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Reviewing Power Beyond on Case Tractors.






New tractors arrive without the complete set of Power Beyond and Load Sense Quick Disconnect Couplers.  The above images show a new Quad Trak at the 2008 Boone, Iowa Farm Progress Show.  The Return Power Beyond Quick Disconnect Coupler is shipped installed.  This allows the dump feature back to tank using SCV's.  

 If you have purchased a new Case tractor you will need to source the following components. You can also place this hydraulic coupling order when the tractor is ordered.

Qty. 1, Female Power Beyond Coupler.

Qty. 1, Female Load Sense Line Coupler.

Qty. 2, Male Power Beyond Coupler.

Qty. 1, Male Load Sense Line Coupler.

Qty. 1, Male, Case Drain Line Coupler (not required for Exactrix....but required for the airseeder fan circuit).


You will also need to locate your color tape and ID tags that were shipped with your Exactrix.  Please make sure the ID tags and the color tape identification are installed at the hitch point.  The colored tape should also be used at other hitch locations that use SAE o-ring swivels.  

Do not use quick disconnect couplings at any other location other than the tractor........SAE o-ring male and female swivels must be used at other hitch points....Do not make the mistake of using multiple quick disconnects. The load sense line will not work properly with two quick disconnects. Too much backpressure will result on the return line. The Case Drain line must have Zero back pressure to properly drain the airseeder fan seal and bearing.     

Also identify or color code all disconnect points as clearly visible to speed the annual set up. Do not start hydraulic systems without a double check of connections.....and design your disconnect points to be fail safe by using polarity and reversing the male and females connections at the hitch points on the seeder or cart.  You will not need plugs and caps if you reverse the SAE o-ring connections. 


Make sure the Case Drain line is Zero back pressure and the return line is sized properly. Do not try to combine some other return flow function with the Case Drain........the correct color code for Case Drain is Green. 

Another point for consideration.

Do not forget there are two sizes of Load Sensing hydraulic pumps available for Case Tractors....You must have the large Load Sensing 55 gpm hydraulic pump if you have an airseeder fan.  And you may need to use the large pump if you have tool bar with several cylinders or a liquid fertilizer sparge circuit.... 

If you are ordering a new Case tractor make sure you have ordered the large 55 gpm pump....The smaller 38 gpm pump always turns out to be marginal in some application. Case also offers a two pump system which is used for scrapers with flows exceeding 90 gpm. The Exactrix should always be set up on the Load Sensing Power Beyond Circuit.  This is because horsepower is conserved. Never use the SCV circuits to run the Exactrix System....Always Power Beyond.


Also remember the Case Power Beyond hydraulic system was not tested at the factory.  So you will need to confirm hydraulic flow delivery and pressure before you go to field.  The Load Sensing 55 gpm pump must be big enough to handle all flows and the load sense line must be working and properly stroking the tractor pump.  

If you have a used tractor that was built after 2001 you will also need to test the tractor hydraulic system before going to the field.  Do not be alarmed if the Load Sense hydraulic pump is bad and cannot raise pressure or deliver flow.  In fact about 1 in 10 tractors are operating with worn out pumps or bad drive couplings.  Also inspect the hydraulic filters and make sure oil level are correct after the lines and system has been filled.


Long airseeders present unique hydraulic line designs, since some designs combine steel lines and flexible lines. Contamination of hydraulic lines can be a problem  e.g. new hydraulic lines.  You should flush the hydraulic lines against a return hydraulic filter cartridge. New hydraulic lines can also cleaned at hose assembly using a slug. The lines should be capped at installation. 

Using water to test the Exactrix pumps and hydraulic loads, the producer will need to start a water test........The new owner will need to test the hydraulic system using the Exactrix application pumps and tach circuits.  

The Exactrix System ground speed is raised to maximum speed.  This drives the pumps into bypass at the 2KC and 2KP....The 2KC hydraulic motor (6.2 cu. in. or 100 cc) turning at 600 rpm to 650 rpm indicates a 15 gpm to 17.44 gpm hydraulic delivery.  

In fact the Exactrix hydraulic motors are flow meters with the tach function. The tach circuit in combination with the proper hydraulic pressure gauge location allows the producer to check his hydraulic system. The producer should also operate SCV's at the same time along with the airseeder fan to simulate maximum flow requirements.   

During the Exactrix water test for the 2KC....The 2KP system is also forced into bypass at the same time and the hydraulic motor (1.92 cu. in.) should turn 600 rpm.  The 2KP is turning 600 rpm and the hydraulic circuit is requiring 4.98 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow.   

The combined flow of hydraulic oil with both 2KC and 2KP in bypass at 600 plus rpm each is 22.5 gpm. The Exactrix system requires this flow to operate, alarm, and shut down properly.  

The 2KC, and 2KD systems combined with the 2KM system can require up to 32 gallons per minute of hydraulic oil.  Exactrix systems with 2KM delivery require high hydraulic flow. Exactrix engineers can help you with the correct selection of tractor pumps, hydraulic lines, and hydraulic control valves when tool bars reach widths of 50 to 90 feet using the 2KM for APP and ATS to formulate TAPPS.

Color Code Key: Supply is Red, Return is Blue, Load Sense is Yellow, Green is Case Drain.
The valve body casting is also coded, P is the same as supply.

A new 2008 Case Quad Trak tractor at initial set up at Genesee, Idaho. A large single disc airseeder is being pulled with an Exactrix System.  The Quad Track tractor has a 55 gpm Load Sense large pump and has the PTO option. If the 2nd pump is installed (90 gpm total) a PTO option is not possible. 


A new 2008 Quad Trak Case tractor at Genesee, Idaho after 200 hours of operation. 

Excessive oil leaks observed on the Return Power Beyond Coupler. In fact the area is wet. The male coupler that remained on the airseeder when the tractors were traded could be worn or damaged and could have released in a turn. The male coupler could also be the wrong male coupler. You must confirm with part numbers that the male mate to the females when changing tractors or drills.




A new 2008 Case tractor at initial set up at Lewiston, Idaho. This large airseeder in tow required all the connections and Power Beyond. 

The hydraulic lines need to be color coded and tagged.   

A small amount dirt and oil has collected at the quick disconnect couplers and this is acceptable. 

At 22 gallons per minute hydraulic flow Exactrix requires 1 inch inside diameter hydraulic lines. 

With extremely long hydraulic lines over 30 feet or using the 2KM  system in combination with the 2KC and 2KD 1.25 inch inside diameter steel hydraulic lines are required. 

Rotary Abutment hydraulic motors are available from Exactrix with case drain lines for Exactrix hydraulic systems operating above 2,000 psi.  The Rotary Abutment motors allow smaller 4.0 cu.in. motors to be used to reach 600 rpm. 

An Exactrix 8 electronic gauge panel is available to measure hydraulic pressure and hydraulic temperature. The pressure range is to 5,000 psi. Ports are available to plug directly into the Exactrix system.  Other ports can added to the tractor hydraulic system. The sizing of the Exactrix high pressure sensors is SAE o-ring 4.  Temperatures Sensor ports are 1/4 inch npt and an SAE-o-ring 4 adapter is available. 

If you suspect that the tractor pump is not stroking or the pressure readings are not correct you should call the Case Dealer and have a full diagnostic evaluation.  The Case dealer hydraulic service technician will need to check flow, high pressure and low pressure standby, and Load sense functionality. This is not an expensive test and adjustments to the hydraulic pump may be required. 

If hydraulic temperature is reaching 180 degrees F the hydraulic pump is operating at bypass causing heating.  

Check all possible sources of heat.  The oil cooler may be blocked. Almost always hydraulic oil heating does not come from hydraulic motors. Heating of hydraulic system oil comes from hydraulic oil flow going across an adjustable bypass that was added to the hydraulic system.  There are no adjustable bypass circuits in Exactrix 2KC and 2KP systems.


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