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Corn Yields Moving up in 2022, Soils Optimized, Relay Fumigant Mustard Oct. 12, 2021, West Point, Beemer, NE Harvest Scene, Rick Engelmeyer.

Wednesday, Oct. 13, Great Plains Reporter Guy Swanson from West Point, Beemer, NE. Elna Bitton supporting.  

Pacific Gold Fumigant Mustard at 1.2 million population and Dark Northern Spring Wheat at 80,000 population. Certified Seed and PVP varieties breed and raised in Idaho and Washington State.  

Highest quality seed was specified at 95% germination or greater.


Aerially seeded Sept. 8, 2021 and irrigated ¾ inch September 10 . Full Germination was observed 4 days later.  

Leaves of the Soybean were just beginning to yellow and with no significant drop of leaves.  

Spring wheat was employed to shell the canopy and lead the mustard through the soybean canopy to the soil surface.  

Certain Varieties of Dark Northern Spring Wheat have no dormancy gene present which allows swelling and sprout
(A Head Sprout reduction feature)….. And this feature allows the plant to surface germinate immediately with long leaves.

Dark Northern Spring Wheat and Idaho Pacific Gold Fumigant Mustard will winter kill at 15 degrees F for Spring Wheat
and 25 degrees F for Pacific Gold Fumigant Mustard.

October 4th, 2021 Scott Nunn, Agronomist.  
mature soybean leaves have dropped and the soybean crop is ready for harvest.
But mother nature had another plan, 3 inches of rain fell that night of October 6th .  

Harvest started October 4th 2021. Soybean Harvest became a little tough and the completion of Harvest occurred Oct 13, 2021. Soybean Yields were 75 to 85 bushels per acre irrigated and the pivot corners produced about 55 bushel.  

The pivot corners did not germinate until Oct 6h  to October 8th  right after the rainy period.

Low compaction potential. No need to fill the bulk tank on the combine….keep the axle weight as low as possible.  

Rick and his family are gradually moving away from tillage. Rick is becoming a No-till farmer and is going to like the results.

Excellent Video Footage by

Rick Engelmeyer.  In the field with Rick, drone coverage in Nebraska..

Rick Engelmeyer ..a great drone shot.

Breathtaking View….if you are looking for a 2022 crop of Hybrid Seed Corn yielding well over 300 bushels per acre. Fall banding starts in 3 weeks.   

Soil samples are headed into Ag Nema with Scott Nunn sending samples to Pasco, Washington to confirm nematode population and any diseases such as Charcoal root rot….and certain soil insects other than nematodes.  

Biological Fumigation is now as common as fertilizer in the Columbia Basin, Washington State.   

Joe Friday says, “Just the facts, Madam” 

APHIS laboratories like Ag Nema at Pasco, Washington are the recognized best source of correct information regarding nematodes.  

High Value Root crops like Potatoes, Carrots and Alfalfa drive Ag Nema to produce the highest quality testing program…Guy says, “If the crop is high risk, and with big margins, call Ag Nema.”

Ag Nema is an APHIS approved laboratory with expertise in all nematodes and several bacterial and viral diseases found in over 300 crops in Washington State.


      Seeding appears to be way to heavy. High germination has occurred.

Header skis would be needed in the Relay Intercrop Fumigation if the harvest was postponed any longer. That would mean going with the rows.


Another First For Nebraska in the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District….Relay Intercrop, Fumigation with the cover of Spring Wheat included,  Pacific Gold Mustard breaks the disease cycle in the 2 year rotation of irrigated Nebraska. Green and growing….and another chance to roll the dice in 2022….This time the 2022 corn crop dice will be loaded with Glucosinolate working biologically on soil diseases and nematodes.  

Controlling Nitrous Oxide by banding TAKTS with TraFix Zinc, lowering methane and CO2 emissions, Glucosinolates also delay nitrous ammonias bacterial conversion to mobile nitrate and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere and that is a good thing….allowing a unique purpose bred crop to hold nitrogen as non-mobile ammonium. Agriculture Fertilizer top dressed in all shapes and forms releases tremendous amounts of Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas (300 times more powerful than CO2 and 62% of the problem comes from Agriculture).   

Ammonium is always preferred by the Corn crop in an even and uniform distribution of The Exactrix TAPPS and TAPKTS plus Zinc systems with 7 to 8 inch deep banding Mustang Openers.

West Point at Beemer, Nebraska.
What a view with B and B video on the job.
Cuming County, Nebraska - Wikipedia
 Cuming county is named after Nebraska’s first governor who spent a lot time fighting Pawnees and the Sioux nation.  Germans, Norwegians, Swedes, Danes and Czechs, Lutherans and Catholics shared common goals in 1869 when Nebraska became a state.
These pioneers finally got organized a little better when they discovered that the soils are deep and we will just have to live with the Tornados and the Hail. Thus we have UNL at Lincoln, Nebraska as one of the greatest Land Grant Universities in the United States.
Train loads of New York City orphans came to Nebraska to find pioneers to adopt them right at the train station.
One orphan was first lady governor of Nebraska.
Alex and Nels Swanson left Wahoo, Nebraska in 1900 and rode the rails to Washington State. A Swedish friend wrote a letter. “We have no tornados and we have no hail.” “ A beautiful farm sits right next to me.”  “Your name is on it.” “  I will make the down payment.” “You have been the most wonderful family friend.” Gus Lynden, 1899.

Weather Conditions and moist soybean stems delayed harvest about 10 days. Combine settings were difficult as the soybean crop was very moist.

Rotation is another key point.
The 2 year rotation has been broken
with additional Rotation of Spring Wheat and Fumigant Mustard. The Pacific Gold Mustard fumigation lasts for up to 5 years and allows for a short 4 year rotation if the soil is drilled or seeded to Mustard/Peas again and early in the spring of 2022. A new cropping of 4 year rotation plan is emerging to break the 300 bushel yield plateaus…that means some parts of the field will be yielding 350 bushels per acre.


July 4th 2021, At the entrance to the Tetons of Wyoming, Above the Snake River at Antelope, Idaho, Gordon Gallop a 35 year No-till farmer raises Dark Northern Spring Wheat and Mustards of all types, including Pacific Gold Fumigant Mustard. The Mustard is primarily used to enhance the yields of the following crops by 10% to 15%.  

Blooming Mustard at West Point/Beemer, NE will start October 20th  to 25th  or about 40 to 45 days after emergence of September 10th to 15th .  

The Fumigant Mustard is expected to Bloom for 3 weeks and root down as deep as possible if the weather allows. There will be Mustang Tool Bar applicator tracks in the Blooming Mustard.  

The Center Pivot corners of about 32 acres will not bloom most likely but the plant will have to make up for lost time and the Blooming Mustard is totally dependent on freezing nights.  

This fall the soybean/Fumigant Mustard field will be banded with Exactrix TAKTS plus TraFix Zinc starting November 1, 2021. 140 lbs. N as NH3 and 7 to 10 gallons of a 50/50 blend of ATS/KTS and 1 gallon TraFix Zinc. A portion of banded nutrients will be absorbed into the Mustard plant. The biological nutrient trap will release nutrients back to the growing corn crop in 2020 as the residue turns to soil. A timed release of nutrients based on soil temperature and this important for high yielding corn.   


A highly successful P-51C Mustang Exactrix® tool bar that optimizes NH3, ATS/KTS and Trafix Zinc. Applying NH3 and Liquids at 1% CV at pressures to 300 psi in liquid streaming flows of exact band widths.  

With Exactrix® only 1 lb per acre of nutrient in 100 lbs. per acre nutreint applied is not crop available based on liquid streaming flows of two products at 1% CV of application. Other fertilizer systems have environmental losses up to 50% on the nutrients applied using poor machinery. The loss is thru the soil downward movement of mobile negative valence nitrate, runoff to lakes and streams or up into the atmosphere as N2O, Laughing Gas.  The location of the Exactrix® vermiculated TAKTS plus Zinc band is at depths to 7 to 8 inches. The depth results in rooting targets and positional availability of nutrients. The Mustang P-51C banding depth as positive valence NH4 avoids surface residue tie-up of nutrients.  

The opposite happens when nutrients are  applied with a pivot or surface applications of Solution 32 and introduction. This surface application of 32-0-0 and 46-0-0 results in the atmospheric introduction of Laughing Gas. Laughing Gas or N2O or Nitrous Oxide requires Nitrous Ammonias bacteria operating in low oxygen level can typically make most of the conversion back from nitrate and nitrite to N2O. 

Nitrous Ammonias is basically a bacterial weed….a micro-organism that is out of place in relation to your pocketbook.  The little bugger finds fate in the Nitrogen life cycle when it is over applied. Zinc and Thio-Sulfates slows the weed patch of Nitrous Ammonias to a static condition. This condition or stat means that conditions for a fishing trip are not good and thus lowers the reproductive potential of the micro-organism. Zinc also drives the formation of favorable yeast in the rooting area. This technique of Zinc inclusion into a mash is used in the beer you drink or the vitamins you take to suppress and stall out unfavorable bacteria.  This is why all coins are made of antibacterial metal. The transfer of disease is minimized in society. Silver and Zinc being about the best choice economically followed by Copper and Nickel.  

The nitrogen is 166% more crop available….and it is entirely possible that the N rate can be reduced even more when banding into Blooming Mustard.  

Fumigant Mustard is a big user of Sulfur…so 12 to 15  gallons of a 70/30 mix of ATS/KTS will be used to build biological “Glucosinolate “ to better fumigate the soil…about 30 lbs. S is required.  

Corn yields have been good with Exactrix® TAKTS plus Zinc, Optimized to yield levels of 280 to 292 bushels per acre in Cuming  County, West Point, Nebraska.  

The goal is to elevate the yield goals at reasonable fertilizer cost using nitrogen stabilization techniques and finally break through to the expected 300 bushels per acre hybrid corn average in 2022.  

Fumigation using Pacific Gold Mustard with Dark Northern Spring Wheat and deep bands of  Exactrix® TAKTS plus Zinc allowing mustard’s Glucosinolate levels to be built up with Thio-Sulfates like KTS® and Thio-sul® is the key.

Photos and videos are available, B and B video of West Point Nebraska provided the skills and the drone at a very reasonable rate and timely.

Elna Bitton provided the driving support.
Support and review for this article is provided by the University of Idaho, Jim Davis and Jim Schepers of the USDA-ARS, Lincoln, NE.


        Your Great Plains Reporter.  
                 Guy J Swanson.

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"Paul Gangwish, Drone Video"

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