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Improving Yields at Beemer, Nebraska along the Lower Elkhorn River Drainage. Why is Fall Banding with Exactrix Mustang so good?

Jan.05_2021 The New Era, Green Play Ammonia - Yielder NFuel Energy.
Jan.02_2021 On the Great Plains, The New Era, Green Play Ammonia - Yielder NFuel Energy.
Dec.31_2020 The Yielder® NFuel Road, The Landscape, Looking Ahead To The Electric Drive Challenge.
Dec.28_2020 The New Era, Green Play Ammonia - Yielder NFuel Energy.

The New Era, A 100 year run for Diesel Horsepower comes to the beginning of the end.

Dec.17_2020 Exactrix Certified Rebuild. ZHX3200 pump, Ranger Series, and Mass Flow.
Dec.14_2020 Exactrix Process Management 2020
Dec.10_2020 The facts...You never knew.. Optimized Scale is Yielder NFuel Scale. Why, Where, When, and the How come of Anhydrous Ammonia.
Dec. 09_2020 Electric Trucks and Electric Tool Bars,  From Guy J Swanson, Ammonia Statistics in the United States. 
Dec. 07_2020 Better Fields and Roads. A Cover Crop that Makes Money. How to pay off debt fast? Producers make another $150 per acre.
Nov. 27_2020

Wind Powered Green Ammonia Will Grow Fast. From 170 million metric tonnes to 1,700 million metric tonnes in 20 to 30 years.

Nov. 16_2020 Can I do it? Doubling Yields in Irrigated Corn Production, Lyons, Kansas Producer Mark Ricker finds the solution.
Nov. 09_2020 Exactrix Breaks Out of the Pandemic, The new era of NH3.
Nov. 03_2020 Jump Start Profits, Fertilizing For Present and Future Crops, Winter Wheat in No-tillage, Allows Double Cropping Timely.
Oct 26_2020 Your Exactrix Owners win big with Concentrated Hydrogen News. Green Play Ammonia makes producers a lot of money at $100 to $300 per ton.
Oct 19_2020 You Ask For It! Test, Test, Test, A No-Till Phenomena, How to get another $500 per acre annually in No-till.
Oct 16_2020 Kansas Farmers Lead the Nation In No-till. Why are they so good?
Oct.05_2020 You can own your own Ammonia Plant in Micro Grid format. 10,000 plants planned.
Oct.03_2020 How can I make more money with winter wheat?
Sept. 23_2020

Fall Banding Starts Today, Alfalfa Gets A New Friend, Exactrix Custom Mustang Tool Bars Push Alfalfa Profits. At The Minimum $350 to $500 Per Acre More Net Income.  

Sept. 23_2020 America's Success Story Is Exactrix, Why China will fail.  The Trump tariffs are not the final answer.
Sept. 18_2020 Green Play Ammonia - Yielder NFuel Energy
Aug. 18_2020 How to raise land values and be ready for inflation.
Aug. 14_2020 Exactrix Fall TAPPS and TAPPKTS Banding Starts Today, A Major Development for Alfalfa Producers Improving Yields and Lowering Costs. Alfalfa Gets A New Friend.
Aug. 04_2020 No Way Jose...Ammonia at $100 to $300 per ton...for 7 years.
 Calculations based on Bloomberg.
July. 27_2020 History Repeats with NH3.  Where the Corn/Nitrogen Ratio today.
July. 17_2020 Making Ammonia With The Wind
July. 13_2020 US Farm Report, China Will Fail.
July. 08_2020 The Bezos' Earth Fund Will Like Exactrix.
June. 29_2020 Anhydrous Ammonia, A Triple Play is coming in 2022. Odds are 1 play in 486 games.
June. 09_2020

Nitrosomonas verse Yeast. Can NH4 remain NH4 to feed the crop plants and starve the smallest of weeds.   

June. 08_2020 A Kansas Success Story. Seven Years of Success, Irrigated, Double Crop, Dryland 120 bushel Winter Wheat.
May. 13_2020 The Bezos' Earth Fund Will Like Exactrix.
May. 11_2020 Reverse the engines!!  We have a surprise for China’s Communist Party Management.
May. 08_2020 At Exactrix Today is Pizza Friday the 8th of May....A Salute to American Agriculture in Red White, Pink Maroon, Black, orange, yellow and Blue.
April. 23_2020 Lightning Auctions - Get a great deal here. Featuring A Case SDX 3015, 15 inch band centers, Exactrix opener injection components are inclusive.
April.20_2020 Lightning Auctions - Get a great deal here. Featuring A Bourgault 8825 in 12 inch band spacing

Kansas Farmers Lead the Nation In No-till. Why are they so good?

Feb.25_2020 Will .Jeff Bezos Like Exactrix. How is it happening? Entering the Greatest Era of Environmental Regulation and Storage of Green House Gas, or CO2, NO2 and CH4.
Feb.18_2020 Good News, Why is Ammonia Going to $1,000 per ton. Ammonia Pricing, Not a Problem with Exactrix Technology and Storage.
Feb.17_2020 Fertilizer Dealers Recommend Exactrix Applications. Bad Recommendations for Nitrogen Reduces Yields every time.
Feb.11_2020 A Major Development for Alfalfa Producers Improving Yields and Lowering Costs. Alfalfa Gets A New Friend.
Feb.09_2020 Exactrix is The Big N and No-Tillage with Exactrix Get two good yielding crops with one nutrient pass.

Finally understood Alfalfa, Must Have Deep Roots to Compete.

Feb.04_2020 America's Success Story Is Exactrix, Why China will fail.  The Trump tariffs are not the final answer.
Feb.03_2020 Exactrix Rental Tool Bar Wamego, KS, Case SDX is a stellar Bander.
Jan.30_2020 Setting up tests. Bio-Char.
Jan.27_2020 400 bu/A Corn can be achieved, 300 bu/A Corn production In Sandy Soils, High In Nematodes.
Jan.24_2020 Well Understood, Why China will fail. The Trump tariffs are not the final answer.
Jan.21_2020 About the Ag Economy, It is a big deal. Millions of Dollars Made With Exactrix.
Jan.17_2020 I can't wait to raise 400 bu/A corn, Why some farmers make more money. The Beat Goes On... North American Young Farmers with Sons Are Ready.
Jan.03_2020 Exactrix Profit Years, 2020-2030, 15% to 80% greater margin.
Dec. 17_2019 Acceptance, Kansas Has A Famous No-Till Field Full of Mustangs, Why? At 28 years, On Ute Road, A Vanguard of Infamy.
Dec. 10_2019 Manufacturing NH3 Locally, Exactrix Review of Power Costs, The Lowest is Idaho at 8 cents.
Dec. 06_2019 A Fall Banding Exactrix TAPPS Strip Till machine of incredible production capability as reviewed by Guy Swanson and Jason Swafford.
Dec. 02_2019 Mustang Review at Bellville, Chester, NE. Phil Poppe and Steve Kuhlman.
Nov. 24_2019 Appaloosa Horse Farm, Spring Brewing Barley. $27.50 of TAPPS at 1% CV
Eric Odberg gets a A $550 per acre gross income.
Nov. 16_2019 The 2019 Corn Production Margin Got Bigger. Career Bending Yields in Wheat and Brewing Barley.  
Nov. 06_2019 No Trumpets Please. Making good yields at 270 b./a. with $64.00 of Exactrix TAPPKTS with Micros.
Oct. 23.30_2019 A Love Affair, No-tillage with Snow and Anhydrous Ammonia, Fall Banding, "Jenny and I were Just like Peas and Carrots."
Oct. 14_2019 Anhydrous Ammonia, Nebraska Doctrine of Equivalents... Inside the Laminator. Something you needed to know. Making NH3 and TAPPKTS delivery.
Oct. 10_2019 Make No Mistakes, Exactrix Owners Bush Up. ...Headed for Nebraska?
Oct. 08_2019 There is Big in the Pacific Northwest....and then there is Real Big......Thinking Big, Storage is the Key. Gangwish Seed Farm.
Sept. 30_2019 Why Anhydrous Ammonia Works Every Time and especially well in No-till.....The Difference between Maximum Profit and Maximum Production | Agricultural Economics
Sept. 24_2019

Frontier Farming Days. February 13 and 14, 2020, Hugoton, KS Producers Get Top Yields with Custom Application. Producing up $150 per acre more net income in No-till. The entire investment is often paid back in one crop.

Sept. 17_2019

Why We Don’t Graze Winter Canola….Time Out….That Comment Needs More Thought.

Sept. 06_2019 Why Exactrix Works Everytime. Sat Shot and TKI is critical to your success. A powerful review.
Sept. 03_2019 Alfalfa, Income increased $180 to $450 per acre with Mustang Deep Banding and TAPPKTS, Micros and Fulvic/Humic Acid.
Aug. 22_2019 Big or Small Producers Get Exactrix Technology to Pays Big Returns, There is no turning back with the top 5% of the US producers.
Aug.12_2019 Clean and Clear Rivers Full of Fish, Eric Odberg....the Hill Climber, Coyote Grade, Brewing Barley, Home of the Free, Land of the Brave. 1800 feet above the Clearwater at Genesee, Idaho.
Aug.10_2019 The Big N, Exactrix Changes NH3
July.30_2019 How Bad Can It Get?  The First true Oregon fertilizer placement system started by Top Dressing Oregon Soils with a Plow to follow in a single pass.
July.24_2019 Double your pleasure, Banding Deep, Running Fast and doing it No-till.
July.16_2019 Producers Get Top Yields with Custom Application. Producing up $150 per acre more net income in No-till. The entire investment is often paid back in one crop.
July.10_2019 Roundup has a mission "The Terminator", Roundup Just got better.
July. 2_2019 What is the next chapter in corn and soybean yields...
Binary Banding On The Great Plains, Improving Corn Yields and flexibility, and driving nutrient efficiency beyond any previous values.
June. 24_2019

Discoveries made in dual application of N and P  using Yielder Drills and Aqua Ammonia. TAPPS/TAPPKTS

June. 18_2019

Get the most from the land and your investment.  Exactrix Gives you options.  June 19, 20,and 21. Moving to the next level with Mustang and Exactrix Tool Bars. Hybrid Winter Canola, and Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass.

June. 14_2019 Bring your good neighbor.  Top Yields and Quality in TAM Wheat, June 19, 20 and 21, Hybrid Winter Canola, and Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass.
May. 30_2019 Well Understood, Why China will fail. Why we are the best at what we do.
May. 24_2019

Discoveries made in dual application of N and P using Yielder Drills and Aqua Ammonia.

May. 23_2019


Finally 300 bushels per acre Corn on sand.Mustard Fumigation, Pacific Gold.
KTS is 2.1 lbs. S per gallon and 3 lbs. K per gallon.
May. 17_2019 Solving The Nutrient Mess in North America.
USDA News fills a spoon and not a cup. $20 Billion is not enough.
May. 4_2019 Exactrix Update, At Shelton, NE, May 2, 2019 "
 An Industrial Caldera of Fire and Ice".
May. 2_2019 Hybrid Winter Wheat Is Next At Lowest Cost Per Bushel Produced.
Thank You, Texas A&AM.  
Apr. 23_2019 Money Man, Guy Swanson Your Great Plains Reporter, How Did Rick and Joel Get More With Less? Rick Engelmeyer, Beemer, NE, April 19, 2019. Joel McClure Hugoton, KS, April 14, 19
Apr. 12_2019 Machinery Changes Everything -vA return to Hugoton.
Exactrix Banding 7 to 8 inch depths in Wheat and Sod at Hugoton.
Mar 11_2019 We are what we eat. News about Coastal Bermuda Grass for 12 ton yields. March 10, 2019
Mar 07_2019 Frontier Farming Days. A follow up of Feb. 14 and 15, 2019 at Hugoton, KS.
SRS, TAPPS, TAPPKTS Mustang Tool Bars, No-Tillage at High Speed.
Feb 18_2019 Frontier Farming Days Feb. 14 and 15. . SRS, TAPPS, TAPPKTS Mustang Tool Bar. Training by the best. Planting Wheat, Planting Canola with SRS.
Feb 11_2019 Hugoton Frontier Exactrix meeting set for good weather.
Feb 05_2019 Raise 300 bushel corn with $64.00 nutrient expense. Level 300 producers with VRT-Site Specific. 
Feb 03_2019 Advanced No-tillage Farmers, Hugoton Frontier Farming days. Weather is ideal for Banding TAPPS.
Jan. 25_2019 Is N serve required? Exactrix allows you, the producer, to control the outcome of high yielding crops.
Jan. 18_2019 Low Prices Require High Yields in Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Cotton, Hybrid Winter Canola, Highest Canola Yields in the World, Yes Sir, 50 Varieties of Winter Wheat to pick from. In Idaho, On the Camas Prairie.
Jan. 15_2019 Don’t Let The Ammonia Oligarchs Grind You Down. Ammonia is a good buy all the way to $2,000 per ton.  Beat up the Ammonia Oligarchs, 40% off on NH3.
Jan. 10_2019 Swinging with Tarzan, It is the Farm Economy Stupid, Why single disc. Yield Punch, advanced information on Exactrix. Video of Exactrix.
Jan. 09_2019 Finally 300 bushels per acre on sand.
Mustard, KTS is 2.1 lbs S per gallon and 3 lbs K per gallon.
Jan. 07_2019 Hanging Offense, Lone Star TAPPS and TAPPKTS.  Exactrix News from Texas and Kansas.
Dec. 27_2018 Guy Swanson Reports, Deep Soil Fumigation without Tillage, Exactrix Plots a Solution. Thio-sul gets a little More...about 11 bushels. Fall Banded. Kevin Medow, Land Values ready for upward trend. 
Dec. 25_2018 Why is Winter Wheat Hybridized A Big Deal? Why is Hybridized Winter Canola Better Than Cover Crop? Why Hybridized Rye...Two choices in Wheat Metering for Planters. Brian Sieker, and Plant Rite 15" Wheat Rows for Vacuum Planter
Dec. 20_2018

Exactrix "Hands On" Frontier Farming Days, Hugoton, KS, Feb. 14 and 15, 2019.

Dec. 03_2018 No-Tillage Baby Potatoes, Hugoton.  No-tillage Nutrient and Cotton Tour.
 Banding in the Snow. Dec. 6 to 10
Nov. 25_2018 A No-tillage Legacy Moment, Investigating Seed Row Saturation with Planters.
Nov. 23_2018 Breaking Yield barriers in Nebraska at reasonable nutrient costs.
Nov. 10_2018 Finally, Ethanol does outcompete gasoline, 5 more years it will be 50% of gasoline GHG Emissions
Nov. 07_2018 It is a big deal. Millions of Dollars Made With Exactrix.
Nov. 04_2018 How producers overcome the Corn Culture problem. Mavericks go Mainstream when it comes to money, when you have MBA's asyour investors and directors at Kramer Seed, Ben McClure.
Oct. 31_2018 Exactrix Plots a Solution. Thio-sul® gets a little more, about 11 bushels.
Fall Banded. Kevin Medow, Land Values ready for upward trend.
It takes Less to Raise More.
Oct. 28_2018 A critical point. A chance to unravel the mystery of corn crop nutrients in your lifetime.
Oct. 27_2018

NH3, A Better Hydrogen Source. Use less, get more.“If it cost less, raises more crop, and producers use less, then you have built a pretty good product.”

Oct. 26_2018 Uniform NH4 in the deck, in liquid streaming flows, It works.
Oct. 22_2018 From "The Heart of the Dust Bowl" at Bumper Flats, Winter Wheat Planted with SRS has more yield potential and better winter survival.
Oct. 10_2018 Order More Cows with Exactrix Winter Wheat Management.
Update on Exactrix and Reports from Crop Quest.
Exactrix TAPPS working well in seed corn and commercial corn.
Oct. 09_2018 Millions of Dollars Lost…over a farming career.
Sept. 28_2018 Exactrix TAPPS Working Well at Shelton, NE. The Harvest Scene with Paul and Debbie Gangwish, Top Yielding Dekalb, 120 day corn at 35,000 and very tall...ranging around 280 to 290 bushels per acre.
Sept. 23_2018 Corn Margin Increase. Cut the cost of NH3 by 166%. Make Phosphate 300% more crop available.
Sept 19_2018 Ammonia Pricing. July August Fill up. Down, Down, Down into the ring of fire.
Sept.16, 2018 My Kansas Banker does not know sickum about corn production.
Sept. 09_2018 Visit Us at Husker Harvest Day..Sept 11th to 13th, 2018. More Net Margin. 12% more margin. Things have changed.
Sept. 04_2018 Highest Canola Yields in the World. Yes Sir, 50 Varieties of Winter Wheat to pick from.
In Idaho, On the Camas Prairie.
Aug. 30_2018 Another Exactrix First Down, Osmond, Nebraska, Schmit Bros, Mustang Tool Bar....In Blue. 4015, Liquid Delivery, 2,600 gallon Duo Lift Blue Mule, Double header.
Aug. 15_2018 Rooms at Husker Harvest Days. The Big Irrigation Show.
Aug. 06_2018 Idaho Chickpeas are Buckpeas at Wittman Farms and Webb Ridge, Lewiston, Idaho. Hot Mustard, University of Idaho. Fumigant Mustard.
July. 30_2018 Lost in the West...Horses, Caterpillars, Leveling Wheel Tractors. Yielder Drills, Peaches, Who, What, Where, When and Why.
July. 26_2018 Change the Fertilizer Industry with the help of the fertilizer industry.
July.10, 2018 Exactrix Plots a Solution. Thio-sul gets a little More, about 11 bushels. Fall Banded. Kevin Medow, Land Values ready for upward trend. It takes Less to Raise More.
June 25_2018 High Temperature Planting, Sesame, Canola, Wheat, Double Crop Soybeans, Confection Sunflowers, and SRS
June19_2018 The Big N. The Most Powerful Technical Achievement In The US economy.
May 27_2018 Park the Planter. ....Must have 65 gallons per acre in the row.
May 22_2018 Ammonia Pricing. July August Fill up. Down, Down, Down into the ring of fire.
May 21_2018 Winter Canola at 140 bushels per acre on 30 inch row spacing.
May 18_2018 The Diamond Bar U, Munday, Texas, No-tillage Headquarters with Exactrix Tool Carrier and a 45 foot Yielder Mustang Tool Bar.
May 14_2018 A Spokane Symphony of Spuds. Not all men were created to raise seed potatoes.
May 13_2018 News about Yielder 4015, Mustang. High Speed Deep banding TAPPS and TAPPKTS Formulators for Corn, Wheat, Cotton, Canola and Soybeans.
May 03_2018 World Wide News, Bourgault, Exactrix, and the SHB Break the Norm.
May 01_2018

Great Plains Technology Report.  Big news on the  Case 2150 with all precision planting features 16 row, 30, Rick Engelmeyer at Beemer Nebraska. The machine is so new that the dealer took about 3 days to get it working.

Apr. 24_2018

It is a big deal. Millions of Dollars Made With Exactrix.

Apr. 22_2018 Uniform NH4 in the deck, in liquid streaming flows, It works.
Apr. 16_2018 Change the Fertilizer Industry with the help of the fertilizer industry.
Apr. 13_2018 News about arrows, Nebraska Tough Boys, Alex Swanson born close by in 1886. Orphan Trains, Pony Express, Oregon Trail. Union Pacific Golden Spike.
Mar. 20_2018 Young Farmers Get Help.  Winter Canola is 4 times Better Than Winter Wheat or Spring Canola.  University of Idaho, Winter Canola, Vs Winter Wheat, vs Spring
Mar. 16_2018

Solving the Palouse Problem. The Problem: 5,000 generations to build and 4 generations to alter the land and tear it apart.  

Mar. 13_2018 The Cover Up on the XIT
Mar. 02_2018 Winter Canola Goes North of 20 cents by July. 15 and 30 inch standard Spacing, SRS, Side Dress Nutrients.
Mar. 01_2018 Corn Producers Can Overcome Gravity With Exactrix High Pressure, Low 1% CV, Deep Banding to 7 inch depth.
Feb. 28_2018 It Works Every Time Across North America.
Feb. 27_2018 Lake Erie and the Palouse Clean Up. The Roots of No-Tillage and Fertilizer Placement.
Feb. 21_2018 Double down in dry conditions.  Saving Moisture in Texas means No-tillage Farming.
 Double the profit margin fast.
Feb. 18_2018

Where Did All The Money Go? The Gluttons Koch, CF, Agrium, Potash, Way too much profit, Gluttonous. Over Net 50% margin in manufacture of nitrogen, 12% would be normal and competitive.

Feb. 14_2018

True Stories after 80 years of Engineering Excellence with NH3.  The 2018 Agriculture Scenario vs. the 1938 return to profitability. An Agricultural No-tillage Revolution.

Feb. 11_2018 Raise 300 bushel corn with $64.00 nutrient expense. Level 300 producers with VRT-Site Specific.
Feb. 06_2018 Exactrix Update. Dryland and Irrigated Winter Canola and Double Crop, SDI
Reverse Feeder Dike. SRS-1  Spokane, WA., Ag Expo - Feb. 6, 7, & 8, 2018
Feb. 02_2018 The New Anhydrous Ammonia,  NH3e breaks record in Idaho Hard Red Winter Wheat.
Jan. 29_2018

NH3, A Better Hydrogen Source. Use less, get more. “If it cost less, raises more crop, and producers use less, then you have built a pretty good product. ”The payback is
most likely one crop or less.

Jan. 22_2018 Late October, 300 miles south of Grand Prairie, Alberta. 500 miles south of Manning Alberta at 58 degrees North.
Jan. 18_2018 Questions Answered, Why No-tillage is different. Emergence of Soft White Winter Wheat with Water Injection.
Jan. 12_2018

Two Records Set, Nitrogen and Phosphate Application, NUE at .5 lbs. N/Bu/A. Set at Dalhart Texas.

Jan. 04_2018 Uniform NH4, NH3 Pricing .Soybeans, Corn, Milo, Sudan, Iron Chlorosis, Platte Valley Yellows.  Potential for July NH3 Price drop, More soybeans indicated. Low $125 per Ton, New Orleans, High $450 per Ton Iowa
Dec.29, 2017 Why Stick With It? News About Water. Dr. Noori, OSU, Imbibed Seed, SRS, Abscisic Acid, Wheat, Winter Canola. OSU, WSU, U of I, KSU, Dr. Noori.
Dec.20, 2017 Tornados and No-tillage. Banding Exactrix TAPPS, Kevin and Denton Durler.
Exactrix Series 3 Tool Bar.
Dec.18, 2017 Two Brand New John Deere Tractors Get No Respect.  The Underground Herd Moves to the Feedlot. Exactrix Update on Dairy Manure.
 A big Award from the Washington State Dairy Commission, Emissions and Worms.
Dec.13, 2017 My Kansas Banker does not know sickum about corn production.
Dec.11, 2017 Drive Seed Costs Down with a Yield Jump.  Seed Row Saturation, The SRS Challenge.
Seed Row Saturation has improved with Exactrix SRS systems.
Dec.05, 2017 Only 2 days before the Great Plains Producers Meeting -  Don't Miss out!!
Dec.04, 2017

Ammonia Dealers, Level 300 Producers, Tips and Hints. Exactrix TAPPS drives Corn Yields to 280 to 290 bushels per acre with VRT-Site Specific application and Mustang Openers.

Dec.02, 2017 Ethanol Goes to the Maximum. Here is something you did not know. Ammonia Prices are quoted too High.
Dec.01, 2017 Only 7 days before the Great Plains Producers Meeting - New Content
Nov.29, 2017 Go Make Some Money. It Takes Less To Raise More.
Nutrient Costs 2018 will be 10% to 15% less than $64.00 acre.
Nov.28, 2017 Only 9 days before the Great Plains Producers Meeting
Nov.23, 2017 Fall Banding Winter Wheat with Mustangs.
Nov.20, 2017 Only 2 weeks before the Great Plains Producers Meeting
Nov.17, 2017 High Test NH3, Nebraska Manure applications.  Optimum Year after Year. 15 years' experience. Pioneer Exactrix Yields at Beemer NE.
Nov.16, 2017 Going No-Till.At Dalhart, Texas, Andy Cover has Tractors For Sale.
Nov.15, 2017 Polar Bears and Moose.  How far North can you No-till farm?
Nov.14, 2017

Top Soybean Yields, Corn Yields. Exactrix Makes a Historical Jump (300 bu. a.) with Binary Banding, Deep and Vermiculated. New Mustang Tool Bar has Great Plains and Hillside Features.

Nov.13, 2017

Exactrix Plots a Solution. Thio-sul gets a little More, about 11 bushels. Fall Banded. Kevin Medow, Land Values ready for upward trend. It takes Less to Raise More.

Nov.08, 2017 Deere Owners, 10 Tips and Hints. The 1890 machine must be re-rated. If it is No-tillage, If you want an improved stand in all cropping scenarios, it is best solved with a Swing Arm Weight of 65 to 105 lbs. Stack Weights.
Nov.06, 2017 Corn Crop Quality and Loss,  Ear Rot, Fusarium, Bacterial Blight, Stalk rot, Diplodia, Gibberella. Potential Reasons for Weakened Ear Shanks and Ear Loss | CropWatch | University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Nov. 03, 2017

Exactrix Advanced Education producing 12% more net.Exactrix Training, Seminars and Power Information for more margin.  Don’t Miss This Outstanding No-tillage Fertility Meeting.

Nov. 02, 2017 Exactrix Makes TAPPS at 26 degrees and cooler temperatures at Keene, North Dakota.
Oct. 31, 2017 Way up North in October,  The SDX is the undisputed the king of fixed angle openers and 3 to 4 inch banding
Oct. 30, 2017 Farthest and Most Northern Exposure.  North of Glaciers.
 Raising good crops. Applying TAPPS With CPS applicator design.
Oct. 24, 2017 We are not in Kansas. The Term, Western, Northwestern and the Far North Means Excitement and The Pioneer Criteria.
Oct. 13, 2017 Giant No-till Crops, Yielder dryland wheat Making Big Crops.
The land has an old friend over two generations.
Sept. 27, 2017

Idaho's National Award Winner in Nutrient Management.

Sept. 26, 2017 No-Tillage Power Play.  Bourgault Exactrix TAPPS formulator.
Sept. 25, 2017 Red Green, Man-Made vs. God-Made.  Tango Foxtrot, Is That you Lisa?
Sept. 24, 2017

The Big Four in Giant Corn Crops. Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Colorado. Giant Crop coming

Sept. 22, 2017 Exactrix Plots A Solution For The High Plains, Iron Chlorosis of Soybeans, Corn and Milo.
Sept. 21, 2017 Go Make Some Money. It Takes Less To Raise More.
Nutrient Costs 2018 will be 10% to 15% less than $64.00 acre.
Sept. 20, 2017 Exactrix Mustang Tool Bar. Shown at Husker Harvest Days.
Sept. 09, 2017 Adding Billions of Dollars of Cash Flow For Soybean Producers. What Adds 20 to 30 million acres to Exactrix Market Potential?
Sept. 08, 2017 Husker Harvest Days Is About Soybeans and Corn, Banking,
And North America's Best Agriculture Infrastructure.
Sept. 07, 2017 Making More Money In No-tillage Farming. And with less risk.
Sept.04, 2017 Husker Harvest Days Countdown
Aug.31, 2017 Platte Valley Yellows Overcome, Dry land beans.
Aug.28, 2017 North America's Highest Corn yields at .5 lbs.
N (NH3) per bushel. Field Wide Average 325 bushel per acre corn the low cost way.
Aug.24, 2017 2017 Compendium - CANOLA
Aug.22, 2017 Winter Canola, The Wonder Crop of the Great Plains.
Aug.21, 2017 Changing Kansas Machinery Needs. Why and How is SRS similar to Seed Priming. Discussions of Osmo Priming, Zinc Sulfate, Corn, Canola, Wheat and others.
Aug.11, 2017 The Story about Anhydrous Ammonia you did not know......
Aug.10, 2017 Yields go up 13% in Canola. Ursa environmental disaster, but Sulfur as Thio-Sul still made a big difference.
Aug.09, 2017 The Germination Trigger.
 How do get a No-till stand in Kansas Soybean production.
Aug.07, 2017 The power to move a mountain is improved with
SRS whereby there is 99% germination in 4 days.
Aug.03, 2017 My Banker does not know sickum about corn production. Aug. 16, 2017. Winter Canola. Hugoton, Kansas. September 13, 2017 Corn, Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island.
Aug 01, 2017 Get The correct information, No questions left unanswered.
July 29, 2017 Guy J Swanson Announces Two Exactrix Meetings and Seminars.
July 18, 2017

Nitrogen and Phosphate Pricing

July 17, 2017 Profitable, Complementary and Powerful Winter Canola Acreage
will increase up to 4 times, Canola Plots. At Hugoton.
 Storm Ursa, Discoveries. SRS, Hybrids, Thio-sul. MGPA.
July 07, 2017 NH3 pricing, $245 per ton or about $147 per ton Exactrix Equivalent.
June 29, 2017 Champion of Winter Canola, Greg "Killer" Sederstrom, Sederstrom Uses Magic, At Goodland, KS. Winter Canola is great.
June 28, 2017 A big deal in Texas, Manganese Deficiency on the XIT
with Andy Cover of Cover Farms.
June 13, 2017 Reducing Planting Costs up to $80 per acre.
Water Savings, UNL, McClure, SRS, Yielder, Hypocotyl.
June 10, 2017 Cone bottom, dual tanks at 2,500 gallons.
Trailer runs between rows.
June 09, 2017 Record Yields, Reduced Costs, Red Alert for Corn Producers.
Why Exactrix TAPPS Is So Successful
May 31, 2017


Good News for Certain Producers, Big Risks Coming, Low Cost NH3 changes the game. Producers Know Now That Bigger Risk Taking Is Back In The Farming Game.
May 30, 2017 What Is Better Than A Cover Crop?
Winter Canola, Has the potential to bring good revenues and clean up ground and outperform cover cropping.
May 23, 2017 The 100 year Story of Winter Canola.
May 17, 2017 Tracks make a big difference.
 Exactrix, Case, Half-track, Mustang, P-51C, 5 section fold Case 940 tool bar at 51.25 feet going to 70 feet.
May 10, 2017 Moving On, Available to Exactrix Owners and Top Notch Producers going to 260 to 280 bushels per acre Corn. Monosem Planter, Exactrix P-51C Mustang Openers, Moore Built Tool Bar. Hand and Glove. A powerful combination with Fall Banding of TAPPS
Apr.24, 2017 Dalhart, Texas, Home of the XIT, 6,000 Miles
of Fence and still growing.
Apr.22, 2017 Winter Canola, moves ahead, Hittle, McClure, Mercedes.
 April 14,17, 20 inch planted, Mustang TAPPS Exactrix Banded.
Apr.21, 2017 Champion of No-tillage Deep Banding at 7 inch depth with Mustang P-51C,/CUE crossover.
GS-3, Case SDX 940 with Mustang changes.
Apr.10, 2017 Improving Agricultural Economics with a change in rotation. Raising a crop that has demand.
Apr.03, 2017 A critical point. A chance to unravel the mystery of corn crop nutrients in your lifetime.
Mar.30, 2017

Mustang Banding Tool Bars, Get Top Review from Blaine Richter of CPS.  Exactrix Mustang Tour in Nebraska.

Mar.24, 2017 The Little B, Boron, Corn, Canola, Milo, Sunflower. Wheat, Alfalfa, Triticale, Seed Production Crops, Certain crops are very sensitive to Boron.
Mar.17, 2017 Powering Up Winter Canola At Dormancy Break. An Update, Hugoton Gas Field Exactrix Clinic, Kansas. 4 to 5 inch spacing on 20 inch. Big Plant with survival.
Mar.16, 2017 Finally, Ethanol does out compete gasoline, 5 more years it will be 50% of gasoline GHG Emissions.
Mar.09, 2017 All acres are No-till acres around the DIA today and looking back to the 1980’s, there was change in the air.
Feb.27, 2017 High Oil Content Winter Canola, Exactrix TATS Side Dress Growing Canola with Thio-sul®, NH3, cZn. Exactrix Update and Meeting at Hugoton, Feb. 28, March 1, 2017.
Feb.24, 2017

High Oil Content Winter Canola, Exactrix TATS Side Dress Growing Canola with TATS.

Feb.23, 2017 Demonstration and Economics Clinic
Feb. 28 and March 1, 2017 - Hugoton, KS Golf Course
Feb.21, 2017

News about raising Canola, the Five Big Bets, at Hugoton, it is working well.

Feb.15, 2017 Less Is More...NH3 at $180 per ton, an outstanding Nutrient Management Clinic for a 2 day Option,  Yielder® Technology produces 264bu.-A  
Feb.10, 2017 We have got it and they don't.
Feb.03, 2017 We found the problem.  Winter Canola in Washington State. Dryland.
Jan.31, 2017 Here is something you did not know. Ammonia Prices are quoted too high.
Jan.23, 2017 Where did all the money go? Thio-Sul® circa Exactrix TAPPS.
The Grand-daddy of Nitrogen Stabilization outperforms N-serve.
Good Corn. No-tillage. Mustang Banded.
Jan.17, 2017 Roll the dice twice with Winter Canola.
Jan.16, 2017 Now we know the true No-tillage story.
Jan.03, 2017 My Banker does not know sickum about corn production.,
Jan.02, 2017

Yielder® Technology Produces 264 bu./A to 278 bu./A average yields.  Corn Efficiency Record Set With Exactrix®.

Dec.30, 2016 Agriculture has changed.
Dec.29, 2016 Plant Nutrient Engineering, Agronomy, Economics, Exactrix Guide, 2017.Highest Yields achieved, Exactrix owners make more money.
Dec.22, 2016 Yielder® Technology Produces 254 bu./A  Corn Efficiency Record Set With Exactrix®.
Dec.16, 2016 Corn Yields at 280 to 316 bushels per acre with Exactrix TAPPS in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.
Dec. 07, 2016 The Story about Anhydrous Ammonia you did not know......
Nov. 30, 2016 Winter Canola has excellent returns when matched with top notch management.
Nov. 28, 2016 It Works Every Time.
Nov. 15, 2016 Record Yields, Reduced Costs, Red Alert for Corn Producers, Why Exactrix TAPPS Is So Successful
Nov. 09, 2016 If you love Kansas strippers,
you can see the next best thing. An improved view.
Nov. 08, 2016 Black Dirt Days, Only A Memory.
Nov. 01, 2016 Great Plains Producers Meeting, Yielder No-tillage Technology
From Exactrix Global Systems.
Oct. 21, 2016 Less Winter Wheat And More Winter Canola, The Market Says So.
Oct. 11, 2016 Interesting Facts about Kansas, Southwestern Explorer Report, Great Plains Reporter.
Sept. 27, 2016 Advanced Exactrix Update. Add Zinc, Cooper and Boron. Raise More Wheat. Boron is for the reproductive stage and can be banded at super low rates or Foliar applied.
Sept. 12, 2016 What is Vermiculation? How does the Mustang Opener Vermiculate the TAPPS.
Sept. 09, 2016 Under Promise and over deliver. Beat your expectations with Exactrix TAPPS in No-tillage Corn with “Big Ears” from Pioneer.
Aug. 23, 2016 Exactrix Winter Canola, Fall Establishment,
Winter Hardiness, Fertilizer Practices.
Aug. 02, 2016 Bandammonium, $30 to $60 more net income per acre in a close margin, dryland farming operation, No-Tillage P-51-CUE, Deep Banding TAPPS Vermiculated in Unique Involute bands on 15 inch centers.
July 21, 2016 Improving Crop Applied Nutrient Efficiency, Higher yields and a little less nutrient cost, Exactrix Demonstration, Mustang Banding TAPPS, Heavy Residue, 9 mph,
 Banding deep at 7 inch depth with No-tillable.
June.21. 2016 A New world record, all No-till, Nutrients 99% crop available, Ken Dechant, Guy Swanson, Manning Alberta, 14,000 acres in 7 days.
June.15. 2016 Up The Big N, Anhydrous Ammonia and Snow,
 Another High Water Mark in Washington State and Idaho.
June.07. 2016 Kevin Medow Makes The News, Front Cover Nebraska Farmer.
June.02. 2016 West of the Missouri, 60 Days Makes A Difference.
April and May Weather Changes The Outlook On the Great Plains.
June.01. 2016 Tornados and No-tillage, Banding Exactrix TAPPS, Kevin and Denton Durler, Exactrix Series 3 Tool Bar. Dodge City, North and South about 20 miles, about 7,000 acres dryland.
May. 12. 2016 Kansas Exactrix Anhydrous Ammonia No-tillage  system saves moisture with minimum investment in nutrients.
May. 03. 2016 In Washington State, The Longest Term, Ultimate No-till Field and Farm, The Boe Ranch.
Apr. 26. 2016 No-tillage Anydrous Ammonia at 8.5 mph at 7 inch depth at 1%CV Uniformity on 15 inch centers. The Big Red.
Apr. 25. 2016 The Keystone of Fluid Flow, Liquid State, Anhydrous Ammonia with
2 and 3 inch RT Internal Valves for Exactrix High Pressure Pumping Systems.
Apr. 09. 2016 Get Technology On Your Side Of The Fence.
Apr. 07. 2016

What is better than a Cover Crop? No-till Anhydrous Ammonia Is Better, Double Crop.

Apr. 01. 2016 In Nebraska, Anhydrous Ammonia and Snow go together, Spring Snowstorm leads to optimum banding of TAPPS on Cereal Rye Cover Crop.
Mar.12, 2016 Anhydrous Ammonia Has Changed Forever. Saving 100lbs. N/A and Millions
Of  Tons Of Topsoil.
Mar.07, 2016 Yielder Manganese Steel...Deere blades 1/4 x 19.1 Yielder....and 5/16 x 19.2 Yielder.
Mar.05, 2016 Anhydrous Ammonia Has Changed Forever.
Mar.03, 2016 Exactrix Processor reduces per acre cost of nutrients. Technology High Water Mark. Hugoton, KS. McClure
Nov. 24. 2015 Exactrix Nutrient Management Seminar. Improving the Net Margin 12% under 2016 production pricing
Nov. 06. 2015 Exactrix News about Anhydrous Ammonia. Saving 100 lbs. N and Millions of Tons of topsoil.
Nov. 05. 2015 Too Much Nitrate..... Over applied, Under applied resulting in Yield Loss
Oct. 23, 2015 Nutrient Pricing Coming Down in Kansas...Thio-Sul® drives Fall Banding in testing. Cost of production is dropping with commercial fertilizer.
Sept. 06, 2015 Visit Exactrix At The 3i Show At Dodge City, KS
August 31, 2015 In Kansas Conditions El Nino is working with Better Margins, Exactrix.
August 17, 2015 Better Margins, Better Crops with Exactrix in Kansas. When the commodity prices go south. There is a solution to stay north with 12% more net margin.
August 7, 2015 Red River Valley, Grand Forks, Dark Northern Spring Wheat gets protein and yield boost.
July 20, 2015 Less Is More, Better Crops, Better Margins
July 14, 2015 Two Good Margin Crops In One Year, Travis Fieser at Kismet, KS, Cimarron River Drainage
June 26, 2015

Exactrix Technical Advancement in Double Cropping with Mustangs and TAPPS. Southwestern Kansas Producers Make Better Margins And Conserve.

June 06, 2015 Millions of Dollars Lost…over a farming career.
May 16, 2015 Lyons, KS, May 11, 2015, Suppressing Nematodes in Sandy Soil. Fumigation Biologically Applied.
May 14, 2015

Mustang Tool Bar powered with Exactrix® engine technology.

April 28, 2015 Producing 8 % more yield with Anhydrous Ammonia at $450 per ton equivalent.
Manufacturing NH3 On Farm, Small Portable Plants. Will They Work?
April 13, 2015 Re-processed anhydrous ammonia makes $60 per acre more net income.
Mar. 23, 2015 Sharp rise in corn price predicted in the second half of 2015
Feb. 28, 2015 Why does Exactrix provide more crop available nutrients?
Feb. 03, 2015 Less Is More, Better Crops, Better Margins
Jan. 04, 2015 Improvements in crop nutrient banding
Dec. 30, 2014 Data released...6 years of Exactrix confirms high performance...Exactrix Nutrient Management Seminar With Ben McClure
Nov. 30, 2014 Bad Weather, Good Weather, Higher Yields creates biggest threat to profitability for Deere. Too much corn.
Nov. 13, 2014 Exactrix Producers Make More Money with Less Risk in 2015 in corn, wheat, and cotton. Exactrix Owners Have More Net Margin
Nov. 05, 2014 Fertilizing Bluegrass and Perennial Crops with Subsurface Bands.
Oct. 28, 2014 Budget Nutrient Costs for 2015, Exactrix TAPPS Produces Good Yields in 2014.
Oct. 14, 2014 For 2015 An Amazing Discovery in Irrigated Corn Production.
Sept. 23, 2014 Fall is the best time to apply your fertilizer.
Aug.19, 2014 Producers Making More Money with Less Risk in corn, wheat and cotton. Exactrix Owners Have More Net Margin
July 29, 2014 Lower priced nutrients on the way..... Fall Banding Nutrient budgets 2015....Exactrix TAPPS raises more corn with less invested.
July 07, 2014 TAM 112 performing well with Economic News from western Kansas wheat harvest.
June 30, 2014 Ammonia pricing is dropping July 1 as fertilizer manufacturers begin the new 2014
June 02, 2014 No-tillage TAPPS and TAPPKTS deep banding with Mustang openers in Western Kansas.
May 16, 2014 Powerful Economics with Great Yields
May 5, 2014 Exactrix owner Paul Gangwish compares with 600 hp quad track, Case Exactrix Mustang 940 Tool Bar and Track Cart, sandy soil conditions around Ainsworth NE.
April 29, 2014 Exactrix Does Make A Difference. Why Would Exactrix Have An Advantage?
April 18, 2014 Less is More, Less Fertilizer Means More Net Profit Per Acre. Get The Most Out Of Fertilizers.
April 17, 2014 Good Potential Margin for Exactrix Owner, Winter Wheat Condition, Hugoton, KS
April 10, 2014 It is time to upgrade with TAPPS Formulators from Exactrix.
April 2, 2014 TAPPS Formulators from Exactrix. Bring $150 more net income per acre in irrigated corn, cotton and wheat.
Mar.30, 2014 Deere Exactrix Wing Injection
Mar.2, 2014 Obsolete at any cost, Floaters, Exactrix Introduces Massively Efficient Production
Feb.25, 2014 Guy J Swanson Says. "Every Time Exactrix Owners Have More Net Margin"
Wheat at $9.20/bu, August Delivery, Portland, Oregon.
Feb.20, 2014 Vertical Tillage without The Tillage
Feb.07, 2014 Exactrix, Deere Green Star, Trimble FMX Training, During Ag Expo, Spokane, James Brimmer and Bruce Wolford Trainers.
Feb.06, 2014 Maximize the Return..Two National Awards to Exactrix...Exactrix Owners Make a Bigger Margin with Good Yields
Feb.05, 2014

Big Kansas Track Cart. Kyle Cott, Clay Center, Jan. 30, 14

Jan..25, 2014 Need more Training on Exactrix Margin Improved Jan 25, 20 14
Jan..13, 2014 The Production Margin is improved 12% in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado
Dec..31, 2013

Defending the Margin in 2013...Lorin Koehn and Grant Koehn at Copeland, KS.

Dec..26, 2013 An old friend...Case SDX 30 and 40, New approach with Case SDX frame. New life for old 1850, 1860 and 1890 frames.
Dec..25, 2013 Guy Swanson says, " More Fun Discovering Micro Nutrients, Stimulants, Inoculants with 2KR Exactrix Formulators"...Micro Nutrient Application with the 2KR, Blending and Confirmation.
Dec..22, 2013 Soybean Production....Solving Iron Chlorosis on high pH soils. Milo can also be considered.
Dec..20, 2013 Delivery of NH3 to applicators with mounted safer
Dec..19, 2013 P-51 MUSTANG
Exactrix Highest Award for Technical Achievement in 2013
Dec.. 10, 2013 Exactrix Review of Seeding or Planting Alfalfa with Nutrient Management Considered
Nov.. 30, 2013

Exactrix Times, Issue 146, Nov. 30, 2013 Western Guidelines For Alfalfa Fertilization.

Nov.. 25, 2013 Exactrix Reports....Exports driving grain prices higher. We Build the Best...and Service the Best.
Nov.. 19, 2013 Exactrix Pioneer 2088, 120 day Yielder in 2013. News about Exactrix....New presentations.
Nov.. 11, 2013 In Nebraska Conditions. Exactrix Mustang Openers...
Banding 7 inch depth into Corn Stover... 270 bushel corn Stover.
Nov.. 07, 2013 Exactrix Times, Issue 139, Nov. 5, 13
Better Crops result from Better Management….not more fertilizer.
Nov.. 04, 2013 Late October Banding at Manning Alberta results in 14,000 acres of correctly fertilized fields of Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS with advanced series 3 Formulators
Oct.. 28, 2013 Rock Solid Optimism with Strength in | China data put ag commodities on front foot
Oct.. 10, 2013 Why does Exactrix TAPPS work so well with Mustang P-51C deep banders making surgical cuts?
Oct.. 01, 2013 Kevin Medow, Monsanto DeKalb averaging 260 bushels per acre.
Sept.. 29, 2013 Mr. Top of best ....Kevin Medow.
Sept.. 25, 2013 Shank Vs Single Disc.
Aug.. 27, 2013 Malting Barley. Potash market may not stabilize until 2014 - Acron
Aug.. 05, 2013 Customer Appreciation Day….in the Seed Corn and Irrigated Corn Capital for the World.
Aug.. 02, 2013 NH3 price dropping, Cost Plus Ammonia on the Horizon...Exactrix Nutrient Pricing and Spread
July.. 19, 2013 Made In Kansas - Get The Most Out Of Fertilizers
July.. 8, 2013 Exactrix Report...The 500T is a Global Machine..... Exactrix and Yielder Technology Applied.
June.. 25, 2013 Raising 280 bushel per acre corn....on 280 bushel Corn residue...No-till Production in the Major Leagues at, Shelton, NE, Paul Gangwish.
June.. 15, 2013 Ammonia Price Collapse. Now $560 per ton if you have on farm storage. Pricing Problems are severe with Solution 28-0-0. The margin is lost.
June.. 08, 2013 Fertilizer Industry Admits to Monopoly and Price Fixing
June.. 03, 2013 EXACTRIX® SPARGING REFLOW BLENDER  With Back Flush Capability
May.. 23, 2013 No-Till Winter Wheat Report.....Junction SWWW, Catholic Canyon,
 Genesee, Idaho, Eric Odberg, Exactrix Variable Rate 4 zones.
May.. 13, 2013 Why Does Exactrix Work So Well?  Think about it…why would Exactrix have an advantage?
Apr.. 26, 2013 Benefits of Exactrix® Superior Application Uniformity vs. Conventional
 Ammonia and Granular Fertilizer Application Systems
Apr.. 23, 2013 High Speed Banding - Exactrix P51 Mustangs Near Smith Center, KS
Apr.. 12, 2013 Case 940....Now a No-tillage Tool bar at 6 to 8 inch banding depth
Apr.. 03, 2013 The Battle of Midway Was Won With Correct Information
Mar.. 25, 2013 It's Official....Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices by Potash Cartel
Feb. 22, 2013 Part 2 - Can Hydra-Hume Take Exactrix Users to the Next Level? 
Jan. 30, 2013 Exactrix TAPPS Grows a fantastic crop at 316 bushel per acre average
Jan. 12, 2013 Banding Deeper for Top Yields with Liquid Streaming Flows of 300 psi Liquid NH3
Jan. 02, 2013 The Process Of Exactrix
Dec. 31, 2012 P-51C Mustang Openers. Triplex at 100 psi injection
Dec. 18, 2012 Steve McCasland Keeps Showing Up
Dec. 11, 2012 Surgical Cuts In Kansas
Nov. 29, 2012 Banding In Tough Conditions
Nov. 07, 2012 High Speed Banding 1890 Is The Key  With A Track Cart.
Nov. 01, 2012 Mustang Openers Making Surgical Cuts
Oct. 26, 2012 A Big Discovery, Confection Sunflower Yields Go Higher
Oct. 25, 2012 More Net Margin With Hydra Hume
Oct. 19, 2012 Great Plains No-Till Nutrient Management Seminar
Oct. 10, 2012 Brian Downing, Colby, KS, built up a new 1890 for banding in the Fall of 2011
Oct. 04, 2012 Major Weather Events Fall 2012 on the Great Plains.
Sep. 24, 2012 Top Dressing Urea Fertilizer With TAPPS Has Reverse Economics
Aug. 13, 2012 Technology Marches Ahead
Jul. 07, 2012 Drop Fertilizer Costs