Millions of Dollars Lost…over a farming career.

At Dodge City, KS producers raise dryland wheat next to the Farmland/Koch NH3 plant.In southwestern Kansas, Anhydrous Ammonia is produced for almost every acre and for every year since legumes are seldom used in rotation. 

The Hugoton natural gas field located in southwestern Kansas  provides the feedstock for this the Koch Nitrogen plant.
The Farmland plant entered service in 1968 when NH3 was priced at about $35 per US Ton….about 2 cents per lb. of N.
The program of manufacture and distribution was carried out by Farmland Industries of Kansas City until 2002 when Farmland had a liquidity crisis.
About 2003- 2004 nitrogen prices began to climb from 8 cents per lb to as high as 42 cents per lb in 2007-2008.

At Elkhart, KS, Nitrogen Pricing is based on the actual costs with no market over running. 

A true relationship of nitrogen costs are found at the Elkhart Coop on June 2, 15. Located within 100 to 150 miles of several major NH3 plants.   

On June 2, 2015 NH3 is 39 cents per lb of N at $640 per ton.  The base line of all nitrogen fertilizer costing is NH3. 

The current NH3 pricing is estimated to be 4 to 5 times above the cost of production. 

Urea is 53 cents per lb. of N at $480 per ton.  141% greater than NH3 

Urea/Ammonium Nitrate Solution (Solution 32) is 58.5 cents per lb. of N or $375 per ton. 150% greater than NH3. 

Where is that fertilizer salesman that said all nitrogen sources were priced about the same? 

There truly is $60 to $100 more net income with Exactrix banded TAPPS, Irrigated or Dryland.

Mustang Openers meet or exceed expectations of producers on the Great Plains. True No-tillage deep banding of nutrients. 

A producer’s management style requires a preemptive approach to nutrient management….not salvage and convenience. 

Rather than wait for a lower cost of N or to make a move to higher cost N…it is always better to plan ahead and to use less and get a lot more. 

Exactrix TAPPS is time proven to make more money with good management.  Only NH3 and Exactrix technology can make TAPPS at 1% CV of application.

TAPPS Crystals - Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulphate.

Single disc P-51C Mustang openers allows Lyons, KS producer Mark Ricker to band Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS ahead of planting.

Sometimes it is better to band after the crop is up or to band a second time if there is extra moisture.

Whatever approach producers take Mustang openers and Exactrix TAPPS improves the management options.

High Speed Banding in No-tillage results in Rotational Band Loading. Unique to Exactrix TAPPS and allowing placed P to become more crop available. 

Meet or exceed your expectations with Exactrix TAPPS.  Only Exactrix TAPPS can deliver Rotational Band Loading at the 6 inch depth.

EXACTRIX, Rated in the top ten agricultural websites in North America.
For producers who want to learn more about increasing crop production, we provide some good answers in the Exactrix library.  


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