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Gangwish, Operating in Shelton Nebraska just before planting. An exceptional machine where
 Less is a lot More, up to $150 more net income with Exactrix TAPPS.

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Set a goal and you will achieve it.  

Exactrix high pressure injection of NH3 and APP/Thio-Sul®.

The TAPPS product has 166% more crop available N, Stabilized with Thio-Sul® for an extra six weeks of ammonium NH4.  

Corn prefers ammonium nutrition every time you check out the scientific data. Corn prefers uniform, evenly applied NH3 with Exactrix. 

TAPPS formulation from Exactrix allows high root system uptake and 7 inch banded nutrients. 

Thio-Sul® in the mix provides soil stored stability of NH4  in warming soil conditions during April and May.

Operating with advanced thinking.

Finishing the fourth season with the 61.25 foot, 15 inch band centers, Mustang Tool Bar. The KD cart has 4,000 gallons of NH3 and 2,600 gallons of 10-34-0, Ammonium Poly Phosphate and 12-0-0-26S,Thio-Sul®. The KD track cart was implemented in the second season to increase productivity and to expand the acres per day.  The track cart allows the producer to operate 2 farms, 150 miles apart.  The track cart has 8 axles and reduces horsepower with floatation of 85,000 lbs. with 9,000 sq.in of surface contact.

Due to liquid delivery techniques, the diminishing load is 50,000 lbs. The KD carts have been utilized in the US and Canada, The Case 940 tool bar is built in Goodfield, IL. The tool bar is 7 section fold, 5 section flex and weighs 28,500 lbs or and in optional mode  663 lbs per opener.

The Metering and high pressure injection is Exactrix top of the line nutrient processors.

Exactrix TAPPS Formulator, 2KC Series 3 NH3 Weight Master, 2KM Weigh Master, TAPPS formulator with Sparging Reflow Blender.

Banding up to 45 gallons per minute of NH3 and 20 gallons per minute of 10-34-0, Ammonium Poly Phosphate, 12-0-0-26S Thio-Sul, and low cost Ammoniated Zinc, 16-0-0-20Zn  

Forming Crystalline TAPPS with 1% CV uniformity in streaming liquid flows.  

Exactrix P-51C Mustang openers banding to a depth of 7 inches at grounds speeds of 8.5 mph, 1.05 acres per minute. Operate for about $1.50 per acre on 15 inch centers or about 75 cents on 30 inch band centers.   

Special Features:

The machine can band NH3, APP and Thio-Sul®. at full season rates without burning corn roots. This is due to the 15 inch band spacing, the 1%CV Exactrix process uniformity and banding deeper at 6 to 7 inch depth in No-tillage designs.  The planter can run in the field with the Exactrix Mustang Tool Bar.  

With high Exactrix uniformity the application rates to raise 275 bushel corn are set at .7 of the university recommendation.  The Exactrix NH3 is 166% more crop available as TAPPS. Phosphate follows a typical application based on 200% more crop available than other application approaches.  

Application rates are optimized with Exactrix process control and Mustang openers. The results indicate $100 to $150 per acre more net income.

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Exactrix P51 Mustangs
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