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Best Seed Corn Quality at Shelton, NE, Quality Goes To Higher Levels
 With Nutrient Packing, Binary Banding and TAPPKTS with Zinc

Nutrient Packing of Hybrid Corn Seed. Balanced nutrients allow extra plant vigor from parents to the next generation.


From Spillman Farm and the Gaines semi dwarf Wheat Breeders that increased winter wheat yields 150% to 200% using seed quality and nutrient packing of seed.

Orville Vogel - Wikipedia

From Pullman, Washington, You were considered lucky to know this famous green revolution breeder of WSU.  Born and raised in Pilger, Ne.


Norman Borlaug’s coach Vogel at Spillman Farm, was able to help Borlaug drive the “Green Revolution” from Pullman, Washington.

Orville Vogel was born at Pilger, NE on the Elkhorn River in 1907, Norman Borlaug was born not too far away, 264 miles east in Cresco, Iowa in 1914.

Both men knew about the failures of the Dust Bowl, worked in Idaho and Washington State and were driven to make a better life for billions of people.

Norman Borlaug was exposed to rigorous life in the Idaho wilderness of the Salmon River.

Borlaug was not considered a good candidate for college and had to start in a small two year college to get his roots down.


It is never how you start that counts…it is the finish that is important.

Looking for Answers on the Great Plains in No-till planted wheat at McClure Farms.
Long Term Goal is Hybrid Wheat production. Special techniques.
Seed Row Saturation, Planted 20 inch, critical spacing at 5/8 inch, Indexed TAPPKTS plus Zinc

Dr. Walter McClure (In White Tie)
His best progeny, Joel McClure, Ben McClure.
Well Educated by dad and mom.


Young men want to do better as 1960 breeders go for better plants and new plants to stop the Dust Bowl.

From "The Heart of the Dust Bowl" at Bumper Flats, Winter Wheat Planted with SRS has more yield potential and better winter survival. - Broadcast 10_22_2018 (

Dr. Walter McClure of Oklahoma State bred Milo at the same 1960’s period.

McClure took an African Sorghum Plant and made it common on 8 million acres with low cost seed for the Great Plains desert climate.


How did Norman Borlaug become so famous?

Norman Borlaug - Wikipedia


Midwestern boys raised in the “Dust Bowl” have a passion to feed the world as low cost Anhydrous Ammonia becomes available in North America.

Orville Vogel Speech on Semidwarf Wheats : USDA ARS



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From Dr. Orville Vogel’s on site classes you can learn how seed quality is improved in the Washington State Crop Improvement Association.

Foundation Seed Program - Washington Crop


Highest quality seed or close to the parents as registered and certified seed, (improved plant vigor with special attention to the parents) was produced on nutrient rich soils of the potato rotation resulting in high test weight and balanced nutrients in the seed with little seed born virus potential.


  • Some soft white winter Registered and Certified seeds were delivered at 8,000 seeds per pound, nutrient packed, plump, and high test weight, good protein, nutrient packed and from the nutrient rich potato rotation soils of the Columbia Basin.


  • From powerful hybrid seed corn producers of Nebraska, Videos of Liquid Transfer of NH3 and APP/ATS/KTS to Exactrix Track Carts applying nutrients with Binary Banding for hybrid seed corn production.


Gangwish Seed Farm, Shelton, Nebraska. April 23 to 28 of 2021.


From the era of the 1960 Corn Breeders and Milo Breeders, Hybridization of Corn by NC+ started here.



Exactrix Remote 2, additional pictures and videos.

Reviews of Storage of NH3 and Banding with Mustang Binary Banding Tool Bars.  

Seed Corn and Commercial Corn production.  

Binary Banding is a powerful means to supply nutrients to the dysfunctional parents of Hybrid seed corn.   

Leverage fertility results in “Nutrient Packing” of Seed. The Binary Banding technique results in highest quality Hybrid Corn Seed.  

Here is how it is done.     


1A.  Gangwish Seed Farm, Binary Banding Video
  • Binary Banding
  • Three Products Applied
  • 4515 In Five Sections
  • Steering Track Cart
Hear Guy Swanson discuss the history of no-till in the Palouse and the Yielder Drill.You can review the history of No-tillage Farming…by means of Frank Lessiter and Guy Swanson. About a 90 year history. A 1 hour phone interview last week resulted in a historical accounting of how No-till became the normal. Maverick to Mainstream is a great description….and some of the critical people involved.

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