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 Well Understood, Why China will fail.
 Why we are the best at what we do.

North American consumers are focused on price of the product and immediate delivery thereof. bbnh 

Thus the Amazon or Walmart effect on consumer goods with a throw-away price. This is the Chinese Zone or the areas that require no support.  

Price is seldom remembered when we consider it is the quality, the reliability, the service support of the product is always remember most. 

The final thought process in purchasing any product or part of a product is simple…. How long will it last? How much will it cost of operate? How will it fit? Where will I get service and market support? 

For certain any consideration to buy Chinese products has allowed your purchasing agent or you , the purchaser , a new opportunity for corner cutting and avoiding of standards of manufacturing quality.  

Right down to cotton products and shoes you buy,  you will discover something is not just the same as good old American standards for quality.  

This is where the Chinese leaders are lost….they only consider #1. They cannot consider the needs of the North American consumer.  

The Japanese caught on….and remain the great supplier of outstanding quality, product support, and superior reliability.  

This is because the Japanese were able to supply products in a blend that matches the American and Japanese consumer. The number 1 consumer is the customer that writes the check in Japan.   

The Chinese can only sell based on price. It does not matter if it fits. The consumer will chuck the part it if leaks. The Chinese and the US importer program is get the cash flow, then they can set the hook and write the book based on their standards not ours.

Where ever you go in manufacturing this Chinese problem runs rampant.   

Here is a good example of China at work. A throw-way consumer product that comes to us under the radar.b 

What you perceive as a good buy is normally a loss and price is forgotten and non-serviceable component is thrown away.  


The charger decals are impossible to read….with operating instructions so fine that only and magnifying glass can be used. h
The California hazardous chemical decal is non readable…..But MADE IN CHINA is pretty easy to read.
So my advice the producer of the part must be able to do it by our rules…..and not their rules…we have the checkbook.

Another example of Chinese Standards vs American Standards.   

About $109 for the book written by Erik Odberg in 1914. The special threading CNC Inserts  are about $25 to $100 for Carbide, A complete set of ring and plug gauges for 1/8 NPTF to 3 inch NPTF, $5,000.  

Note: The Machinery’s Handbook contains information based on 100 plus years of machining standards. Erik Odberg wrote the first book in 1914. The standards are established by ANSI, ASTM and ASME to confirm description, quality, reliability and high value end use or guaranteed fit of parts. 

Pipe threads are built on Computer Numerical Controlled machines known for high repeatability and allowing the use of Ring Gauges and Plug Gauges to double check the workmanship.  

We manufacturers that work with compressed gas and high pressures of hydraulics must spend thousands of dollars on quality control tooling to check pipe threads. We spend thousands of dollars for carbide inserts to build the threads with high repeatability. 

In fact we consider the threading of two mating surfaces with NH3 flowing inside as highest quality required. We have found that we must build the components when we can not buy them.

Here is what we have discovered.  

Anvil and Brennan are the US companies that set the standards for pipe fittings following the Machinery Handbook for National Pipe Tapered Fuel threads.  

NPTF is the standard of any plumbing parts and thread supplier involved in supplying components to petroleum, compressed gas or high pressure flows.  

The Machinery’s Handbook says….for NPT and NPTF threads the threads will mate at 5 turns to “hand tight” and “full tight” is 7 turns.  

NPT and NPTF are compatible with each other.  NPTF gas sealing or gas tight has truncated threads requiring a different carbide insert.


The following parts have the look of Brennan quality with a nice electroless nickel plating….but guess what they are rejects.

Both parts  are built by the same Chinese Company and sourced from the same supplier in Spokane, Washington.



I bet you have seen this before but did not know what the problem was.  

This 1 inch pipe thread should be hand tight at 5 turns….it is tight at 2.25 turns. This is not a safe part and will never seal or be safe long term.  

A rejected part….but sold across the board… 

So is the USA getting the rejected parts while China gets the good parts? 

I suspect our USA importer is not wise or is just as responsible as the Chinese for dumping defective product into the USA. 

The problem of quality is just as much our USA importers as it is China….these parts do not meet ANSI or the Machinery’s Handbook.  

People that do not have a need for quality should buy these products and build infrastructure around the Chinese Reject….not following standards is a nightmare for any country that wants long term service with safety.  

Standby for the leaky valve report…stainless valves that leak from the factory.  

I would recommend more controls over China.

A 1 inch npt or nptf thread.
L2 .6828, L1 .400, pitch .08696, OD of pipe 1.315
Angle is 1*47min













Guy Swanson
Your Great Plains Reporter.  

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