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Inexpensive Ammonia, $100 to $300 per ton, Green Ammonia, Zero Carbon.
The future is bright.

Headline News:  White Cylinders of Steel are a “Steal”.

“Renewable Energy Is Even Cheaper Than Previously Thought”• Researchers at Oxford showed that early models consistently underestimated both how quickly the costs of renewable energy would fall and the benefits of a rapid switch to clean energy.

The Costs of renewable such as PV and Wind are falling far faster than expected, even as costs of energy from coal and nuclear rise. [GreenBiz]

Changing costs of solar PVs (Institute of New Economic Thinking image)

The Future is Bright for Low Cost NH3.

Most leaders in PV and Wind Power agree. The trend is lower and lower for KWH costs. The engineers are using 1.1 cents to 2.2 cents per KWH for the present planning numbers.

Elon Musk would agree, this Exactrix, Green Play Ammonia is a breakthrough technology with its own local grid work.

Imagineers (Engineers with future visions), Chemists and Economists agree. Swanson is right.

A quick and simple way to calculate Wind Power Ammonia production costs is 1 cent per KWH equals $65 dollars per ton Zero Carbon Ammonia at the lowest part of the range and $100 per ton at the highest part of the range based on wind quality.

Wind Power has advantages in production of Ammonia.

  • The Capital Expense (CAPEX) to produce 1 ton of Zero Carbon NH3, is $150 per ton in Inland Stranded Areas (Great Plains). Continental Shelf Areas are as low as $65 to $75 per ton Zero Carbon NH3. Planning and budgeting purposes.
  • The Operating Expense (OPEX) is $275,000 per year at an optimum size Green Play Ammonia Plants/Exactrix Global Systems.
  • Green Play Ammonia Plant producing a total cash flow of $27.5 million annually at the minimum. Like a 10 hole golf course with the clubhouse. The clubhouse is at DIA/Tower Road. Each link in the chain is uniquely different.

In Nebraska, or Great Plains conditions…PV for is seldom considered. Why?

  • There is copious amounts of wind around the year and it is the most predictable asset in renewable energy.  
  • The further north production goes with PV, the power drops off. Oklahoma is the northern line. This is the latitude line where PV begins to make sense in combination with WP, Wind Power is king.
  • Wind can be pinpointed immediately unlike oil and gas.
  • Very little space is required with two wind towers per decagon linked plant.
  • Borrowing costs for Green Play Ammonia is 3% less than oil and gas. Why? Risk of oil and gas is much higher and it has a somewhat questionable future.

Horizon to Horizon, Green Play Ammonia was a very distinct advantage on the Great Plains.

How come that is true? The application of Zero Carbon Ammonia as Exactrix TAPPKTS plus nano-particle Zinc is made at .6 of the University recommendation.

  • Exactrix helps with the technology of Ammonia. How does this work? Only 60% of the Green ammonia is required to raise a good crop with Exactrix Technology/No-tillage/Fumigant Cover Crop.
  • Control of Nitrous Oxide and mobile nitrate with Exactrix No-tillage Technology is proven to solve many of North America’s great environmental problems.

The Green Play Ammonia plants have Exactrix Mustang Tool Bars for sale and demonstration.

  • Corn, Wheat and Cotton. No-tillage application at 1%CV in Variable Rate, Site Specific targeting of nutrients moves $150 more net income to the bottom line.
  •  The Carbon Sink of Green Play Ammonia drives confidence in reduce use of nutrients and control of Green House Gas, CO2, CH4 and N2O. Cover Cropping or long rotations including winter wheat, winter canola are required on the Great Plains.
  • White steel tanks are required locally.
  • You can call it what it is?….A manifest destiny for cleaning up a non-functional fertilizer industry with base root in Zero Carbon, Green Play Ammonia.  
  • Immediate availability of ammonia in a local setting with seven year contracts drives confidence at the No-tillage producer level. Hasta la vista… CF of Deerfield, Nurtien of Calgary, and bad news Koch Nitrogen of Wichita.  
  • National Security of a high quality food supply results with local manufacture of Green Ammonia. Mega Plants are too risky with only 40 plants in fossil fuel mode.
  • Producers get it, small and large, Why?  Fear marketing is gone. Green Ammonia storage locally and at the farm without excessive transportation costs and always available under seven year contracts.

EXACTRIX® Machine Operations Videos  

1.  Gangwish Seed Farm, Binary Banding Video

  • Binary Banding


  • Three Products Applied

  • 4515 In Five Sections

  • Steering Track Cart

2.  Hear Guy Swanson discuss the history of no-till in the Palouse and the Yielder Drill.You can review the history of No-tillage Farming…by means of Frank Lessiter and Guy Swanson. About a 90 year history. A 1 hour phone interview last week resulted in a historical accounting of how No-till became the normal. Maverick to Mainstream is a great description….and some of the critical people involved.

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Carbon Credits triple in one year in Europe.  Fossil Fuel, The beginning of the end.

European carbon futures rose above 80 euros ($90.272) a ton on Friday for the first time, testing the resolve of politicians who are promising to act aggressively on climate change while grappling with inflation that’s tearing into economies across the globe.

  • The cost of polluting has increased more than 140% this year after a stricter environmental agenda in Europe was laid out and a sweeping rally in natural gas prices made dirtier coal more economic to use for power generation.
  • The futures price rose as much as 0.7% Friday to 80.42 euros a metric ton on ICE Endex in Amsterdam, before turning negative. 

“One more thing, “
Who loses and who wins means nothing in the long term.
We are not going back to fossil fuels,  kerosene, coal power or even steam power.
The answer is in the Wind and renewable power.
Even Ethanol and Bio-Diesel can be super green at lowest GHG with this technology of Green Play Ammonia. 
Make sure you study Green Play Ammonia, It Works.  
It is only change that we a dealing with.

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