Ammonia, Green Ammonia and Green Play Ammonia are not the same.

By Guy J Swanson, For Green Players primarily. And key suppliers.
Green Ammonia is not Green Play Ammonia™ (PDF)
Does Fumigant Mustard Relay, Soybeans and Corn, pay good returns in 2022 Harvest?
On The Great Plains, A Relay of Fumigant Grade Mustard into Soybeans, A Late Summer,  Fall Cover Crop, Beemer, NE. - Broadcast 11_22_2021 (

The year 2022 is dry and hot. About ¾ of all agricultural acres need a prayer for a biblical rain. It is seriously bad by the end of October, 2022.

Even in drought Fumigant Pacific Gold Mustard works better and better. At Beemer, Nebraska, Rick Englemeyer has a good crop of 299 bushels per acre average for 122 acres under the irrigation pivot. The corn crop has been fumigated with Pacific Gold Mustard following a terminal relay with soybeans.

The variety was Pioneer 1278-Q in 2022. The total N applied by Exactrix was 140 pounds per acre of 1%CV liquid streaming flow ammonia as TAKTS with Zinc. Liquids were 3.5 gallons KTS and 3.5 gallons ATS….for a total of 7 K, 4 N and 17lbs S and SO4 as Thiosulfate

The liquid ammonia bands were stabilized. Nitrous Ammonias was held in stat or at bay with Thiosulfates and Glucosinolates of Mustard.

Educational Note. Nitrous Ammonias is the nasty bacteria that converts NH4 to NO2, nitrite and sometimes back to N2O, nitrous oxide which is a bad efficiency player and 300 times more troublesome than C02.  Thio- sulfates and Glucosinolates keep the bacteria Nitrous Ammonias from propagating as the bacteria finds the relay rotational crop environment distasteful in the TAKTS  band. Mustard soils always have more soil stored ammonic nitrogen as noted by University of Idaho scientists and Mustard and Brassica breeders.

World record for applied nitrogen efficiency at .481 lbs. of N applied per bushel produced….using Sulfur and Potassium and Glucosinolates of Pacific gold mustard to stabilize any residual or applied N. Fumigant Cover Cropping provides great potential. Two articles have been included.

In one acre plots of the Pioneer Variety 1278-Q, using the Relay Intercrop Technique, Pacific Gold Mustard Averaged 314 bushels per acre. This may be the new target when normal rainfall returns.

The N rate and NUE target in 2023 will remain the same with .45 lbs. of N  applied per bushel produced. The next field will be treated differently and spring seeded in 2023 in the WSU format used by Mark Ricker at Lyons, KS.

The entire fumigated relay mustard pivot with the dryland pivot corners average 273 bushels per acre…the corners contributed 100 bushels per acre on 38 acres.



On the Great Plains, Exactrix® Mustang Relay Mustard Banding Days in Nebraska Conditions, Mustard is a good plan, “Another Cougar First Down in Washington State as high value, big margin, Potatoes get the Mustard treatment.” 

At Beemer, Nebraska, The best Engelmeyer corn with TAKTS plus Zinc pivot averaged 292 bushels per acre at harvest November 2021. The nominal farm rate was 140 lbs. N, as Exactrix NH3 at 1%CV and 8 gallons KTS at 1%CV formulating TAKTS plus Trafix Zinc.

Some pivots were applied with 120lbs. N as NH3 where hog manure was applied pre-plant late fall and winter. Sulfur is key as Thio-sul® to stabilize the band…Trafix Zinc is also critical to delay Nitrosomonas.

Green Hydrogen, Green Play Ammonia, $30 per ton transported as Zero Carbon, Green NH3 for 100 miles. Your transportation quote is $48 per ton for 150 miles of your Green Play Plant.

  • Starting prices in 2025 are $247 per ton Green NH3 for Exactrix contracted owners.  
  • Green Hydrogen, 20 cents per Kilo per 100 miles in DOT Transports.  
  • Locally Built in your 100 mile radius in 2024.

Green Play Ammonia comes up powerful against the Mega plants and Oligarchs of the USA, Nutrien, Koch, CF and Mosaic.  

Green Play Ammonia™ calculations indicate the cost to move Hydrogen as Ammonia starts at 20 cents per Kilo of H2 at the first 100 miles and not $2.00 per Kilo H2.   CleanTechnica reports that it costs 14 to 15 times more to move hydrogen in a DOT truck.

    • In other words it does not cost $10,000 to move 22 tons of Ammonia or 3,526 kilos of Hydrogen a distance of 100 miles or 2 hours of transport time.  
    • There is no such thing as a Hydrogen Pipeline. The US has about 1,200 miles in less than 1 inch diameter special metallurgy pipes in refineries.
    • There are ammonia pipelines world-wide.
    • The best way to move hydrogen is not H2 but as low pressure NH3. As Ammonia is presently moved around the world.
    • Marine engines are targeted to ammonia fueling in 2025. Gas Turbines are also being developed for Ammonia fueling.
    • The Binary Twins are H2 and NH3. One must have the other in a marriage of transportation, storage and Ammonium fueling.
    • If it costs $1.50 to transport 1 Kilo of H2 half way around the world there are no buyers.   The cost to build is projected at $1.60 per Kilo with Green Play ammonia.
    • Recommended reading is available at the Ammonia Energy Association. A seminar in Phoenix, AZ is listed for November 14, 2022. The second USA sited and held for world-wide participation.  
    • Globalization of ammonia could cause major wars and failures of economies…similar to Putin’s war. It is best built locally. Oligarchs outrun all countries and logic. Oligarchs are the problem.

All energy is way too expensive. Fertilizer is chemical energy, a crop stimulant, and nitrogen must always be available at a reasonable price in times of war or peace.  Another way to compete in a world market is to export grain on a massive scale by producing lower cost fertilizer without carbon and locally built. 


Old Technology becomes current technology.                                      Flexible and small in total about 80 acres and some smaller at 40 acres.

Why are there ten plants in a Decagon?  Are 20 Decagons possible by 2044?

  • The power play. By interlinking ten optimized scale locations together the delivery of Green Play Ammonia is on time with lowest risk at a good and fair price.  
  • If a Green Play Ammonia plant went down due to poor weather the other nine make up the difference. A nine link golf course with driving range. Linking ten plants to make an 848 mile longitude power play to meet demand on time.
  • Any plant can have downtime. Most producers understand weather but when their crop is at risk they will be glad there are nine of ten plants backing up his on farm storage.
  • The Green Play Ammonia production must be standalone without intermixing with Blue or Gray Ammonia sourced from fossil fuel.
  • The highest risk period is the first three plants going into production. The start is rough while the finish at 20 Decagons is smooth.
  • All Green Play Ammonia plants will become dated but flexible over a 20 year period.
  • The local facility is designed to accept new developments like more efficient PV cells, electrolysers, Edison batteries (battolysers), Vanadium batteries, alkaline fuel cell advancements, improved PMR crackers, Ammonium NH4 Engines,  and hydrogen safety improvements.
  • The technology facility also supplies service technology for on farm storage, Alkaline GenCell Fueling, Ammonium Irrigation Engines and CHP installations, Exactrix engines .
  • In fact the process line is open to change allowing plug-in components to be easily added. The plant has 1.7 acres roofed and ready with bridge cranes and quick change out over deep section concrete pads.  
  • Optimum scale, rural and local plants designed around the Great Plains renewable assets are much more flexible than a five billion dollar mega plant.


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