A New world record, all No-till, Nutrients 99% crop available, Ken Dechant, Guy Swanson, Manning Alberta, 14,000 acres in 7 days.

A good plan and a good man. Set out a plan….and make it happen.

No-Tillage, means better crops with nutrients in the deck about 3 to 4 inch depth with Exactrix TAPPS formulators.

Getting the Job Done on 14,000 acres in October for Spring Crop seeding at high speed, all nutrients fall banded with Exactrix TAPPS and Thio-Sul or KTS for stabilization.

A true symphony of machinery and men, getting the job done at Manning Alberta.
Setting a new world record.

An amazing accomplishment in the Great White North. Guy Swanson and Ken Dechant with Alex on the camera.

Banded Exactrix Uniformity within 1%CV, 99% crop available, spend a little money, make a little money.

Exactrix TAPPKTS, TKI Tessenderlo Kerley supplies the KTS in rail cars, at 58 degrees North.

All acres No-till banded Exactrix TAPPS for the spring crop of Canola, Wheat and Barley .

The Tridem, KW at 8,000 gallons NH3 at 90% fill. The triple axle trailer at 5,000 gallons APP/ATS/AZn 11.48 lbs per gallon.

60,000 gallons NH3 storage, Qty. 2, 30, 000 gallon NH3 storage tanks.

180,000 gallons Liquid Storage. Qty. 6, 30,000 gallon fiberglass storage tanks for 10-34-0, 12-0-0-26S and 0-0-25-17 S.

Banding 14,000 acres in 10 to 20 days at Hawk Hills along the Peace River at 58 degrees North.

Rocky Mountain Double arrangement makes the delivery to the elevated NH3 tanks.

NH3 Tank elevation improves filling speed.

Qty. 5, 155,000 lb. Canadian Trucks, Super B’s or Rocky Mountain Doubles per day on a Saturday moving the material to Ken Dechant farms, about 70 miles north of Peace River.

Case SDX modified for Banding at 62 feet…at 7 to 8 mph.


Ken Dechant at Manning Alberta.


Go Fast Video. Exactrix Banding Tool bars.
At 9 mph, single disc Deere 2510 Exactrix TAPPS Side dressing small corn at North Bend, Nebraska, Tim and Randy Reznicek.


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