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  Request for Name Change, The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub. They are going to kill us all.

Hydrogen has no futures market….and thus no future.    

  • Only Ammonia has working clothes. The Clean and Green Fuel is Ammonia with a Futures Market, Yielder NFuel Energy.
  • Hydrogen is an obsolete fuel according to Elon Musk.
  • Hydrogen is way too dangerous….that is why it is called Syn Gas or H2.  It must exist as a dissimilar molecule in NH3.
  • Hydrogen is too leaky and gives no warning of its upcoming explosive and killing event.

Let us get rid of the term “Hydrogen Hub”. The DOE has endorsed the terminology at a very high level.  

Before the rest of the world figures out we are letting history keep repeating itself.  

The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub will kill us all if leaky pipelines and storage systems are implemented.   

There is no future in Hydrogen at scale…the future is in Ammonia with Crackers CMR that sheath and protect the Hydrogen to make a safe delivery.  

How would you like to have a H2, hydrogen pipeline going past your school?

Years after shuttle, NASA rediscovers the perils of liquid hydrogen

"Every time we saw a leak, it pretty quickly exceeded our flammability limits."

ERIC BERGER - 9/3/2022, 3:38 PM

Enlarge / NASA's Space Launch System rocket at LC-39B on September 1, 2022.


Plot a solution. CMR Crackers from Mines.  Efficient Generation of H2/NH3 Fuel Mixtures for Clean Combustion | Energy & Fuels (

Get a History lesson. Here is the 100 year history of the Heavy Hydrogen, NH3.  suschem-03-00011.pdf

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