Anhydrous Ammonia Works for Rocket Ships

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If you don’t have insurance, then ammonia is relegated to uninsurable projects like rocket ships. The X-15, like Elon Musk’s’ SpaceX starship, was uninsurable. It ran on ammonia. SpaceX’s first stage booster ran on liquid ammonia liquid oxygen propellants.


With appropriate storage, and tried-and-true century-old processes, liquid anhydrous ammonia can be produced in a renewable fashion so that the rocket fuel, green ammonia, can work—at a predictable stable price—as fertilizer for your farm.

Are you looking for accurate information on Anhydrous Ammonia and fertilizer pricing?

Members of our organically grown mailing list are learning how Ammonia can be built renewably with the wind and sun. Unlike green ammonia, blue and grey ammonia continue to rely on fossil fuels and continue dragging on the American economy. You can join the New Era of Agriculture as we see green ammonia grow by 10 times to rival the largest products of the chemical industry.[1] The global green ammonia market was valued at roughly $9.52 million in 2019 and has been forecasted to grow at a rate of 53.90% between 2020-2027.[2]


Only in the US is this process a laggard due to copious amounts of cheap fossil gas.


Green Play Ammonia is a local process changing the lives of every American Farmer and Agricultural Merchant.  A new Cooperative is forming up. This is your opportunity to stay in touch worldwide for the correct information on how to build low cost ammonia locally with zero carbon. 

1 SpaceX’s Starship SN20
sitting on top of Super Heavy BN4 by Hotel Pika.
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This is a revolution coming whereby oil and gas from fossil sources will be on the front burner of American Agriculture. You will see it by this September as Green Play Ammonia Qualifies for DOE and USDA grants and loan guarantees.

This fall we start the first of what will be 2,000 Green Play Ammonia plants to ensure Exactrix farmers’ long-term stable access to predictably priced fertilizer. 

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