The Big Irrigation Show.

Don't miss the exciting Exactrix Seminar.
Customer Appreciation Seminar
Wednesday, 12 September. 5pm to 7pm

Fairfield Inn & Suites Kearney, Nebraska
510 Talmadge Road. 308-236-4200

3 Featured Speakers:

 5pm - Jim Schepers, USDA-ARS ret.

Nitrogen Management, Variable Site Specific


pm - Dr. Bert Bock, TKI, Nutrient Management Expert
Thio-sul®- Potassium - Micro Nutrients Management with Ecatrix TAPPS
Goodland Indexed Test Plots.


pm - Lanny Faleide, Sat Shot - New map technologies.
Rapid Eye Imagery - Frontier AVION.


pm - Guy J Swanson, Exactrix Global Systems
Concluding Remarks

Dinner is on your own, you have 10 easy access restaurants to choose from in Kearney

The Leaders in Nutrient Technology.  

Our Exactrix Tool Bar, P-51C and CUE Mustang Openers with TAPPS and TAPPKTS display will be impressive.  

You can meet TC, The next chapter in Exactrix is Positive Down pressure TC tool bars.    

A TC Mustang Tool Bar will be installed with new individual control of NH3 with Mustang Openers.  

Troy, John the banker, and Guy Swanson will be there….along with many Exactrix owners.  

Bert Bock will make a presentation .   We will have a short meeting  Wednesday evening at Kearney on what we learned at Goodland/Ruleton test plots.   

Highest Canola Yields in the World.
Yes Sir, 50 Varieties of Winter Wheat to pick from.
In Idaho, On the Camas Prairie.

A tribute to Idaho, a most unique part of North America.  

The highest Canola yields in the World are in the mountain shadows of Idaho, 155 bushels per acre.  

The University of Idaho contributes outstandingly well in one of the most interesting cropping systems in North America.  

The Deepest Gorge in North America. Hells Canyon and the Seven Devils.  

Exactrix Mustang technology helps keep the rivers clean in Idaho with TAPPS application in No-tillage.


The Seven Devils. A 7,450 foot drop in the greatest escarpment in North America. The Snake River is joined by the Salmon forming tremendous wealth in gold placer deposits.

  2  3

The Salmon River Canyon before joining the Snake.  A long way to travel to procreate. The headwaters of the Salmon, Sockeye Salmon swim 895 miles to Redfish Lake. 



The Salmon River starts in the mountains of Sun Valley. The Sawtooth Range is the vernal spring of Salmon River.  
Within 8 miles of our plot tour on the Camas Prairie we can view the Salmon or 25 miles to the Snake.
An engineering marvel of natural water flow creates place gold.  The River of No Return…the Salmon.  
University of Idaho’s colors are Silver and Gold based on the tremendous mining wealth generated in Idaho.





“Say Pea” Pro Gene breeder, Chris Braunwart. 
Offering Winter and Spring Peas.
Offering Yellow and Green Peas.
And Black Austrian Peas come from University of Idaho.
A unique area where you can see the Seven Devils range of Hells Canyon with winter canola in the foreground.
The states of Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington can be viewed with University Cooperative Extension support and a great bus driver. 
The Bitteroot Range, The Gospel Hump. The Salmon River Range. The “River of No Return”, The Salmon.
Gold came first and the Chinese brought their fine gold mining technology and proven from sluicing the Yangtze River of China.



Lewiston, Idaho….the 1859 gold miners jump off point for the placer deposits of Idaho and Montana.   China Gardens of 1887 and the brutal slaughter of 34 Chinese miners. Using a Chinese proven pedestal sluicing technique to extract fine gold dust from the floodwaters of the Snake River . This gold mining site is very close to the Camas prairie.   

An ugly story of body parts of 34 Chinese nationals floating 65 miles down the Snake to Lewiston Idaho.  

A highly effective cover up occurred and the Federal Government became involved as Idaho became a state in 1889.  

Note: The cover-up stems from two factors in Wallowa County, Oregon which was a state in 1887: “The first was a desire to protect the reputations of the families of the accused killers. The second was that few cared about the murder of the Chinese. As the years went by, the cover-up was continued by people ... who sought to protect the reputations of Wallowa County, as well wanting to avoid embarrassing the killers’ descendants, some of whom still live in the county.”  

To get to the Camas Prairie you can travel along one the most treacherous railroads in the United States. The Camas Prairie Railorad, NP and UP owned. Railroad historians know all about the Camas Prairie Railroad and it’s unique place in history.



A standard gauge mountain railroad with tremendous trestles over deep canyons.
Several tunnels are required in switch backs.
The train has a caboose at the engine. Why would that be? The train must back up or push the load up the grade.
Thus long trains are not possible based on the length of  the switch back.
Breakout Pass with Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson and Jill Ireland was filmed on the Camas Prairie Railroad.



 Operations began in 1909. A tremendous engineering feat from the Teddy Roosevelt era of Manifest Destiny.



The Camas Prairie is a geological phenomena of 843,000 acres located on a 4,000 foot to 3,200 foot elevated prairie trapped between 3 mountain rivers, The Clearwater, The Snake and The Salmon.
The Camas  is  such a beautiful place to work and play with kind and considerate people. The Camas Prairie of Idaho.



Winter Canola, Seeded in August of 2017, Zenner plots, Craigmont/Nez Perce. 
A great finish from Hybrid breeders like Rubisco.
The highest yielding Winter Canola  that we know of according to Brian Caldbeck of Rubisco.
The highest yielding in the world is most likely and Brian would know. Hybrids from Rubisco are proving up their genetics.
Rubisco is 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the test plot finish of 25 varieties….one plot of Rubisco Popular averaged 155 bushels per acre. 7,775 lbs. per acre. Up to 20 bushels better, Hybridization pays.



Ken Hart leads us to Spring Canola plots at Riggers Farm at Craigmont,
The spring Canola is full reproductive bloom, seeded April 27, 18.
One of the best brassica breeders on the planet, Jack Brown of the University of Idaho with Ken Hart of Idaho extension. At the very top of his breeding career at 28 years, Jack will pass on the responsibilities shortly.
Jack is in charge of the most extensive line of Mustard varieties ever produced in the United States. If it is Mustard it has gone across Jack’s hands.
The U of I does not hybridize winter or spring canola’s.  Mustard has not been commercially hybridized.



The Zenner plots, close to Nez Perce, Idaho.
Ken Hart, recently, Out of Africa and back home on the Camas.
Winter Wheat. 50 varieties. HRWW, HWWW, SWWW. And club SWWW - milling type or western white wheats for cake flours.
Never in my experience have I seen such a line up…50 commercial and usable varieties of winter wheat.
One of the most extensive set of plots with a new purpose built plot seeder developed to provide targeted nutrients and quick variety changes with zero tolerances.

Fall Banding of TAPPS allows stabilized nitrogen with Mustang Openers.
 Fall Banding is recognized superior over every other approach when soils are moist.



Kevin Medow at Seward Nebraska. A good Mustang video.



What out competes N-serve® every time? It is No-tillage with TAPPS and TAPPKTS. It is years of No-tillage at Seward, NE.

Get the facts.

Fall November banding with Thio-sul® and KTS® stabilizing nitrogen in liquid streaming flows at 1% CV.

Micro-nutrients in Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS bands assure anti-biological activity of Nitro-bacteria and Nitro-ammonias.

These two bacteria are in charge of converting positive valence NH
4 to mobile nitrite NO2 and nitrate NO3.

Avoiding nitrite release into the atmosphere is very important. It is about 200 times more technical than CO2.

Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS makes it pretty tough on the non-functional bacterial bloomers by subtracting out a suitable environment in a very tight nutrient TAPPKTS band. A very narrow diffusion zone is the result with Mustang openers.

The Exactrix TAPPS diffusion zone is ľ inch in width as compared to the old fashioned 6 inch wide pressure reducing NH3 application.

Called the bow tie application which is tough on soil and soil life.  The tillage approach with NH4 is deep and wide. As tested by Dr. John Moraghan at NDSU and reconfirmed with Exactrix Wing Injection.

The power of concentrated nutrients at reduced rates hold the bacterial bloomers at bay delaying their home-life. A  vermiculated band allowing crop roots to penetrate in a dilute zone.  Improved targeting for all crops in rotation.  

Exactrix vermiculated bands assure highest level of nitrogen stability using Thio-Sul®, KTS®, Ammoniated Zinc and Copper Sulfate all of which are reasonably priced to the commodity.

Thio-sul® is the George Blanda of Crop Nutrients. The Grand-daddy of all nitrogen stabilizers when uniformly applied by Exactrix.

Get the exclusive pH shift of Exactrix TAPPS, TAPPKTS band.

These common crop nutrients S, Zn, Cu, Mn are dual and triple purpose and are not overpriced to the cost of side dress like N-serve.

N-serve is tough on machinery and tough on people. Don’t get started with this nasty material, N-serve.

Thio-Sul® and KTS® are much more effective with 1% uniformity and thorough mixing with NH3 forming TAPPS and TAPPKTS.


Surgical Cuts, Crop Safe, Vacuum Injection of TAPPS deep into growing roots of winter wheat at Marshall, MO.
An ideal tool for cattlemen raising wheat for stocker/feeders.

What is liquid streaming flow and why is it so important?



Banding into growing winter wheat is a big solution for cattle grazing of winter wheat. 
Double Yields from one crop can be greatly enhanced.
Wheel Tracks on the left indicate the NH3 trailer is a single 1,450.



Winter wheat gets Mustang Treatment with Exactrix TAPPS at low rates of 8% to 10% of the gross income.

Dale Bathurst at Abilene, KS.
An amazing view and the “Last Pass.” Mustang Banded on Both Sides.
This is a lift assist, Mustang, 30 feet on 15 inch band spacing at 7 inch depth, towing a 1,450 gallon NH3 tank.




Thio-sul® exceeds N-serve in yield and cost with Exactrix TAPPS, Uniform Chemistry.

21  22







Shipping, Following testing.
2KM, Formulator of TAPPS, Sparging Reflow Blender.
Season Long Filtration.



2KC Series 3, NH3 Mass Flow Weigh Master, Balanced Nutrients, 2KR, Blender or 2KP, Looking Glass, Ferrilene.

26  27

Liquid Rhizobia, 
DeKalb, Iron Chlorosis Tolerant Beans.  
Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS formulators.
Exactrix Mustang Openers,  
Exactrix SRS.  
Single Super Phosphate,   

Your Great Plains Reporter,

Guy Swanson.

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Security West Financial

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An Exactrix Mustang Tool Bar capable of producing $550,000 of internally available funds in five years.   

  See Video 

Top yields, best margin and the new leader in VRT-Site Specific, Small Grains Expert. Eric Odberg at Genesee, Idaho breaking winter wheat yield records. Exactrix TAPPS at Catholic Canyon using 4 management zones. Exactrix Site-Specific, Variable Rate

"Paul Gangwish, Drone Video"
Track Machines improve production 200%.
Application time cut in half at 1 acre per minute.
Up to $150 more net income per acre.

The 2017 Agronomy Review.

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