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Why Does Exactrix Work So Well?  Think about it…why would Exactrix have an advantage?


      Guy Swanson                              See Video - Side Dressing Winter Wheat at Marshall, Missouri, Early April, 2013                              

Simply stated…Pressure, Filtration, Dynamic Scales, with a Chemical Reaction in Deep Bands.  

Raising the metering pressure to as high as 400 psi of NH3 and liquid PK and S allows the nutrients to be metered at very high accuracy. Application CV is sub 1%. This means less than 1 pound of nutrient is wasted in 100 pounds of nutrient applied 95% of the time.    

Gravity, wind or volatilization has virtually no effect on Exactrix accuracy in deep banded, liquid streaming flows. Exactrix defies gravity and or uses gravity to improve the metering and delivery quality…a major advantage is pressure.  

Old fashioned low pressure metering systems, dry or liquid, do not have enough pressure gradient to overcome gravity, wind, and especially the critical orifice designs of high pressure injection.   


Exactrix Filtration allows the orifices to remain clean at pressures to 400 psi. The Gradient of Pressure assures that all injection points are clean and balanced.  Liquid Streaming flows are produced in sub surface bands. Exactrix Filtration assures a high quality injection in a lineal stream or band of ammoniated nutrients.  

Dynamic Scales. The nutrient materials are weighed with accuracy levels of 30 pounds in 10,000 pounds applied or .003. The application is made in a flow range of 5 pounds to 200 pounds NPKS per acre in 3 seconds or less response time. Ideal for VRT since the flow meters are smart. No calibration of the Mass Flow meters is required. 


Chemical Reactions occur in the form of TAPPS and TAPPKTS. The reactions are industrial grade, triple superamonization, or acid base reactions that can only occur dynamically applied into the soil at depths of 4 to 9 inches. The critical chemical reactions are only achieved in the soil.


Why is TAPPS and TAPPKTS so crop available?  

High Pressure, up to 400 psi, Liquid Streaming Flows….The uniformity of the lineal nutrient band is outstanding and just right…Just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears…Roots do not burn, they colonize in a buffered zone. The stability of the band allows late fall application of TAPPS and TAPPKTS which produces better timing. Banding right up to and during planting is possible.   


Can I raise more grain with less inputs of primary high quality liquids?  

Absolutely…Exactrix TAPPS is time proven 200% more crop effective with P and 166% effective with N. The critical potassium as K and S can be up to 10 to 50 times more effective in TAPPKTS as compared to top dressing KCL. When the plant needs K in drought stress it is easily found in the root colony.    

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