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At Exactrix Today is Pizza Friday the 8th of May....
A Salute to American Agriculture in Red White, Pink Maroon, Black, orange, yellow and Blue.

A great day, the 8th of May.  

And if you are hungry we have lunch. Today we salute the Tomato Growers, The Dairy Farmers, The Hard Red Winter and Durum Wheat Growers, The Olive growers. The Bell Pepper and Vegetable Growers.  

The Corn and Soybean Growers and above all the Pork and Beef producers….  and the from our oceans the Shrimp and Crab fisherman.  

No body starves in North America.  

The highest quality food system in the world monitored by the USDA and FDA with the help of the Land Grant Universities. American Agriculture takes care of every North American every time….and it happens about every 4 hours, 3 times a day….with vital nutrients and sustenance to build families. 

And remember it would not be possible unless we had Anhydrous Ammonia in our world today. Every morning at the start of the day, about 2/3 or 5 Billion of the planet population wants to know if they are building Anhydrous Ammonia today.  

This is a question seldom asked and seldom questioned regarding this critical source of plant stimulant for the  food supply. 

And don’t forget Ethanol and Biodiesel and the fine Cotton clothes you wear.  

For sure on the 8th of May……… don’t forget the basic reason we won WW2, 75 years ago.   

The American GI’s were well fed and clothed by our Agricultural Industrial Complex. After 1945 we followed with the Marshall plan that brought back Europe, primarily Germany, France and Italy and American agriculture export rebuilt Japan.  

As Communism took over in Russia and China they made virtually no contribution to Europe, the Phillipines and Japan.   

A communist control of families and livelihoods in cultural system that cannot provide for its own people. A communist system that allowed their people to starve and live in squalor with poor health systems.  

It was our democracy based,  Agricultural System that rebuilt the Europe and Japan that we know today. Thanks to democracy that followed in Europe we have good trading partners.   

This once again proves that communism will not prevail. It is a failed experiment that has millions of lives lost with no trace.  It has produced the lowest quality of life.  

Stand Alone, or Stand Together,  American Agriculturalists. 

Our American Agriculturalists,  with high production capability were using the Diesel Engine and tillage of rich deep soils of North America  on May 8, 1945. The Timothy and Brome grass, Oats and Alfalfa rotations were disappearing. The Mineral soils of all types and wind-blown Loess and Volcanic soils were loaded with life giving elements that produced good yields at low cost.  

On May 8th  1945 we were producing crops at low cost prior to advent of NH3. The technique utilized was the mineralization of the soil. The healthy and wealthy soil and the manpower and the mechanization provided a functioning war machine with the energy required to march. This story has brought us to where we are today.  

Today the Diesel powered tillage is gone, and thanks to NH3 properly applied in No-till production of crops,  the soil is saved with moderate use of NH3 and another chance to do it again and again. This man-made fact is preserved in perpetuity thanks to our ingenuity and respect for the land.  How we do it No-Till today. We will simply out compete them.



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