Yielder blades run up to 4 x’s longer between blade replacement in Kansas conditions.

Sandy soils, silt loam soils, rock strewn soils of ND are expected to perform as well.

Five factors change the opener performance allowing longer seed boot life. 

Labor costs are significantly reduced.

A testing program is available.

Exactrix offers Yielder® Manganese Steel blades…for the 1890 and 95 Seeding openers at ¼ x 19.1 and 5/16 x 19.2.

The seed opener design is a direct bolt up with long life with about 3 to 4 times less labor required to maintain the machine.

Seed Openers have extended life, Deere 1890, 1990, 1895, and 1590.
Extended Service 90 series Seed Openers. The ¼ x 19.1 complete with Gr.8 bolts and swedge flange nuts. $150.25.
Extreme Service 90 series Seed Openers. The 5/16 x 19.2 complete with Gr. 8 bolts and swedge flange nuts. $189.31.


Mid Row Banders, Deere 1895 Yielder advanced blades and hub allow the drill to hold the hillside with turning possibilities improved.

Deere 1895 Mid Row Banders. The 5/16 x 19.1 complete with Steel hub and ½ inch bolts. $235.31.
Deere 1895 Mid Row Banders. The 3/8 x 19.6 complete with Steel hub and ½ inch bolts. $275.37.

Exactrix also provides steel hubs and 3/8 x 19.6 single edge blades for the Deere 1895 Mid Row banders, allowing deep bands to go in another ¾ inch. The Deere 1895 single edged blades at require the steel hubs with ½ inch bolts.

The seeding 90 series blades at ¼ x 19.1 provides about 3 to 4 times more wear life over the Deere blades. The 5/16 x 19.2 blades have a 1.1 inch single edge that is sharp at .015 to .030 sharpness.

The Yielder metallurgy for 5/16 x 19.2 blade has provided up-time long term economics in custom seeding and banding programs.




The 5/16 x 19.2 blades in the seeding position provide exceptional wear life at Hugoton KS. In fact, 35,000 to 40,000 acres can be achieved with a 40 foot machine in these sandy silt loam soils based on replacement at 17 inches.
Actual measurement at 16,000 acres indicates blades are good for 35,000 to 40,000 acres.

The tougher blades make it possible to band nutrients more often into growing wheat. The labor factor becomes 4 times less in the repair and upkeep of the machine.

Another key point of the Yielder blades is the improved resale value of the machine. The standard 3/16 x 18 inch blade is quite small by industry standards.

The precision blade hub pilot is ground to fit the Deere 90 series hub. The edging of the blade, along with the metallurgical differences in the manganese steel blade provides a high quality edge.

The seed openers are a direct bolt up replacement. No need for the steel hub that is used on the 1895.

Seed Boot wear is also extended with the shadow effect and longer lasting blade diameter.
This is an improvement discovered with wing injection techniques of Exactrix. Longer wear life with better blades.


Start your own testing program.

Since soil conditions vary and soil moisture levels may be low at seeding time it is important to review the correct coulter blade.

Exactrix will provide qty. 1 Deere factory blade and qty. 1 Yielder Manganese steel blade to run side by side tests on your machines.

Each set of coulter blades in the comparison test is serial plated and registered to confirm authenticity. 

The testing program is at two levels.

Level A. ¼ x 19.1 is $125.00 which also includes gr.8 bolts and flange nuts and the Deere coulter blade.

Level B. The 5/16 x 19.2 is $150. 

Producers can order as many test kits as required to confirm the mystery of the Yielder Manganese steel blades at several locations on the machine.

The test is monitored at the end the seeding season by measuring the distance of the hub outside diameter to the edge of the blade. Blade condition is also reported.

In as little as two seasons the measurements become predictors of performance. Therefore correct information is generated. The funds invested in the testing program can be applied to the purchase of a complete set of new blades.  

Calculations based on Mass of the usable cutting edge. 1 inch of the Deere to 2.2 inch on the Exactrix 19.2. 

19.1 x ¼ has 2.85 times the edge mass of the 18 x 3/16 Deere Blades.

19.2 x 5/16 has 3.8 times the edge mass of 18 x 3/16 Deere Blades.  

Deere edge 28 square inches useable.

Yielder edge 19.1 at  98 square inches..net 60 square inches.  Weight is 133% more. 286 sq.in. new. Has 2.85 times more wear life…making no allowance for the metallurgical differences of manganese steel vs. carbon steel.

Yielder edge 19.2 at  102 square inches…net 64 square inches. Weight is 167% more. 290 sq.in. new. Has 3.8 times more wear life…making no allowance for the metallurgical differences of manganese steel vs. carbon steel.  

17 inch blades is 226 square inch. Deere 18 inch blade new is 254 sq.in. Wear edge is 28 sq. inches.



The Yielder® blades were developed in a trial and error testing program from 1980 to 2006.
Metallurgy and process of manufacturer makes the product long term economical.
Tremendous forces are generated on the Yielder double disc leading offset deep banders at high speed


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