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PNW and the Great Plains Green Play Ammonia Plants

Clearwater River Hills Plant

Oregon, Washington and Idaho Complex shares energy from two Haber Bosch Plants located at Port Kelley and Port Lewiston.  

Columbia River Hills Plant - Located near Port Kelly  Map 1 Oregon Wind and Washington Sun Power.

Ammonia shipped to the Pacific, Green Play Ammonia™ shipped to Idaho and Alberta. An Anchor Plant at 20 tons per day, 24/7 design.  2.4 million gallons of pressure vessel storage.

Pacific Northwest Green Energy is local and supplying Farmers and Merchants with.

A Green Bridge to the future without interfering with the Power Grid.

Pump storage is third a stage development expansion at both locations.

Columbia River Hills Plant - Located near Port Kelly, Washington, and Hermiston, Oregon Map 2

Power for Interstate Trucking and River Transport.  

Columbia Basin power for irrigation engines, Potato processing, Washington Canola crushing.

The Zero Carbon power is for Oregon cement kilns, Washington grain driers in hybrid seed and food production.

Natural Gas is displaced with Zero Carbon Ammonia.

Heat of compression engines and turbines can burn Zero Carbon Ammonia in single or dual fuel.   

Golden Ridge, Klickitat, Washington

Sunshine Ridge, Klickitat, Washington

Pacific Northwest Green Energy.

Great Plains Green Ammonia.

Eight total plants in the decagon of the Great Plains.  

Smokey Hill River Plant. The plant in the Decagon design.

An Anchor Plant for the Great Plains, Colorado and Kansas Producers.

Raising low GHG emission crops with Green Play Ammonia. Controlling from 40% to 65% of all Nitrous Oxide emissions potentially in North America.

Providing Zero Carbon, Green Ammonia Fuel for 500 horsepower Irrigation Engines.

Reducing water and fertilizer use on the land with No-tillage and Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus Zinc applications.

Providing Heat and Process and total energy electricity for Canola Crushing Plants.

Even oil field processing plants separating out 18 different gases in the gas field would benefit.  


Smokey Hill River, 73 acres, expandable in 160 acre increments.

Smokey Hill  River

PV, Wind, and locally grown mustard, sunflower, canola and soybean.

A backup for the backup plan is found in renewable oils to help power up Haber Bosch Electrolysers.  

Republican River Hills, Along the Ammonia Highway, 81.

Plant 1 and Plant sites selected.


Republican River Hills Plant supplies Kansas and Nebraska from Chester, NE.

The Pioneers of Anhydrous Ammonia, hybrid grass, hybrid corn, and African source Milo plant genetics come from Nebraska and Kansas.

From the Center of the United States comes the Interstate System the Transcontinental Railroad connection to all three coastal markets.  

The Saudi Arabia of Wind is right in the Great Plains River Cities of America.



High Value Irrigated production land with adjoining pasture land for PV.

An anchor plant at 10 tons expandable to 20 tons per day.

A typical Nebraska story, strong labor base of qualified workers with a favorable business climate.

Republican Hills has ample ridge top wind and good photo voltaic with adjoining soy renewable oil plants.


Close to the center of the United States.

Locally each landowner has an ideal location to service 36,000 to 72,000 acres from one Decagon Plant.

Heat and Process, 50% of the ammonia is reserved for Ethanol plants and Bio-Diesel plants.

We offer 50 per cent our Green Play Ammonia production to Merchants that need Green Ammonia for maximum efficiency their industrial process.

Merchants that can prove that their energy is fungible. Green Play Ammonia is Zero Carbon process input.  

Merchants that can sign long term contracts for highest quality energy from abundant renewables.

Maintaining at least 2,000 locations for local production of energy that is always abundant and not depleting.

Kansas Nebraska county, state line, road looking east.


Dakota Hills

Dakota Hills

South Dakota - Teddy Roosevelt River Hills

Missouri River Hills, Yankton, SD

Yellowstone River Hills Confluence

Missouri Hills

Peace River Country - Alberta, Canada

Portage River Hills

Early Gardens Green Ammonia

Hawk Hills, Green Play Ammonia.

Peace River Plants.

Teddy Roosevelt River Hills, Chamberlain, SD. 666 feet

Columbia River Hills. Port Kelley. Washington. 1,100 feet.

Clearwater River Hills, Lewiston/Clarkston. ID. 2,300 feet.




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