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Exactrix TAPPS

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Better Margins, Better Crops with Exactrix in Kansas.

When the commodity prices go south, there is a solution to stay north with 12% more net margin.

Learn about Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate (TAPPS)


"Exactrix Owners Have More Net Margin"
Stop the spending slippage with placed Exactrix TAPPS.
etween $72 to $96 per acre more net income under center pivots.
Between $30 to $55 advantage in dryland production.

The technology-based producers are able to move ahead using Exactrix technology to stay in the game.

As the market rises or falls the producer can go to work and stop the spending slippage.

Exactrix owners already know they have a 12% competitive advantage, and are always able to compete as the low cost producer with Exactrix super accurate NH3 application with Phosphate, Sulfur and Potassium. Low cost ammoniated Zinc also adds additional advantage with 10-34-0.

Put your borrowed money on the line where it does the most good.