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Why does Exactrix provide more crop available nutrients?


Producers that test their technology offer powerful information for their own management decisions.Your best source of information is from your own farm. The facts of STEEP testing confirm the producer’s attitude in close margin years.

Reason, logic, scientific evidence and just plain common sense will not work unless you emotionally believe that you can raise a good crop. If you have a plan for success you will have a good chance of success.
If you have a plan for a failure that is what you will get.

In 2015 producers can improve their margin using Exactrix Streaming Flow of NH3, Poly Phosphate andThio-sul®, 12-0-0-26S to stabilize nitrogen with Poly Phosphate,10-34-0.. The cost of production in general has risen almost $200 per acre since 2008. Exactrix TAPPS formulators will help hold down costs and allow more crop available nutrient.

Guy Swanson.


You can review liquid streaming flows in this 3 minute video. Click Here.    

Why does the liquid flow of NH3 outperform other systems that use high quality port to port accuracy such as the comparison included?

Why does Exactrix require 120 lbs of N to raise 181 bushel corn as compared to other approaches that require 160 lbs. N?


Even though row to accuracy is good on other systems. Liquid Streaming flow with a terminal injection orifice makes the difference.


Take a scientific look at the opportunity of high nutrient efficiency with Exactrix liquid streaming flow.
Exactrix Test Plots based on STEEP testing result in data for good management decisions.
Total Nutrient cost  $73.06 per acre for a 200 bushel per acre corn crop in 2015.
The production margin can be improved 12% typically at $60 to $90 additional net income.

Amazing 2008 Irrigated corn production is very similar for nutrient costs and the price for 2008 corn at $3.84 per bushel.

2014 fall nutrient costing from Elkhart Coop in Western KS
2015 Dec. Futures Corn at $3.91, Oct. 9, 14.
Currently fall 2014 APP 10-34-0 $640 per ton is priced at 72 cents for N and P 
and S at $450 per ton is priced at 58 cents for N and S.
NH3 is 640 per ton or N is priced at 39 cents per lb of N.
Based on Loren Koehn at Copeland, KS and other producers such as Joel McClure at Hugoton you can reduce P and S costs in 2015.
Even though 10-34-0 is more expensive than 11-52-0…the liquid ammoniated P is 200% more crop effective than dry 11-52-0.


 The 2015 Budget

The Ortho Ratio can be readjusted to 126.5 lbs N as NH3 about 30 gallons per acre of NH3. $49.33
About 6 gallons of APP, Poly phosphate, 10-34-0 or 23.34lbs. P plus 7.2 lbs. N per acre. $21.98
About 6 gallons of ATS or Thio-sul 12-0-0-26S or 17.34 lbs. S plus 6.6 lbs N per acre.$13.88
Add 1 lb Ammoniated zinc at $1.75.

Total Nutrient cost $86.04 per acre for a 200 bushel per acre corn crop.
140 lbs. N, 23.3 lbs P, 17.3 lbs. S, 1 lb Zn should produce a good corn crop of 192 bushels per acre with some allowance for weather damage…as 2008 had some hail damage.  Amazingly 2008 is very similar to 2015……..and this a really good time to adjust your equipment and plan for success in 2008.
Producers can raise a good corn crop with Exactrix TAPPS. Producers can make money with a nutrient investment of $72.00 to $96.00 per acre…planning on a gross income of $750 per acre.




Thio-Sul® is registered trademark of Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.

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