Exactrix Processor reduces per acre cost of nutrients. Technology High Water Mark. Hugoton, KS. McClure

Strip Till without the tillage.

Nitrogen Stabilized, Good or better than N-serve

Improving the Net Margin 12%

A new chance to roll the dice at Hugoton, KS. Feb. 26, 16 following a very successful corn crop in 2015. 

A good Exactrix goal is 250 bushel corn/a on a windswept plain at 3,100 feet above sea level.  Saving every inch of soil moisture is key with deep banded Exactrix TAPPS using Mustang Openers.  

Exactrix TAPPS with 4 different management zone rates in irrigated VRT banding with a Crop Quest Prescription, Mustang P-51C openers replaced DMI strip tillage openers. Banding at 6 inch depth.

The previous crop of BT corn averaged 250 bushels per acre. The previous corn crop was VRT applied TAPPS.  

The Mustang Openers are set on 20 inch centers on 14 year old DMI 5300 tool bar. 

”The Mustang tool bar will go through about anything”.  

The previous 20 inch band spacing Strip Till arrangement had plugging problems with shanks. 

The 6 inch deep banding speed increased from 4.5 mph to 6 mph.  Higher speeds are possible with twin tank arrangement in Series 3 Weigh Master. 

Note:  Mustang Openers can band to depths of 8 inches with P-51CUE openers using 26.5 inch blades.  

Durable Mustang openers can handle the 20 inch row BT corn stalks by banding at the maximum depth.  The planter is facing a forest of standing Corn stalks. The system saves stored soil moisture and protects the soil surface. Outstanding yields result. 

The VRT prescriptions of 2015 corn crop averaged between .68 lbs. N per bushel in Zone 1 at 265 bushels per acre and Zone 2 averaged .6 lbs of N per bushel produced at 245 bushels per acre. The average N rate of 153 lbs. N per acre produced and average of 253 bushels average per acre. 

Note: Ammonium Poly Phosphate and Ammonium Thio-Sulfate or Thiosul® was also varied. Ammoniated Zinc is also varied as a 3rd product with a separate metering system. A 2KM Weigh Master confirms the blend of AZn with the APP/ATS.  

More information about this TAPPS formulator is available in a video at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxb3leCkqzg&list=UU4g6BugKlb858kqQm22wkoQ  

This high level of efficiency is known to be a record nationally.  

Will Dryland Corn outcompete Milo or Winter Wheat?   

Along the Cimarron River Bank in high soil pH there is a massive productivity punch with Exactrix Mustangs and TAPPS.

At 40 feet at 50 acres per hour without soil movement. The banding speed is set at 10.5 mph at 40 lbs. N and 5 gallons APPATS….The moisture profile is full in dryland production. Dryland Corn will be planted on top of the 20 inch bands at 12,000 population.  

Indexed banding will provide immediate seminal root access without burning corn roots…Top yields are expected with about $15 per acre of total nutrient cost. 

A low risk crop with 100 bushel per acre yield potential….and 60 bushel per acre would be good.

Number 1. Mustangs compound the chemistry of TAPPS at .6 of the University recommendation.  

Number 2. Top of the line No-tillage openers operating at 10 mph saving moisture and leaving roots in place to accept fast bursts of rain allowing rain to go into the soil where it falls with low evaporation and zero runoff. 

The risks are low…and the crop production returns are high with 12% more net margin with time proven Exactrix indexed TAPPS and Mustangs. 

How to make TAPPS at 1% CV of uniformity.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j7uATZoqVQ&hd=1

The highest quality plant food available on planet earth. Manipulated to be highly crop available as Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate or TAPPS. 

Anhydrous Ammonia has changed forever with uniformity and balanced chemistry in a tight soil band. 

Applied with a 1% CV and chemically made available to the plant with triple super ammonization of Phosphate.  

An ideal material for Calcareous soils and acid soils with sandy soil structure.

Operating at 10 mph at maximum 6 inch banding depth setting without tillage…a challenge machine design for any engineer/designer.   

Exactrix Mustang Openers make the grade and set the high water mark in No-tillage farming.

Ready for the planter in about 35 to 40 days. Stored soil moisture saved by "Strip Tilling without the Tillage.” The next day the wind blew 25 to 30 mph all day long at 3,100 feet above sea level.
Liquid Streaming Flows produce absolute uniformity. TAPPS TAPPS