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Complementary Deere Information For Exactrix Engineers.
 GPS Guidance, ITEC Implement performance

Last Update 12/13/2021 09:34


  • Training for the Deere iTec…System operations for raising and lowering the Flexing Mustang tool bar…FMTB-4015, 2.0 and FMTB-4515, 3.0.
  • High Speed Mustang Tool Bars….have electronic feed back to raise and lower the tool bar down pressure on the go.
  • A feedback loop is required for operator to test the soil conditions to properly set the accumulator ride control.
  • Exactrix video will be followed by a discussion of the accumulator ride control….how to set down pressures and use the electronic feedback.

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Flexing Mustang Tool Bar, Davis Bros, Pampa, Texas, FMTB-4015, 2.0, On the road, Dec. 21, 2021.

A five section machine model 4515 has two accumulator ride controls and shuttle valves and requires two SCV’s   

This system design uses iTec and allows smiling at lands and operator control at folding.  

A single SCV can be used with limit switches and additional electro valves and in cab switches complementing iTec.


Adjusting Down Pressure on the go is accomplished at the SCV in raising and lowering pressure at the wing sections.  

The same SCV also folds the machine.  

A feed back loop is supplied with sensor mounted into the front depth wheel of each wing section.  

Down pressure is expected to vary with a change in ground speed.  

The Deere iTec allows the tool bar to raise at the center section and the wings. A timing sequence is set in the iTec.

Adjustable from the cab using the SCV. A good feature for changing down pressure at the opener on the go.   

The tool bar wings use the down pressure weight of the center section. A common practice.  

The term is Accumulator Ride Control.  Common to the Yielders of the 80’s .  

A common feature with Yielder® Drills. A 40 year history of varying down pressure on the go.  

A major feature in keeping fuel economy on the money and seed and deep band depths exact.
The feature also allows for hill climbing in steep hills of the Pacific Northwest.



A sensor is located at the front depth wheel. A 3 section machine has qty 2 sensor wheels that also rotate directionally 12 degrees.
The sensor wheels use the same hub and bearings of the opener. The high impact solid rubber tire stands up to BT corn.
The sensor wheel is easy to adjust and access. The sensor wheel is mounted to the front of the wing frame and allows the operator to change the wheel location for Binary Banding.

The strain gauge sensor provides a feed back to an electronic readout in the cab.  

In some soil types…the down pressure must increase 4 times from 4 mph to 8 mph.

A three section machine has two readouts for scanning information rapidly. A five section machine has four readouts.  

The center section is built with weight transfer from the rear axle group, up to 28,000 pounds can be applied to each wing and or summing to 28,000 lbs. in total. .

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