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Your own fertilizer factory, Locally Built Green Play Ammonia.
 Wind and Solar Energy, Exponential Growth, Milestone Moments

In the future your land values will improve much faster without the Oligarchs.

In the future Zero Carbon ammonia or Green Play Ammonia will grow 5 to 8 times due to the wind power.

In the future you can conserve the land and hold the production yield goals together with Exactrix and Green Play Ammonia.  

More profits by shielding and insuring nutrients with Exactrix TAPPKTS plus Zinc using No-tillage and Cover Cropping.

Why is this true? Climate Change is for real and deep banding NPKS plus zinc assures only the growing crop gets the nutrients.

How can we have our own locally built, Zero Carbon, Ammonia factory? Go here.

  • In the US the Dirty 40 or very old fossil fuel plants, 50 to 60 years of age produce Ammonia in a 10 state inland and coastal Mega Complex.
  • The power to build fossil ammonia comes from fracking operations on the Great Plains and The Gulf of Mexico. Clean and Green Ammonia comes from the wind or solar clean energy that is renewable. The Dirty 40 has 38 of the 40 plants that use natural gas and two plants use coal with one plant closing in 2024.
  • European Carbon Credits hit $90 per metric ton of carbon on Dec. 3, 2021. There is an additional cost of $180 per metric ton to build NH3 with Natural Gas Hydrocarbons.
  • European Green, Zero Carbon, Ammonia has an advantage of great significance in 2021. Natural Gas Ammonia cannot compete with the wind powered ammonia. For planning and investment purposes no new ammonia plants will be built using natural gas or coal. The most likely power sources will come from Wind, Photo Voltaic or Hydro Power. And for sure Ammonia can be built and stored in county and at your farm.
  • A double down is occurring in a world wide access market to Zero Carbon Green Play Ammonia. Growth is now expo.
  • North America faces a similar dilemma a double down for Zero Carbon Ammonia because the fuel of choice worldwide is Green NH3 starting in 2025 as marine power makes the change first. Agricultural will also lead since it is built local in a primary nitrogen source. No second or third process is required.

How important is Zero Carbon Ammonia, using the wind to release hydrogen to build NH3?  The secret of the Great Plains.

Why should I be so interested in Wind Power at 2.2 cents per KW?  That equals $150 per ton NH3.

Can Natural Gas compete locally?  Nope.

It seems almost too good to be true that I can have Green Ammonia delivered to my farm with a phone call to my local plant operated by friendly people.

The answer is the same as your Great Granddad discovered. What did he say to the family?  

 “We need a wind mill, barb wire, a gun, a plow, some great grassland and lots of cows.”    


Will Rogers, The American Humorist, Extraordinaire, said the same thing.

Look what was has happened in the last 3 years…and you begin to understand.

“Son, these folks have figured it out. Now we can make some money. The wall street hedge fund managers will not push us around anymore.”


Another Double Down. Improved Use of Nutrients at 12% of the Gross.
  Your own fertilizer factory on farm and managed to meet economic performance. 

  • 166% more Crop Useable N as NH3,
  • 200% to 300% more crop useable P
  • and up to 500% more crop useable K with TAPPKTS plus Zinc.
  • Write you prescriptions according to your application system….using deep banding of NPKS plus zinc to 7 to 8 inch depths.

 What is the next chapter in corn and soybean yields?...
GPS Binary Banding On The Great Plains,
Improving Corn Yields and flexibility, and driving nutrient efficiency
 beyond any previous efficiency values

Geometrics is the next chapter in corn yields?

What Beats Corn under pivots in Kansas conditions?   Cow Calf Pairs on  Hybridized Coastal Bermuda Grass.

Incomes per pivot reach upwards of $ 2,000 per acre.   Input costs are considered the lowest in the grass land production per ton produced.

 16 second video A good video of the machine and the grass land pasture.

A Great Plains Money Maker., On sandy and low CEC soils.  Ben McClure Banding Exactrix TAPPKTS, 100 lbs. N as NH3 ,10 gallons 10-34-0 or APP and 10 gallons 0-0-25-17S or KTS.  The Mustangs deep band  to a depth of 7 to 8 inches at Hugoton, June 20, 2019.

 22 second video Click on image to see video

Cow and Calf Pairs. Calves gaining around 2.5 lbs. per day.   

Grazing a  grass land pasture with high  protein content , 16.5% to 18% Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass.
High Protein and tonnage to 16 tons per acre…Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass is big consumer of N and Potassium.
Thus TAPPKTS is utilized at about 1/3 of top dressing costs. Three times the efficiency of top dressed fertilizer.  
Producers need to apply 500 lbs. of KCL to compete with 100 lbs. of KTS.
Producers need to apply 1000 lbs. of N as Urea of to complete with 200 lbs. of NH3.
Producers need to apply 500 lbs. of 11-52-0 to compete with 100 lbs. of 10-34-0 banded.
Producers need to apply 5 times more dry sulfur to compete with the two types of sulfur in TAPPKTS.
Typically nutrients are applied 4 times in the growing season with top-dressed nutrients.
Chloride is not applied. TAPPKTS has been found to be superior economical over KCL fluid grade or dry over the top dressing.

Exactrix Mustang TAPPKTS Banding at 7 to 8 inches also prevents the crop from becoming root bound early and for sure surface nutrient stratification is avoided with Mustangs and TAPPKTS.


Click on image to see video
 46 second video

Your Great Plains Reporter.  

   Guy J Swanson
Exactrix Global Systems
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