Advanced Exactrix Update.
Add Zinc, Cooper and Boron. Raise More Wheat. Boron is for the reproductive stage and can be banded at super low rates or Foliar applied.

 “Life without Zinc, Copper and Boron is not Bearable.”

Aleutian Brown Bear living on fish and an overdose of micronutrients, Denver Museum of Natural History, July, 2016.

Banding TAPPS with Micro-Nutrients at Quinter KS, August 15, 16.  Banding for 2nd year wheat crop following a good harvest with a stripper header, Don Tilton CPA at Quinter, KS. Banding with P-51CUE Mustangs at 8 mph to 8 inch depths with vermiculated TAPPS plus Micros …Triple super ammonization with NH3 makes Micros work.

GJ Swanson, Great Plains Reporter.  

Great Plains producers know the value of micro-nutrients when applied with 10-34-0 as TAPPS and TAPPKTS.   

Micros work very well when deep banded, TAPPS plus Ammoniated Zinc, TAPPKTS plus Ammoniated Zinc in corn production, it does not take very much.

So you would be well served to add Micros to the TAPPS in your mix, about ½ lb. of Ammoniated Zinc and also Copper, the Boron is in ounces per acre, a very small amount and about 10% of the foliar rate.  

The micro response data is finally available, and 10-34-0 is ideal for metals like zinc and cooper. Do not apply too much Ammoniated zinc, keep your metals ratio at 12 lbs P to 1 lb Ammoniated Zinc, or maybe even a little higher in cold weather about 18 lbs P to 1 lbs. Zinc.  

Don’t forget that 10-34-0 was designed by the TVA to carry metals, it is 70% poly and 30% ortho, and this means there is a limit before the Ortho begins to sequester the metals or fall out.  

Always use Ammoniated Zinc with APP, 10-34-0, Chelated Zinc is not required…the fertilizer dealer will be pushy because he can double his profit potential.  

Zinc response is common in corn and it is also found in wheat.

Zinc deficiency in irrigated corn, Garden City, KS, July 2016, Wheat is a little more difficult for a visual response.
Zinc is critical in human diet for fighting infection and macular degeneration.

You need to keep your TAPPS bands set up with zinc over time in Rotational Band Loading.  

Zinc Copper and Boron are viable in wheat at very low rates of application, only because of the Triple Super Ammonization (NH3) the Homogenous blend of liquids in streaming flows. 

You do not need to use Chelated Zinc, just simple ammoniated Zinc at about 75 cents to $1.50 per acre.  

Make sure the total micros package is no more than $3.50 to $4.00 per acre, or about 1 bushel of wheat is at risk.  


Note: Do not let the fertilizer dealer talk you into Chelated Zinc, it is way too expensive for dryland wheat.  Ammoniated Zinc is built by Agrium at Friend, Nebraska, Also Nulex in Sioux Falls, South Dakota…. 

Ammoniated Zinc is also a bactericide and works well to stabilize Nitrogen.  

Zinc is a bactericide when combined in the TAPPS.  Cooper is also a bactericide especially true when ammoniated.  Boron must be carefully applied, a very small amount should be applied in the band.

Stay on the mark, with 50 caliber power.  Buffalo Bill did it and got 65 of these 2,000 lb hoofed critters in one day, maybe 120,000 lbs of Buffalo Meat with 65 rounds firing his US Cavalry Springfield Rifle. A perfect day in his world.

Need a Zinc response for now and the future…Rotational Band Loading works to solve Zinc problems in all crops.

Using 10-34-0 and Zinc at low cost, the problem is simple to solve with TAPPS and TAPPKTS. Ammoniated Zinc is 16-0-0-20Zn. The lowest cost form of Zinc.

About 1 lb of Ammoniated Zinc in TAPPS and TAPPKTS at $1.50 per lb is better than Chelated Zinc at 4 times the expense.

Chelated Zinc is normally promoted by the fertilizer dealer. You have to ask for Ammoniated Zinc. You may need to demand Ammoniated Zinc.

Save $5.00 per acre with Low Cost 16-0-0-20Zn.

Ammonium Poly Phosphate 10-34-0 is purposely designed as a chain link carrier for ammoniated metals such as Ammoniated Zinc.

The 10-34-0 is 70% chain linked poly and 30% Ortho. The ideal material to deliver a homogenous blend of Zinc blended in the chain link polymer to stimulate the plant and produce full, uniform green, photosynthetic leaves.

The most economical and effective way to get a Zinc response is Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS.

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