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Get the most from the land and your investment.
 Exactrix Gives you options.

Moving to the next level with Mustang and Exactrix Tool Bars. Hybrid Winter Canola, and Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass.

Harvesting and Banding Coastal Bermuda Grass.
Row Crop Wheat at Hugoton.

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Harvesting 20 inch row precision planted wheat with SRS.
Looking for answers.
Find answers fast at Hugoton.


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Discussions on the new Binary Banding Technology. Go deep and go fast with sub 1 inch accuracy.

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Check out Binary Banding the massive but delicate process of applying nutrients at 1% CV in deep bands. Go deep to 8 inch depths formulating bands of TAPPKTS with micros. Ideal for tap rooted crops like Soybean, Seed Corn, Winter Canola, Spring Canola, and specialty crops potato and sugar beet. Deeper bands is key word at 1% CV of application.  Confirming highest yields with placed NPKS at 8 inch depths.

In the field with the producers, Banding and Harvesting the same day at Hugoton.  

A 48 year timeline as Hybrid Winter Canola, Hybrid Wheat, Hybridized Seed Corn and Hybrid Coastal Bermuda get special attention

Raising the Hybrid Grass yield potential to the max (16 tons) at 1/3 the nutrient cost.
Using NH3, Ammonium Poly Phosphate, Potassium Thio-Sulfate, and AZn and metals micros.
Band-ammonium, Demonstrations, Banding TAPPKTS plus micros into growing Coastal Bermuda Grass.
Harvesting 20 inch row planted Winter Wheat at 180K and 360K


Exactrix Mustang Tool Bars, side dressing winter wheat and Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass.
Grassland Banding Days, Band-ammonium and economics well explained by the producer.
New pricing of NH3 for Exactrix owners and up to 3 times more effective than top dressed fertilizer with nominal rates of 600 lbs N per acre.

KTS® is considered critical to top yields on sandy pivots of SW Kansas.
Hugoton, KS, Meet at Kramer Seed. Ask for the Exactrix tour of advanced technology.
June 19, 19 Wednesday at 1:00 PM.
June 20, 19 Thursday at 1:00 PM.
June 21, 19 Friday at 1:00 PM.

Call now for your personal presentation and review. 509-535-9925, or 620-544-6567



A Yielder Mustang 3015 with positive down pressure wings and lift assist.
Hydraulic hitch and ballast tanks, 2KC Series 2 with 2KP TAPPS formulator.
Exactrix engine mounting locations are greatly improved for operator access from the ground line.



A high clearance tool bar for established producers.
Easy access and high reliability. Lots of open area with your safety in mind.
Caddy Cart at 1,000 gallons of 10-34-0, 12-0-0-26S or Thio-Sul®, 0-0-25-17S, KTS®, 16-0-0-20, AZn and micros.
Yielder® 3015 Mustang Tool Bar with twin 120 gallon ballast tanks for positive down pressure at wings and testing with KTS.
Single 1,000 gallon NH3 trailer tank.
Building TAPPS and TAPPKTS with AZn and micros into dormant winter wheat, late November seeded.



High visibility from the cab.
Quick and responsive in the corners. A chance to observe every functional component from the cab.
Feb. 15 banding into dormant irrigated winter wheat at 28 degrees F. Seeded late November, early December 2018.


Lowest possible soil disturbance with Exactrix TAPPKTS 1% CV vermiculated bands placed 7 inch to 8 inch depth.


Hybridized Coastal Bermuda Grass. Irrigated production allows outstanding economics for Cow Calf Pairs.
Exactrix TAPPKTS Deep Banded 8 inches at full recharge with a Yielder Mustang 3015 formulating TAPPKTS.
On sandy soils there was 700 pounds of beef per acre exported in cow calf pairs.
Exactrix TAPPKTS going in a 15 inch centers surgically cutting the sod to a depth of 7 to 8 inches.




Sandy soils are ideal for Mustang banding. A powerful case for Coastal Bermuda Grass hybridized.
Exactrix assures a highly crop available, 1% CV bands of TAPPKTS and AZn for many years under Rotational Band Loading.
Coastal Bermuda makes big yields with small inputs from Exactrix Deep Banded TAPPKTS.


Late start Fall Wheat, Banded TAPPKTS, No-tillage under sandy soil conditions.


Exactrix® allows you the producer more control
 of the outcome of high yielding crops. 

Take care of business up front with VRT, Site Specific System that works. 

Be an Architect, Be a Builder.

Do it one time and do it right with Exactrix NH3 as TAPPS and TAPPKTS.
 Be an “Empire Builder” of safe crop nutrient system and stay
 away from the expensive foliar after-thoughts.  

Try to avoid the “Firehouse” of foliar and salvage materials over the top.
 Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS is time proven in the top yielding game.


It is your money on the line. There is another 12% additional Net Margin if you pay attention.



The new product Centuro will be interesting for Koch and how they will market for 4 to 6 extra bushels.

The Koch marketing battles will be with Dow and a very old and toxic product N-serve®.
The battle of the check books is coming.   

For TKI they have a mixable DCD, Accu-N® product and they will have a slight advantage in dual product TAPPS application since it is non toxic to humans and lower cost.  It is a grandfathered product.

Plus TKI has low marketing expense for this product since marketing risk is much lower…and a common material in Europe. 
Koch will need to market very hard…since the EPA is involved and there goes the neighborhood in getting the facts. The EPA requirements of a soil life killer may be the major profitability hurdle.  
A lot of No-till farmers are not interested in Killers…they want their soil life to thrive and simple liquid nutrients allow that to happen since they are not killers or require and EPA registration.  
Both companies will need to price to the cost of side dress….with no triple threat.  
The only thing Exactrix can do is test and confirm…..does a simple nutrient like Thio-Sul® or KTS® outcompete all of them economically?

The TKI product of DCD or Accu-N® can be added to the liquid blend to confirm if additionally stability is required.  
Most likely when Corn yields start hitting 300 bushels per acre average….these amendment materials will fade away as other management techniques and business opportunities are discovered….That would be the Architect/Builder products like TAPPKTS with a complete micro nutrient package banded at a 7 inch to 8 inch depth in vermiculated bands of the P-51 Mustang No-tillage opener. 

Firehouse products, foliar feeding products, are too expensive for commodity crops. Plan ahead using Architect/Builder products that bring lowest cost per bushel produced.
Identifying the business opportunity in crop production continues to the end of time. 

The George Blanda of Big Acre, Crop Nutrients…the last of the triple threat quarterbacks, The King of The World
….Run, Pass, Kick or Punt, Thio-Sul® is a most significant player. KTS® considered.

1.Band stabilization,
 2. A good shot of S and SO4, and
                   3. Micro Nutrients (metals) free up in the exclusive pH swing of Thio-Sul® and KTS®.

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Most likely on sandy ground KTS® will be a big winner, as reported by Mark Ricker at Lyons Kansas along the  Arkansas River.

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Sandy Pivots with Nematodes….after 5 years trying different approaches using Fumigant Mustard the yield finally jumped from 117 bushel per acre pivot average to 299 bushel per acre pivot average with 120 day Pioneer corn with TAPPKTS.  

TAPPKTS on Sand with Biological Fumigation….It took 15 gallons of KTS®….no Thio-sul®….10 gallons banded at 30 K and 20S and 5 gallons in 2x2 or 15 lbs. K and 10 S. APP was 5 gallons in the band. Micro Nutrients were also used including Zinc. 

Thio-Sulfate made with Potassium Hydroxide at Coffeeville, KS.  

Your planter has no 2 x 2 capability in sandy soil you say!…you can add more K in row….TKI also has a product for the seed row, K-Row 23, which also has been recently patented and is seed row safe (sulfite SO3) sulfur at 8%.

What Koch has to say.


Guy Swanson
Your Great Plains Reporter.  

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Top yields, best margin and the new leader in VRT-Site Specific, Small Grains Expert. Eric Odberg at Genesee, Idaho breaking winter wheat yield records. Exactrix® TAPPS at Catholic Canyon using 4 management zones. Exactrix® Site-Specific, Variable Rate

"Paul Gangwish, Drone Video"
Track Machines improve production 200%.
Application time cut in half at 1 acre per minute.
Up to $150 more net income per acre.

The 2017 Agronomy Review.