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NH3 at 1% is a Time Capsule and critical to your success.
You can buy land from others. Willing Sellers....Unwilling buyers

The time has come to revolutionize agriculture. Not only can we do it cleaner and better, we can do it profitably AND protect the land. Imagine if you will where we are now. Greenhouse gases. Low-quality coal around the world. Inefficient, costly processes. Think about these facts, just the facts, and consider how you can “Go Green” and “bring in more green” by tapping into the newest Exactrix opportunities.

As Joe Friday says, “Just the facts, ma’am.”


Here is what Mrs. Watson said to Joe on a Thursday morning interview in Los Angeles. “I can tell you what I know for sure.”

  • China burns 7 to 8 times more low-quality coal than the US with a population about 4.35 times greater.
  • Coal reduction has a mate in GHG emission cleanup. That mate is agriculture.
  • Properly implemented, emissions cleanup of American agriculture offers the greatest potential across North America to clean up CO2, N2O, and CH4 across all industries.
  • Placing nutrients in live soil with No-tillage is a cultural shift of less than 1% to 2% of the population. The best part? It generates an immediate economic positive development on 30% of the population.
  • Yes, 80% of the commodities are produced by 80,000 producers. Small producers that are inefficient must consolidate.
  • Engineers must reduce crop and animal production to its most efficient and sustainable production level. Only those producers that conserve and protect the land will make good profits.
  • Greenplay Ammonia™ is the single biggest chance to clean up agriculture and produce outstanding profits.


COP26: Can the World Slash Coal Use by 2030? | Council on Foreign Relations (

A special note: Nathan Crary, Green Play Ammonia, Senior Project Engineer says, “ The green hydrogen credit is worth $474 per ton NH3 processed with Zero Carbon hydrogen and wind. Annual production is 8X at 1,500 million metric tons planned in 20 years, A fact, Green NH3 is powerfully safe in future legislation.”



 Joe Friday, LAPD badge 714,  who is this impressive investigator that lives in Los Angeles? Joe Friday - Wikipedia


Mark Your Calendar
December 31, 2041
New 20-Year Plan

Attention, Exactrix owners. Now’s the time to reset your 20-year plan. Now’s the time to look at the white tanks involved and realize there is a time capsule inside. One that can provide a time-proven path to profits and productivity.

Review this document, then ask the Great Plans Reporter “ How come this is true?”

POS Grain Report - Region (   


Included is the West Coast Price, Futures Price, Friday, Dec. 17, 2021. This market will not last. By 2024 you will have much lower prices.

What is up with Portland West Coast Pricing? Our Pacific Rim customers will need to pay a crazy price, now and in the future.

Your customers are not willing to pay the price with a large upward price surge in the past two years.

Is this price sustainable? There’s no way a 150% to 300% price jump will hold. The Fertilizer Oligarchs are controlling the inputs and giving you a flagrant risk.

The fossil-fuel based Oligarchs turn a flagrant risk on the producer and will fail if you desire it. New producer-backed companies (Zero Carbon, Green Cooperatives) will come in. A new horizon is imminent.

The cure for high prices is high prices. You know the high commodity market prices will be over shortly. Make sure you plan for low prices now.

Ammonia deep banded as Exactrix® TAPPKTS is the winner in good times and bad, and now it can be Zero Carbon, Green and loaded with environmental credits. In North America, we have ammonia directly applied to the land and our customers do not. Land values are directly related to the price and availability of ammonia.

Close margin areas with massive acres cannot make a profit when ammonia is priced too high. Land will be retired to pastures when fossil-fuel Oligarch ammonia hits $2,000 per ton. Zero Carbon Ammonia is now Opex costed at $150 per ton with no carbon credits considered. Much better for the land and the pocketbook!

Zero Carbon Ammonia can be built locally in optimized scale of about 10 megawatts or 3,600 tons per year. Ten plants work together to build 36,000 tons per year in decagon. There is no grid connection. It is truly Zero Carbon power with common materials in construction.

Set a plan in place to ride out the next 20 years and consider that you can own your own fertilizer plant. The most crop available placed fertilizer is TAPPS and TAPPKTS. You can make Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate plus KTS and Zinc on the go, and you can buy NH3 from your own windmill Greenplay Ammonia™ Plant. Green Ammonia is Zero Carbon, and it is built locally and supplied 24/7.

Exactrix® owners can raise low GHG corn in No-till and produce much higher quality ethanol. In fact, 85% Green Ethanol will allow reciprocating engines to perform for the next 40 years with exceptional value. Don’t get too revved up on batteries with their own environmental problems. Batteries are great for hand tools. Ammonia is the winner for big-time energy storage and transport.

Exactrix® Green Ethanol and Zero Carbon Ammonia will have its own following. Seven-year contracts are available for Greenplay Ammonia™ in your locale. The plants are coming soon.

Why are fertilizer prices so high? In fact, they are way too high. Who will be the first to blink: Deerfield, Calgary or Wichita?

You need to spend no more than 12% of gross income, Exactrix® owners. Confirmed, no more than 12% of gross income. You can pay for an entire farm with Exactrix technology.

  • Your calculations are made based on the average 5-year yields (calculate 6 years and kick out your worst year as a technology
    management hedge).
  • Set a reasonable price at a locked-down futures price to cover your fertilizer bill. Then get a contract to deliver corn or wheat to cover the bet. You will discover a new level of excitement about farming.

Your 20-year program. Grow Exactrix® Green as possible and get credits.

Follow these 10 pointers for the best opportunity ahead.

1. Your VRT-Site Specific program should never exceed 12% of the gross for each management zone. Apply no more and protect your pocketbook to buy land from others. (Management)

2. Do not try the Simplot Soil Building Program or the Ag Chem program offered by fertilizer dealers. Never top dress dry or liquid fertilizer. Get on with lower emission GHG (Nitrous Oxide) and get full credits. The floater rig is pretty good for lime and gypsum applications to keep the pH on the money at 6.8 to 7.4 optimum. (Efficient Application)

3. As a matter of economic and national security, store your NH3 on the farm. Time the fill-up when the price is lowest during the year on average. Write a seven-year contract at a guaranteed price. (July to August fill-up)

4. Buy Green NH3 with Zero Carbon. Raise corn as green as possible and process in a local Greenplay Ammonia™ Ethanol plant. (Lowest practical and adaptable GHG fueling can be Green Ethanol)

5. Green NH3 must be fungible to trade. Blue and Gray Ammonia is built from fossil fuel. The source must be a Greenplay Ammonia plant. The environmental credits add tremendous value to producing a high-quality ethanol to be sold as the lowest GHG. (Fungible)

6. Do use Cover Crops and Fumigant Cover Crops (Mustard Relay). You can Mustang Single Disc Deep Band No-till nutrients into live soils with Binary Banding. (Geometric Access).

7. Do make No-tillage Rotational Band Loading or RBL work to the maximum and skip nutrients for one year when required. (Skip Year)

8. Modify the soil pH with your extra net dollars and save another 20% on nutrients annually for the long term. (20% Less Nutrients)

9. Consider perennial cropping like Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass or Alfalfa. (Perennials)

10. Let others fail so you can succeed. (Failure breeds Success)

The path to better results is clear by keeping your eyes on the big picture. A 20-Year Plan can help you make all the difference for a sensible and profitable future.



Your Great Plains Reporter.
Guy Swanson
Exactrix® Global Systems