Park the Planter.

An Award Winning Scientists Says, ”Park The Planter”.

What are you talking about, Willis?

Winner of Two National Awards confirms, Park the Planter, …Why. 

  • Communication of the facts.
  • You may not like what you are going to hear, this is a management problem.



An Exactrix owner….A Deere Planted winter Canola stand at Garden City, KS.  Not a top yielding scenario and no weed control options.  

A give up moment, this Winter Canola crop requires management.  

An Exactrix Owner with a 20 million dollar, livestock and cropping enterprise.  Here is a 12,000 acre producer that owns three 1790 planters with experienced operators, a Total of 80 years of experience with planters. 

Planting Canola Consistently with Persistence is not possible with a 30 inch planter at St. John Washington, in an intermediate rainfall, unless your machinery has the capability for 65 gallons per acre of $5 per acre water, in the row. 

An investment of $5.00 per acre will produce a 95% to 99% stand in four days.  

Here is a Chemfallow result with a planter without SRS. 

No planters…SRS is required…..Do not attempt winter canola planted without SRS….you will have a failure…. 

Remember with a planter you must have a 95% stand in 4 days. 

You must stick with the 1890 drill by raising your seed rate to 300,000 per acre and accepting less. 

With a Drill You must accept a lower yield and poor weed control on hilltops, slopes and weedy areas of the field.



High Quality Seed at Risk of poor management.

  • At 2 days….30 to 48 hours….and in 4 days the manager will have emergence with a Water Dike….a Fissure Dike connection to life and a close to perfect stand.
  • What is a Water Dike? What is a Fissure Dike?

Broadcast_05_27_2018/Reverse Feeder Dike. SRS-3, May 27, 188..pdf


Growing weeds is not an option.

A pivot application of H2O will not help in spring Canola.  
Why own a planter with a stand like this.



Lots of water at 3,800 feet and still the producer cannot get a stand.  

  • A pivot will not help in winter canola. Irrigated producers know that you should never irrigate a crop up.
  • Every seed in every row must come together in a march to life. No stragglers. Stragglers become weeds.
  • Excess water brings on all weeds everywhere in the field.
  • SRS is a form of weed control. Organic farmers so note.
  • You must have 95% to 99% emergence in 4 days….a pivot cannot do that.
  • Mormon Farmers in Southern Idaho at 5,000 feet know that too….”never irrigate a crop up.”



In Northern Idaho and Washington State  Plant Breeders want to know how to get the top yields.   

  • The initial stand is everything on field wide basis in rolling slopes and tiled out super saturated soils whereby Abscisic acid is the problem  
  • Winter Canola is different as newborn life must come together in a 95% emergence in 4 days for top yields planting into highly variable soils.
  • Harvest is 12 months away and the project takes two years to raise the crop. You must pay attention as the risk is high and the knowledge is low.
  • Winter Canola Education of planting is non-existence in Cooperative Extension.
  • Planting must occur on hot July days with lots of wind….
  • This landscape and weather scenario is ideal for No-till and Seed Row Saturation, SRS.



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SRS meets or exceeds expectations.





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See Winter Canola and Spring Canola together….at Genesee, Idaho. 



Eric Odberg is Idaho’s premier manager of Nutrients with Spring Canola in the 140 bushel per acre range.

One of the best of the best and in the Top 5% of American Agriculture.  

Your Great Plains Reporter,

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