Exactrix owner Paul Gangwish compares with 600 hp quad track, Case Exactrix Mustang 940 Tool Bar and Track Cart, sandy soil conditions around Ainsworth, NE.

Raising 280 bushel per acre corn on 280 bushel Corn residue; No-till Production in the Major Leagues at, Shelton, NE, Paul Gangwish. TAPPS with the 940 Case Tool Bar and Mustang P-51C.

No-till Corn Production by Paul Gangwish and his crew;
an 80 acre field that had outstanding corn yields in 2012 using TAPPS application single disc.  

This particular 80 acre field averaged 280 bushels per acre in last year's drought and heat. And now the rest of the story:   

Exactrix Mustang Openers, P-51C on 15 inch centers banded the field in April 17, 2013, at 8 mph...at 150 pounds N and about 20 gallons of APP/ATS.

A 61.5 feet P-51C Mustang tool bar,  Case 940 set up with Track Cart, in sandy soil conditions. Traditionally pulled with a wheel tractor, the Case 940  Tool Bar application at Ainsworth, Nebraska required a different tractor combination than the wheel tractor.

Two videos included allow a comparison of two different tractors operating in the same sandy soil conditions.
The comparison was made at Ainsworth, NE.

Click here to view comparison video

Traditional pulled with a wheel tractor

The Case 940  Tool Bar application at Ainsworth, Nebraska
 required a different tractor combination than the wheel tractor.

A 600 hp. Quad Track performs well with 61.5 feet of Mustang openers operating at the 6 inch depth. 
The tool bar is set up with 49 total openers on 15 inch centers.

The tractor has 4,000 gallons of NH3 and 1,600 gallons
 of APP and ATS.  
The Case Quad track allowed hill climbing at higher grounds
 speed of 6 to 7 mph and complete passes. 

Quad tracks are also popular in hillside farming.  

On the sandy soil pivots, all passes were complete with the Quad Track. (no spin outs) In Sandy soil the 600 hp Quad track was adequate to handle the average 100,000 lb load.  

So why is such an expensive machine required?   

On 3,000 acres, the Exactrix unit has a $450,000 annual advantage just in cost of production.

In sandy soil, banded TAPPS nutrients perform better, and especially No-till. 

Less is More. N rate tops out at 140 to 150 pounds of N on Sandy soils with Exactrix TAPPS.  

The net savings can be as great as $150 per acre with expensive solution 32-0-0 applied with the pivot.  

An Exactrix TAPPS Tool  bar is easy to justify, from 20 feet to 65 feet.  

Sandy soils at Hugoton, KS proved the point in this good test plot using NH3.  

Typically up to 300 pounds of N would be applied with the pivot in sandy conditions.

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