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Fertilizing Bluegrass and Perennial Crops with Subsurface Bands.

Guy Swanson reports in.

  Reducing the fertilizer bill substantially, and keep the volatilization and runoff low.  Plus the producer can  
place the P on light textured soils, and stabilize with Thio-sul®.


Chemfallow Application 12 inch centers, Winter Wheat Production, Walla Walla, Washington,  June 2014.  Exactrix NH3 at high pressure with APP and ATS applied with swiveling P-51CUE Mustang openers.         

Regarding fertilization of Blue Grass sod….in the Columbia Basin of Oregon and Washington.


Not many producers know about Exactrix fertilizing winter crops as shown as well as Blue Grass sod.


Single disc banding allows for excellent timing of nutrients with No-tillage.


And now the bands can be placed at 6 to 7 inch depths in moist soil conditions.


In fact single disc banding of TAPPS and TAPPKS and NH3 only is quite common in Texas. 




Large Oklahoma and Texas farms use Exactrix NH3 application systems to directly apply at 40 lbs N/A rates into dormant Bermuda Coastal Grass in dryland and higher rates in irrigated production, The dryland production is in rotation with stocker cattle feeding on the winter pasture.  Also winter wheat is grazed with Exactrix NH3 application in late November and December….up to when the wheat breaks dormancy.



The Hillside Mustang Tool bar can apply two products as shown at Walla Walla, The bands can be stabilized allowing a June application….NH3 plus APP,ATS, KTS as required and Hydra Hume or carbon based materials can be added.


The picture above is late June at Walla Walla fertilizing Chemical Fallow.


The Mustang unit bands very deep at 6 to 7 inch depth and self seals with a unique opener.


The fertilization of Sod has also been carried out with Yielder drills on 10 inch spacing.   This best choice is 12 inch since it also fits small grain production and corn.


In Kentucky Blue Grass seed production, the Columbia Basin is a problem area for ammonia volatilization of surface applied N. 


Since the Exactrix Mustang Tool bar  can also band P below the surface….and all bands are sub surface located with root pattern geometry the loss of nutrients is much, much less in Kentucky Blue Grass seed production….and an opportunity to reduce the chance of the crop from becoming sod bound which often occurs with surface applied N.



Each Exactrix band is within 1% CV of application….so the nutrients are most likely 50% to 70% more crop available due to the equal band concentration below the surface in a crystal stabilized TAPPS formulation.


At the very least the improved technique can offer much lower nutrient costs, Much higher efficiency, and better yields.


Also it is possible to use Hydra Hume and other types of carbon based materials that improve the band efficiency.


Swiveling Single Disc P-51 openers.


Fertilizing Winter Wheat with Exactrix TAPPS in Marshall, MO area.   A powerful means to conserve.


Smith Center, KS. Fertilizing Winter Wheat in early April.  Big jump in economics…much higher yields.


Start Ski Season Early in North Dakota=


USDA-ARS, Single Disc Tool Bar at Walla Walla.


No-till single disc, corn, wheat, soybean, sunflower, mustard, barley, soybean.

Kansas Producer Mark Ricker, Mustang tool Bar.


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