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Millions of Dollars Lost…over a farming career.

At Dodge City, KS producers raise dryland wheat next to the Farmland/Koch NH3 plant.In southwestern Kansas, Anhydrous Ammonia is produced for almost every acre and for every year since legumes are seldom used in rotation. 

The Hugoton natural gas field located in southwestern Kansas  provides the feedstock for this the Koch Nitrogen plant.
The Farmland plant entered service in 1968 when NH3 was priced at about $35 per US Ton….about 2 cents per lb. of N.
The program of manufacture and distribution was carried out by Farmland Industries of Kansas City until 2002 when Farmland had a liquidity crisis.
About 2003- 2004 nitrogen prices began to climb from 8 cents per lb to as high as 42 cents per lb in 2007-2008.

At Elkhart, KS, Nitrogen Pricing is based on the actual costs with no market over running. 

A true relationship of nitrogen costs are found at the Elkhart Coop on June 2, 15. Located within 100 to 150 miles of several major NH3 plants.   

On June 2, 2015 NH3 is 39 cents per lb of N at $640 per ton.  The base line of all nitrogen fertilizer costing is NH3. 

The current NH3 pricing is estimated to be 4 to 5 times above the cost of production. 

Urea is 53 cents per lb. of N at $480 per ton.  141% greater than NH3 

Urea/Ammonium Nitrate Solution (Solution 32) is 58.5 cents per lb. of N or $375 per ton. 150% greater than NH3. 

Where is that fertilizer salesman that said all nitrogen sources were priced about the same? 

There truly is $60 to $100 more net income with Exactrix banded TAPPS, Irrigated or Dryland.

Mustang Openers meet or exceed expectations of producers on the Great Plains. True No-tillage deep banding of nutrients. 

A producer’s management style requires a preemptive approach to nutrient management….not salvage and convenience. 

Rather than wait for a lower cost of N or to make a move to higher cost N…it is always better to plan ahead and to use less and get a lot more. 

Exactrix TAPPS is time proven to make more money with good management.  Only NH3 and Exactrix technology can make TAPPS at 1% CV of application.

TAPPS Crystals - Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulphate.

Single disc P-51C Mustang openers allows Lyons, KS producer Mark Ricker to band Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS ahead of planting.

Sometimes it is better to band after the crop is up or to band a second time if there is extra moisture.

Whatever approach producers take Mustang openers and Exactrix TAPPS improves the management options.

High Speed Banding in No-tillage results in Rotational Band Loading. Unique to Exactrix TAPPS and allowing placed P to become more crop available. 

Meet or exceed your expectations with Exactrix TAPPS.  Only Exactrix TAPPS can deliver Rotational Band Loading at the 6 inch depth.

Producers Making More Money with Less Risk in corn, wheat and cotton. Exactrix Owners Have More Net Margin


There are several benefits to applying your fertilizer in the fall. The most important is that if it frees you up to concentrate on seeding in the spring. The advantages can far outweigh the disadvantages of using a two pass system. In the spring there is only so much time and the seeding needs to get done on time.

The best time is at the beginning of September directly behind the combine. There are often days in the fall when you can’t combine but you could fertilize. To do this you have to protect your investment. Exactrix offers a system that allows you to place your fertilizer efficiently and keep it available in shank, or high speed single disc applicators. The bottom line is that the Exactrix system stabilizes the nitrogen. Exactrix makes it possible to ammoniate the phosphate so it remains plant available throughout the growing season. The process is simple and now the equipment is available to reduce your time and increase your yield.


Increase yields in the
 10% to 20% range.

There are four things that affect yield, seed placement, timely moisture, pollination weather and plant nutrition. The Exactrix system augments the NPK-S & Z to enhance yield and quality. The Exactrix equipment directly injects your anhydrous ammonia as a liquid through the liquid APP/ATS fertilizer stream. The APP/ ATS reacts with the anhydrous in a flash reaction to 700 degrees F then back to ambient temperature linking the phosphate making TAPPS. Not only do farmers apply less nutrients with liquid streaming flow but they also see yield increases, since the Exactrix TAPPS is more crop available. Only Exactrix offers the opportunity to produce TAPPS. TAPPS with Zinc improves the crop quality and assures that other micro nutrients can also be added at top efficiency.




TAPPS – Tri-ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate & Zinc is created by using ammonium poly phosphate 10-34-0 (APP) blended with ammonium thio-sulphate 12-0-0-26S (ATS), Ammoniated Zinc. Nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphate are banded together in the soil to create TAPPS, and seed is planted in a good seed bed with nutrients below the seed directly near the banded fertilizer. The seed roots seek out the nutrients.

Nutrients are much more crop available since the free soil calcium tie up is avoided and thus less fertilizer is required. The practice is popular in North America where crop production margins are very close. Center pivot corn production requires top nutrient efficiency striving for 300 bushels per acre of corn and thus TAPPS with Zn is on the job.


Discover the real benefit of using Exactrix to fall apply your stabilized fertilizer.

Farms are getting bigger and time is getting shorter. It’s time to start fall applying your fertilizer. To discuss this contact Guy Swanson with Exactrix and discover the real benefits and increase your crop yields.



The technology-based producers are able to move ahead using Exactrix technology, equity and financial skills to survive. 

When the price falls producers go to work and stop the spending slippage. 

Exactrix owners already know they have a 12% competitive advantage and always the last man standing. 

Put your borrowed money on the line where it does the most good. 

Use a band of TAPPS and TAPPKTS to get to returns from Exactrix Process Management of Nutrients, expensive nutrients in relation to the commodity. 

Only the skilled and focused producer need apply for the job of making money in a down market. 

Sharpen your negotiation skills. Those 2010 to 2012 leases need a tune up. 

The solution is not Solution 32-0-0....Less is a Lot More. Anhydrous Ammonia leads the way with a 23 to 26 cent per pound of N advantage over solution 32-0-0 at Elkhart, KS. 

Send the signal to the fertilizer industry and drive nutrient costs way down, and let your good neighbor know at least 50% less nutrient input with Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS using low cost NH3.

As KSU Ag Economist Ben McClure says, ”It is always fun to talk about big yields but it is net dollars that count.” 
Or, as the Utah farmer said on the beautiful August day, “We did not lose quite as much money as we thought we would.”

 Only good old NH3 can reduce risk and is guaranteed analysis at 82% to 82.4% N. 

The big nutrient manufacturers know producers really have a problem in the price profit squeeze.  Producers that have Exactrix TAPPKTS know how to make money. The Fluid Fertilizer manufacturing companies like Tessenderlo Kerley, Gavilon and Simplot  know the business of making money lies with the producer making money. The money to pay the bills comes from the producer, and no other place. 

Soil building philosophies have never made economic sense. So let the dry fertilizer companies like Potash Corp know you have Fluid KTS in the band of TAPPKTS with triple super ammonization with low cost NH3. 

Good fertilizer dealer organizations like Helena add value supplying materials that enhance nutrient performance. They are your friend supplying materials like Hydra Hume. Conklin is in the same line up with Guardian.  DCD is now available in liquid form to stabilize the bands.

Park those expensive seed row starter fertilizer materials in dry conditions. Seed row fertilizer can actually hurt yield in dry conditions. Go with Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate plus zinc, or TAPPKTS deep banded 6 inches deep x 7.5 inches on both sides of the row with Mustang, P-51C, 15 inch band spacing. 

Get No-tillage drought tolerance with bands much deeper at the 6 inch depth. Deeper bands work very well on pivots.
Goodland, KS. Exactrix Tool Bar,
 November Mustang TAPPTS banding of established Hard Red Winter Wheat on 15 inch centers.

Raising 100 bushel per acre wheat, Exactrix TAPPS at 80 pounds N, 15 pounds P and 15 pounds S will raise 100 bushel wheat on Canola or Garbanzo rotation, with No-tillage and Mustang side dressing of winter wheat, with the bands in deep at 7.5 inch. VRT is mandatory to get the $80 to $150 additional net income. Side dressing irrigated and dryland winter wheat improves economics with deep banding Mustang openers. 

Side Dressing Winter Wheat just like corn, can produce a good net return. This is a known good practice in Kansas conditions for over 10 years. Make more bushels with less inputs.

Corn at $4.00 means high risk, and good old NH3 on the job at reduced rates. 
Raising 270 bushel per acre irrigated corn with TAPPKTS, 120 pounds N as NH3 (150 total N), 25 pounds P, 15 pounds K, 15 pounds S, 2 pounds Zinc, 1 gallon Hydra Hume and no more than 11% to 12% of the gross income. 

Producers can make money in a down wheat market with Exactrix TAPPS and Mustang Openers.

Producers can make money with $3.50 to $4.00 corn. 

The only way that No-till producers can make improved economic gains is to park the floater rigs. "The era of soil building with dry fertilizer is gone. It never did make producer economic sense. "   

Exactrix owners can go with the highest quality Fluid Fertilizer making TAPPS and TAPPKTS at much lower rates with 200% crop available P, and a gigantic increase in K efficiency with TAPPKTS; Ammonium Poly Phosphate, 10-34-0, Ammonium Thio-Sulfate, 12-0-0-26S, Potassium Thio-Sulfate 0-0-25-17S, 82-0-0-Exactrix, High Pressure Anhydrous Ammonia. 

Ammonia forces the producers to seal and band deep. The economic driver is NH3 banded deep, and formulated TAPPS and TAPPKTS. 

Time proven in Kansas, at locations like Hugoton, Elkhart, Garden City, Dodge City, Scott City, Goodland, Sharon Springs, Quinter, Colby, Atwood, Hoxie, Smith Center, Clay Center, Lyons, and Copeland. 

Wherever you go in Kansas, producers know about Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS. 

Exactrix always delivers 12% more net margin over any other approach in cropping of Milo, Corn, Wheat and Cotton. 

The Montana State University recommendation is 3.1 pounds N per bushel of applied nitrogen per bushel produced for 16% protein, and 310 pounds N for 100 bushel DNS Wheat. 

Solution 32-0-0 is priced at 55 cents N pivot or top dressed applied, about $150 to $160 per acre for N. 

Exactrix recommendation for 100 bushel wheat as TAPPS, 115 pounds N as NH3 at $36 per acre for N, 140 total pounds N in TAPPS. NH3 is priced at 32 cents N and it must be banded. 

It will cost $125 per acre to apply 32-0-0 with a pivot. A high price to pay for N that is not stabilized and not near as crop available as TAPPKTS. 

The production margin is gone, all given to the fertilizer industry when producers use 32-0-0, poor timing and top dressing of dry fertilizer.


Here is what nutrient prices looked like in 2014….What are your budgets showing with Corn at $3.75  In 2014 corn averaged $4.75.

No matter how you cut it….you need to use less to get more.  Nutrient costs can and yield improvements with Exactrix TAPPS adds 12% more margin. No matter where nutrient costs go….you always have another 12% of net income…on Irrigated Production that is $150 more net per acre.

Flat Rate Pricing

NH3  5.15LB/GAL




32-0-0 LIQ NITROGEN  11.06lb/gal








10-34-0 LIQ.PHOS 11.7/GAL




46-0-0       DRY NITROGEN




11-52-0    DRY PHOS




0-0-60      POTASH




















36% ZINC




KQ 650(10-25-0-5-.25)





$4.00 /TON















Liquid & DRY DELIVERY + 15miles  $10 TON




NH3 DELIVERY                     $20.00 TON




Nh3 DELIVERY +15miles       $25.00 TON


KTS not priced. Estimated at 75 cents for K and S.

Can you band TAPPKTS Variable Rate Site Specific with your Mustang Tool Bar at depth of 6 inches and allow the economics to prevail? The cost is about $25 per acre in a custom operation.

Nebraska producers, with Mustang openers, produce good yields with up to 50% less input cost for commercial fertilizer in a No-tillage system. The Case 930 Tool Bar at 30 feet is set up Mustang P51C openers on 15 inch centers, 1,000 gallons of Liquid and 2,000 gallons of NH3 trailed.
Exactrix TAPPS formulator.

The Niemeyer farm house was built in 1909, with Longevity and Beauty. An architectural design with a big future having provided shelter for 6 wars and 4 generations. 

The Niemeyer Exactrix Case Mustang, No-tillage tool bar was built in 2014, with high Profitability and Beauty. An advanced design with Nobel prize winning NH3 and it should produce excellent returns for 20 years. 

Vertical Tillage without the Tillage. The Mustang P-51C, TAPPS formulator, Case 930 Tool Bar is key to keeping the house looking good and passing the land on to the next generation in top shape. 

John Niemeyer, Cortland, NE, TAPPS formulator, Exactrix owner, 10 years.

The only reason producers call Exactrix, ”I need more net margin.” 

Your Great Plains Reporter.
Guy Swanson.

10th Annual Great Plains Producers Meeting
Yielder® No-tillage Technology From Exactrix Global Systems.
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Liquid Streaming Flows produce absolute uniformity.



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