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Initial Set Up
                  Training of Others

Initial Set up, Training of Others. June 14, 2022.

1. Provide 12 volt power to the Exactrix Control Panel.

2. Make sure the wet kit or the truck pump can provide hydraulic flow of 25 gpm to 3,000 psi.

3. Make sure hydraulic lines are 1 inch.

4. Once the Goal Tender 300 system is installed….pre charge the system with Dry nitrogen to 200 psi. The system should hold pressure at 200 psi for 24 hours.

5. The Goal Tender 300 system has been pretested with water flows of 650 rpm. However part of the system could have been disassembled with a leak compromise.
   If you suspect a compromise test again before loading with NH3.

6. All threaded connections require nptf threads or compatible threads. Make sure all threads are wrapped with gas tape.
   Hand tight is five full turns and full tight is seven full turns.

7. Inspect all threads for damage prior to connections being made.

8. Build a cradle for the Smart-hose. Install parking plugs at Smart-hose ends.

9. Chill the system and frost up the Laminator throat to assure liquid fill before starting the system.

10. Study hydraulic pressures, NH3 pressures and observe pump rpms with a gradual ramp up from 200 rpm to 650 rpm.

11. Slow the Goal Tender 300 system down as the tanks fill to 85%.

12. Observe all safety precautions in the Exactrix Yellow Book for connections, and pressure rating of nylon line with ferrule fits.

13. Read the instruction manual and call if you have questions.

14. There is an operational video for training available Sept 30, 2022.

15. Store the system with Ammonia on board.

16. Make sure all parking plugs are installed.

17. Repair all leaks.

18. Always replace defective gauges immediately.

19. Use gloves and goggles with an irrigation water supply handy.

20. Make sure you clear the area when filling.

21. Study the wind direction.

22. Have an escape plan.

23. Have a ” Muster Point” where all the valves can be closed safely (air and cable). Choose an area remote to the likely problem.

24. Never endanger others. Ample warning is after the fact in a gas state flow, 5 ppm will give good notice, 100 ppm can kill. Wind direction is important.

25. Ammonia is safest when operators think twice and move slowly. Ammonia can be very safe.

26. Communication of a fill event is important to operators and any outsiders.

27. Record serial numbers in the Operators Manual and Parts Book. Hydraulic Motor, Pump, Bypass and Hydraulic Flow Control Valve. Hose serial numbers when applicable.

28. The safety of Anhydrous Ammonia is well known in the compressed gas business. NH3 can be one of the safest materials handled by correct thinking personnel.

29. Report immediately any safety hazards via phone to Exactrix General Office, Spokane, Washington or at

Bulk Plant Transfer to Delivery Transport Tank.
Orange valve is connected at the bulk plant filling station.
Yellow valve is connected at the bulk plant filling station. It is the Vapor return valve.
The red valves are the Snappy Joe emergency shut down valves.

Bulk Plant Transfer to Delivery Transport Tank.
Vapor Return is 3,1/4 Acme male installed and not shown.
Vapor Return line to the storage bulk tank is 2 inch Smart hose.

Bulk Plant Transfer to Delivery Transport Tank.
Vapor Return is 3,1/4 Acme male installed and not shown.
Vapor Return line to the storage bulk tank is 2 inch Smart hose.


Corken ZH4200 set at 120 psi internal bypass.Corken ZV-200 External bypass set at
110 psi at the Exactrix factory setting.
The external bypass can be set lower than the maximum indicated.
Setting can be made by reviewing the Corken manual included.
The pressure differential of fluid to vapor return will determine the correct bypass setting.
If the pressure differential between vapor and liquid is 80 psi and pump rpm is 620 rpm you reached maximum flow for a Goal Tender 300.
The bypass flow returns to a 2 inch cross and then to the bottom outlet valves of the twin tanks via the laminator inlet manifold.

Corken ZH42000 bearing lube point.
Exactrix Tachometer connection and adjustment guard.
Snappy Joe, Emergency Shut down in red.
Liquid Valve 2 in Orange.
Trapped Ammonia pressure gauge.

Back of Corken ZH4000.
Hydraulic Drive with an OMS125 Sauer Danfoss Motor capable of 25 horsepower at pressures of 2,000 to 2,500 psi hydraulic systems.
Goal Tender Pumping systems above 300 gallons per minute require a case drain line for a 3,000 psi rating.

Back of Corken ZH-4000
• Pump outlet in lifetime NH3 braided stainless hose, 2 inch.
• The Hydraulic drive motor is rated to 22 to 25 gpm.
• The Hydraulic lines should be sized at 1 inch above 18 gallons per minute
   hydraulic flow.
• Shipping and testing is done with ¾ hydraulic lines which can remain since they are
  short runs.
• Lines from the pump and back to the reservoir from the motor  should be 1 inch.
• Torque all 5/8 flange bolts on the pump flange end plates upon initial start up to 150
  foot lbs.

Liquid 2 inch manifold for filling twin tanks.
Flow split at 2 inch nptf from lifetime stainless braid 2 inch hose from the ZH-4000 pump outlet.
Flow Split 2inc tees allow flows to total 500 gallons per minute when required in Goal Tender 400 and 500 series.
Double O-ring flanges are used with ammonia only high pressure systems. The double O-ring design uses EPDM chemistry.
The manifold mounting brackets can be adjusted for 49 inch and 52 inch bulkhead tanks.
The return vapor pressure flow is shown by the 4 inch gauge.

The Goal Tender Control Panel.
Includes two tachometers
The six pressure gauges are set for 0 to 400 psi
The control panel can be moved.


The Goal Tender control panel is located where the operator can see the 4 inch Vapor Pressure gauge and the 4 inch liquid pressure gauge.
The location of the gauge panel is designed for filling the applicator from one location.
Emergency shut down is possible from other locations to cable close the Snappy Joe emergency valves.
Dynamite Shutdown can be accomplished with out hurting the sliding vane pump.
The Hard Shutdown of the Snappy Joe opens the bypass and returns flow back into the bottom outlet valves.

The Flow control panel allows the pump rpm to be controlled based on pressure, rpm and the associated pump flow chart provided.

The panel is a standard part item from Exactrix .
If damage occurs it can be easily serviced in the field.
An electronic momentary switch controls pump rpm from the panel.

Bulk storage tank valves working with Goal Tender Tanks for filling.


Filling at the main storage tank.
Bulk tank fill valves provide immediate shut down with Snappy Joes shown in Red.
The 3/8 arm extension mounting of the valves can be pivoted on the turntable…bolt holes are provided.

Right Angle side view, Bulk Storage Side.


Hydraulic Motor drive Adapter for ZH4000 shown.
Lubrication instructions included on red cover plate.
Case drain port shown on top of motor for pressures above 2,000 psi.
Pump outlet line to manifold is stainless steel braid and lifetime rated.
Install a larger adapter for the hydraulic hose connection. SAE 0 ring male 16 90 to 12 MORB. A SAE O-ring 12 is used only for testing.

The Bulk Storage fill station is on the right.
The Applicator fill, hydraulic motor drive and electronic readout is on the left side.

The left side is shown, The applicator fill side.
The safety Smart-hoses are installed at this location to fill the applicator.
The Smart-hoses are not yet installed.

Safety Smart-hoses install here at the vapor and the liquid valves.
Acme 3,1/4 are not required.

Acme threading to the safety Smart-hose is possible but may not provide the feature needed.
The Safety Smart-hoses can be plumbed directly into the 2 inch adapter of the valve.

The red Snappy Joe can be tested but remember it will be necessary to relieve pressure to reset it.
The Cable can be connected to safety shut down, Muster Zone.


The four inch gauges located at the pump outlet and the vapor return provide valuable information as you watch the panel.
A differential of up to 110 psi can be achieved to use up the full rpm of the system.
A properly designed system peaks differently at various temperatures of the applicator tank and the Goal Tender Tank.
Observe your charts and observe pressures to properly set pump rpm.

The Goal Tender system has four inlets from the bottom outlet valves to produce 300 gallons of flow.
The inlet to the Laminator filter body has view windows to observe the flow into the laminator.

The Goal Tender stores about 12 gallons in the system.
The filter body and 12 inch diameter barrel holds 9 gallons of ammonia.
The means there about 32 swaps per minute in the filter body.
The mesh of the element is 40.
Magnets located in the filter element area keep the element clean.

Acme Connections.
Seal tightly with a rubber flange face.
A cover cap can be used to keep debris out of the system.
The cover cap provides additional safety.
Always use the cover cap when not transferring or disconnecting.

The bulk head support arm plate (3/8 thick by 6 inch wide) that bolts to the main frame base plate is designed to be pivoted into an alternate position.


The large barrel body 40 mesh filter element has 100 square inches of open area.
Magnets in the body are 2 x 6 inch and provide a self-cleaning function of the element.
A Vortex breaker is also installed into the body of the feeding throat.


The Laminator is also a chiller from the Serie 3 design of the 2KC.
You will notice an electronic flow control valve that is controlled at the main control panel.
This provides a quick start to fill the system by turning the neck frosty.
The chilling vapor can be returned to a water storage tank that makes aqua ammonia.
Some of the chilling vapor can also be used as a duel fuel with a diesel engine to burn the excess hydrogen.

Manifolds have tee’s rather than elbows.
This allows higher flows and alternate return and fill points for bigger systems.

The lifetime bypass return line is shown returning to the 2 inch tee in picture 28.
The swing arm adjustment bolts are show on the swing arm plate.

Top view


Reviewing the Laminator chill feature components.
1. Electro valve.
2. Vaporizer filter storage.
3. Orifice at .040 tan line.
4. Bleed down and out ¼ turn ball valve.

A high percentage (99.5%) of ammonia equipment suppliers come from the USA. North American Farmers have been using

NH3 directly applied since 1945 at Pittsburgh, California. The Exactrix equipment has been designed around the ANSI, ASME,

National Board of Review and State rules and regulations. To our knowledge our Goal Tender 300 product meets or exceeds all federal and state standards. In fact also the Canadian requirements.All components shown in the included are pictures are built

in the USA. Files are maintained and serial numbers are assigned for historical reference of operating machinery.

The Vapor return line and centered tee equalizes all pressures in each tank.
This allows the tanks to fill evenly by balancing the vapor return restriction equally from each tank.
Double O-ring Aluminum flange fittings are used at typical swivel points to reduce weigh and assure best possible sealing.


Vaporizer Top View.
The Chiller inlet line goes past electro-valve to the 1 Quart vaporizer inlet.
The flow then proceeds down the tan line to the .040 Vaporizer orifice.
A frost appears on the heat exchanger housing and the system is pre-charged for liquid state flow.

Bulk storage fill point.
Bypass return at differentials to 110 psi.


Corken ZH4000 with ZV-200 Bypass
Braided stainless hoses rated at 350 psi constant flow.
Flooded pump inlet using Laminator technology.

At center, the Exactrix Hydraulic Flow Control Valve set at maximum hydraulic flow of 20 to 22 gpm or 650 pump rpm.
NH3 flow of 300 gpm splits into two flows of 150 gpm into two tanks.

Applicator delivery side top view.

Twin inlets from right hand tank.
Bypass Return at cross and back to laminator and tank valves.

Vapor Return Yellow 2 inch.
Fluid Delivery Orange 2 inch.

Bypass return into 2.5 inch cross.
Elbow in 2.5 inch fill from tank valve
Adjustable support bracket for steel elbow and cross.

Inlet ports from tank valves. Double flange manifold fill valves
Hook Snappy Joes to cable control safety shut down at Muster location.


Set Adjustable Bypass for maximum flow in relation to rpm, temperature and vapor return restrictions.
Compare rpm information to hydraulic pressure gauge at load sense line.
Hydraulic pressure will peak and drop off when pump begins to cavitate.

Inside the 12 inch diameter Laminator filter body.
Large 8 inch diameter x 19 inch length reinforced filter element at 40 mesh with dual EPDM O-rings.
The NH3 flow is inside to outside. Residue collection is retained into the filter element. The Clean side is outside of the element.
End caps have view windows with double O-ring seals of EPDM chemistry.
Magnets trap residue on both sides of the element.
A vortex breaker is installed into the throat to allow for flows to 300 gallons per minute.

A Vortex breaker is removable for service and inspection.
The vortex breaker lowers pump rpm at high flows.

View window components shown with covers.
The ceramic magnets allow the filters to stay clean longer.
The magnets are installed inside the element and outside the element on the housing.

Be carful with the magnets as they easily can pinch fingers.
When servicing the filter element make sure you have new EPDM O-rings to install at the element and the housing.

A Vortex Breaker is installed for flows to 300 gpm.


View window components.
The view window allows inspection of the element and the magnet condition.
Extra light maybe required by opening both end of the view windows.