Man Made Global Cooling Begins

A Total Reset of Time with Zero Carbon Ammonia and No-tillage.

Your profit margin is defended by Exactrix® Global Systems.


You get local on farm access to Green Play Ammonia™ which is low cost $100 to $300 per ton Zero Carbon Ammonia.


Your chance to take a $100,000 investment and make it into the best return in American Agriculture.


You get flexible application of nutrients with ideal timing of 1%CV nutrients as TAPPKTS with Zinc.


You get tested and stabilized nitrogen as Zero Carbon Ammonia using KTS and Zinc, Ideal with Cover Cropping.


You can control Nitrous Oxide emissions with seven inch, single disc deep bands of TAPPKTS plus Zinc.


Your chance to expand and grow your profitability and protect the land investment and buy more.


Climb on board and get a quote for your farm. A 60 year reset in Anhydrous Ammonia and all nutrients in the New Era.

Exactrix owners get way ahead in 2022 with a 25% greater profit margin. Less is always More.

  • You can stop the grip of fear from Nutrien, Koch and CF.
  • You can work with the engineers that know how to beat the oligarchs of fossil fuel nitrogen.
  • You get above the line scientists that can help steer you into profitability.
  • You can build super green ethanol and canola and take advantage of lowest GHG marketing.
  • Large or small acres, we have a system or you.

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