Red River Valley, Grand Forks, Dark Northern Spring Wheat gets protein and yield boost

From the most productive farmland in North America. Deep soils and good moisture allow high quality spring crops and no winter crops.Fisher, Minnesota, July 28, 2015, 5 miles east of the Red River of the North and Grand Forks, ND.

Floater Spring Application as Dry Fertilizer, Vs. Single Disc, Exactrix Liquid TAPPS as NH3 Fall Banded. 

Fisher, Minnesota, Grand Forks area. Rotation of Sugar Beet, Corn, Soybean, Edible Bean, Hard Red Spring Wheat, Brewing Barley and Potatoes. 

Comparison of top dressed spring application of dry nutrients on the left to Exactrix Fall Banded TAPPS on the right.  

Lodging of spring wheat typically produces yield reductions of 20% to 30% and a reduction in protein. 

Exactrix 1% CV Uniformity of the Application along with Thio-sul®, ATS nitrogen stabilization results in highly crop available nutrients. 

Standing DNSW assures a smooth harvest operation with the following rotation crop having the advantage of even moisture and nutrient distribution.


Applications were made by Eric Egeland with a single disc Exactrix tool bar, Case SDX on 10 inch centers. The Exactrix system is a 2KC Weigh Master and 2KP TAPPS formulator with high pressure injection.
Eric and his uncle Mark keep crop production moving ahead with the Deere 1890 on 7.5 inch for seeding and the Case SDX40 on 10 inch for banding nutrients. 

Eric Egeland and his dad have typical Exactrix fall applications of 120lbs. N as NH3,  APP at 23 lbs. P (6 gallons) as 10-34-0 and ATS at 11.5 lbs. S ( 4 gallons) as 12-0-0-26S, 1/2 gallon Hydra Hume  with 1 lb zinc.  
About 12% of the gross income is invested in nutrients to raise a good crop.

Yields of 80 bushel average and 14% protein were achieved in 2014.  Mayville Dark Northern Spring Wheat is shown in the Exactrix application following soybeans.
The 2014 year was difficult for most producers to make protein in the wheat.  In 2014 there was a $2.00 and $3.00 per bushel advantage when protein was 14% to 15%.

protein wheat at 14% is worth about $4.44 locally and about 85 cents higher at 15%.

Reducing protein in brewing barley.
Brewing barley needs a plumb berry and low protein. Similar to soft white wheat.
High yields can be produced with about .7 of the recommended N rate with crystalline TAPPS.
A low 1%CV application assures that each plant is not over fertilized. A low rate of N goes a long way in making quality first with a good yield.
Spring Brewing barley can yield 3 ton or about 125 bushels to the acre with 65 pounds N and TAPPS formulated in the fall or spring banding mode.


Sugar Beets produce high quality when Exactrix TAPPS is applied in the Fall or Spring.  Balanced TAPPS crystals supply ammonic nitrogen in the root zone.
Liquid streaming flows of nutrients in highly crop available bands assure the best production yields and quality as compared to dry fertilizer application.
Liquid streaming flows of NH3 and APP/ATS are created at pressures from 80 to 300 psi at high ground speeds with lowest cost.
Typically a $60 to $120 per acre advantage in the Red River Valley.

High quality sugar beets require uniform nitrogen application TAPPS.  Over application of nitrogen is a problem since more molasses than marketable sugar is generated with poor N management.
Exactrix TAPPS assures a high quality sugar beet crop.  Site Specific Variable Rate applications are made with Exactrix. 

North Dakota, Sugar Beets at both ends of the state. Crystal Sugar at Hillsboro, ND.
Crystal Sugar has for many years advocated VR-Site Specific application in sugar beets using Sat Shot maps and soil sampling.

Fall banding is utilized for corn production. Similar rates are used for corn or DNSW as the acres for each crop is increased or decreased.
In 2015 corn production was sidelined in favor of higher value crops such as edible beans. Corn acres were diverted to DNSW. 

Soybean production can also be improved with VR-Site Specific applications.  Soygreen is used to combat Iron Chlorosis in the high pH soils of the Red River Valley of the North.
Applications of Soygreen can be made with the planter or the Exactrix Tool bar using the 2KR system.


Two passes with the planter on the field margin shows the response to Soygreen in this test plot. 

Iron Chlorosis is also a problem in Milo production in high pH soils of western Kansas.
Maps from Sat Shot can identify problem areas as shown. One of the best indicators and map makers is the visual problem from the field using satellite maps.  
Soygreen is typically in row at 3 lbs. per acre at $24.00  application cost so the acres can be selected out with planter control or with the 2KR 3rd product injection into the TAPPS formulator.

Planters are effective in row.

Milo showing Iron Chlorosis, Goodland, Kansas, I-70, July 31, 15

2KP TAPPS formulators and 2KR site specific injection. 2KC, Weigh Master, Series 3.
®Thio-sul® is a registered trademark of TKI.

Mustard for export, Mustard for condiment, Mustard for rotational fumigation. 
August 29
, 2015 release of crop production information for Mustard as a viable crop.

It is critical to have a strong agricultural industry to survive the terrible wars of the Middle East and tension of Ukraine and Russia. The NATO alliance may need to look to cheaper oil and higher quality food to survive the intimidating arsenal of Russia. It is now known that much of Syria’s problems are due to years of drought/climate change and the loss 1.2 million farmers moving to the cities. People are starving with little hope for a family to survive. A strong agricultural base is required to build a strong country.

Final Note of the Enterprise and the Endeavor.


The American Dust Bowl of the 1930’s resulted from incorrect University information and railroad land promotion. A natural and man-made combination of events that destroyed lives and the land. Eventually all the people that remained rebuilt a sustainable agricultural base. A lack of agricultural stability in a changing climate can produce financial stress and heartache. Keeping the agricultural base strong is mandatory.

166% more crop available N and 200% more crop available P…..Why does it work so well.

$60 to $90 per acre more net income in irrigated corn production in 2015.

Training videos for better understanding of how Exactrix works.


Reviewing the Exactrix dual stage manifold and final filters. 

Terms, dual stage accumulator,  piston, glide ring, accumulator final filter, BPOR or Back Pressure Orifice Restrictor, BPOR vaporizer outlet,  manifold adapter, ferrule, range orifice, manifold, 3 different line sizes.


Reviewing the Deere GS-2 and GS-3 Controller.

Terms, variable rate response, electronic gauge panel, quick response, electronic pressure gauges, electronic rpm, valve timing, dual stage manifold, valve settings. 


Reviewing TAPPS formulators, 2KP Series system with positive displacement pumps.

Terms, Ammonium Poly Phosphate, 10-34-0, Ammonium Thio-Sulfate,12-0-0-26S liquid fertilizer, Arag primary filters, extra elements, hydraulic flow control valve.  positive displacement pump, 350 psi, chloride in the flow, polypropylene construction, Arag magnetic reluctance flow meter. 


Reviewing the Phase Shifter, Vaporizer Filter and Vaporizer Orifice.

Terms,  check valve, stack of magnets, chilling in the corners, tan line orifice at .021, 72T, Green Tape, Screen 100 mesh, line strainer 100 mesh, 1 pint per minute flow.


Reviewing the 2KC Weigh Master based on flow path,

Terms, phase shifter Inlet, phase shifter core, filter, view window, sliding vane pump, six vanes, rotational sensitive, vane pump  turns in one direction ,  vaporizer housing, pre-chill of NH3 flow, 3 minute drain out, mass flow meter, hydraulic motor drives Corken sliding vane pump, weighing the material, loop tube technology, accuracy at 30 lbs. on 10,000 lbs. applied in all temperature and flow ranges. Micro Motion mass flow meter,  totalizer readout, voltmeter, power supply, discharge valve, 9 manifolds. 


Reviewing the nomenclature for the 2KC and 2KP system.

Term, gauge panel, pump RPM, uniform application, sliding vane pump, phase shifter mass meter, terminal orifice, TAPPS, Tri-ammonium Poly Phosphate, liquid pump, poly construction, chloride, PD pump, dual stage manifold, orifice at 1% coefficient of variation.


Reviewing  Adjustments To The New Mustang Closing Wheel


Reviewing the Mustang  P-51 CUE installed on the New Exactrix Hillside Toolbar


Reviewing the Mustang  Swiveling Opener Components


Reviewing the Mustang P-51C and the Mustang P-51 CUE


Reviewing The Exactrix 2KR, Dual Range Formulator, Micro Nutrients, Hydra Hume, 2KP, 2KC, Trimble Control.



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