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We are truly at the End of the Beginning with some powerful chances to improve our lives.

You thought I was retiring. Not True. My 94 year old mother just informed me that I would live to be 150.

  • I am looking for process and pressure vessel engineers to go to work on one the most significant projects ever delivered to the North
    American economy.

  • This project beats Boulder Dam or Grand Coulee Dam, It beats anything NASA has ever done related to your well being. It is on the right step and path with National Security.

  • It is local.

  • If you are a top notch manager we are interested in you. We like college athletes that know how to lead on and off the field of play. If you have special needs do not be afraid to call.

  • We need technical people to work along side my European friends to bring 5,000 small scale ammonia plants to North America.

  • Don’t let the Oligarchs grind you down.

     Guy J Swanson.

As you know I am moving to a new “Pigeon Hole”.   

My job is now similar but different,  finding a better way to take care of the “Blind Side” of agriculture including the gigantic business opportunity of EV Trucking.  

It is time to move the Oligarch’s like Nutrien into a new pigeon hole of competitiveness and/or have them justly removed from our economy.  

The Oligarchs like Koch will become very weak under our business plan because we are locally driven with local ownership.  

The worst Oligarchs know they made a big mistake. Companies like CF will need to breakup.  

Included you will find new goals.  

We are burning up in Washington State at 112* F in a record heat wave.  The dryland crops, vineyards, and orchards are failing with the burning evergreen forests on the Northern Tier to the Great Lakes. 

We have extreme weather in all parts of North America and South America.  It will get worse without total worldwide attack on the problem. This makes a trade war or hot war look like a play ground rumble.  

The jet stream and glaciers no longer coordinate the weather of our natural system.  

You know for sure something is different. Seventy years ago, snow covered our Swanson Family farmland from November to early April at 2,582 feet. Today the land is only snow covered 2 months and the ski industry must turn to the summer tourism. 46°55'03.63" N 117°11'38.57" W 

You will note that now is an ideal time to add environmental biological cover plate to our life giving soils. It is time to clean up our atmosphere and water.  

Can you help? We now have a new understanding. I need help from a lot of people including mega investors and concerned pension funds. This is a very big project.  

I have been internally and geographically moved to a powerful project that requires your understanding.
There are many ways to start with No-Till farming, Cover Cropping, Winter Cropping and Deep Band Placement to hide fertilizer from the environment. Get started here.  

Green Ammonia Production with Zero Carbon is coming. Here is a review.  

Finally, I would like you to review this video.  

                              Please click on above image

Presented June 3rd and 4th at the European Ammonia Conference.  
Guy J Swanson.

  • You will enjoy this video….this is where we are going over the next few years.
  • Agriculture can get the planet’s climate change problem under control faster and better than any other method….with No-till, Rotation and Placement deep in the soil of all nutrients to reduce Nitrous Oxide.
  • Agriculture and Transportation are the two most significant cleanup points in declining climate….and agriculture pollution of CO2, CH4 and N2O laughing gas is key to improving life for our future generations.
  • The Transportation problem will be improved with EV Trucking in 2025 with Yielder NFuel, Proton Ventures, Edison Nickel Iron Batteries and promoters like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.
  • Yielder® NFuel and Green Play Ammonia™ offer gigantic solutions.

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