KTS also supplies similar results based on testing with Exactrix equipment.  

Note 3: Ammoniated Zinc should always be used with TAPPS based on low cost and high crop availability .

Zinc is found with Silver Galena ores of Idaho and Cooper Silver ores of Montana, Utah and Arizona.

Most agriculture zinc is sourced from Nebraska center pivot manufactures as a byproduct of galvanization.

Ammoniated Zinc is manufactured in Nebraska and South Dakota.


P-51 CUE has superior banding costs with no equal in No-tillage banding operational costs.  The high quality opener cost of operation at 15 inch band centers is typically at 75 cents to $1.25 per acre for wear components, primarily blades.  

Mustangs are three to five times less cost to operate than a Deere 2510 on 30 inch centers.  

Exactrix low cost banding of TAPPS and TAPPKTS has no equal when the P-51 opener was released into production in 2011.  

Treat your banding tool bar like a sprayer when it comes to cost of operation. True No-tillage with about .5 gallons of diesel per acre to operate.

Exactrix Banding with Injector foot design. The injector foot drives the nutrients into a vacuum at speeds to 12 mph.  A vacuum that allows the bands to Vermiculate and form TAPPS or TAPPKTS.

The injector foot is the big feature when combined with the imperfect parallelogram linkage. The orifices are protected by the ½ x 25 extreme double edge blade.

Great serviceability and inspection of 24 Mustang openers at 30 feet in dual ranks on a 7 x 7 bar.

Right along I-70 and west of Quinter, KS, No-till headquarters for advanced farmers of the Great Plains.  Bandammonium is time proven crop effective.  


Bandammonium Period, June, July and August, The No-tillage secret of timing, storage and crop availability of expensive crop nutrients with snow adding to the crop availability. 

Note: Bandammonium is a unique period of time when NH3 is historically least expensive typically for 3 months during late spring and summer from June to September.  

Bandammonium can also be banded after planting in this period such as perennial crops.  Mustang Openers make No-tillage Bandammonium possible. 

Banded NH3 is always the preferred material for Chemfallow winter wheat and re-cropping of winter wheat having adequate soil moisture to store stable NH3 with APP and ATS for future crops.  

Non stable materials such as 32-0-0, 28-0-0 salvage materials are never used in this time frame. Urea is never applied in this time period. Only NH3 fits the Bandammonium period.  

Get competitive with No-tillage single disc banding in pre-plant or side dress. Tool bar designs from Exactrix allow 15 inch bands at high speed with lowest operating costs at 7.5 inch deep bands.   

Exactrix Vermiculated banding of TAPPS and TAPPKTS. Allows the planter to run in the field with the Exactrix Tool Bar if required.

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