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Exactrix Report. Fumigant Commercial Crops for Cover and Bio-Diesel.

Fumigant Mustard has fumigant properties and Winter Rape, Dwarf Essex improves the rotation. This allows the corn and soybean yields to be increased.

It is has long been known that the corn soybean rotation is not optimum and yields are reduced....a break in the rotation with a third crop is required to improve yields about 5% to 10%.
The Roundup Ready Corn Soybean rotation is ideal for the Brassica family....no soil active herbicides allow propagation to maximum yield potential.
Soybean Cyst nematode can be suppressed with Fumigant Oriental Mustard.....since fumigant mustard has nematicidal properties.
Go to www.exactrix.com/MustardRI.htm to view Fumigant Mustard in rotation.
Corn yields have been 10 bushels higher following Fumigant Mustard as compared to soybean as the previous crop.
Fumigant Mustard matures rapidly and requires very little water allowing a double crop. Winter Rape, Dwarf Essex can have very good yields.


Highest irrigated yields for Fumigant Mustard is 3,000 pounds in Alberta. In northern Idaho dry land mustard can average 3,500 lbs. per acre. Winter Rape yields can reach 5,000 pounds under pivot irrigation.
Current mustard prices have moved much higher. Fumigant Mustard Pacific Gold is .18 to .25 cents/lb. Yellow Mustard, IdaGold, 38 cents/lb....ranging to 45 cents/lb.
Dwarf Essex, Winter Rape, 20 to 22 cents per pound....Seed is produced Brocke and Sons, Kendrick Idaho.... The seed is produced with center pivots in the Columbian Basin and is 32 cents per pound.
Fumigant Mustard and Winter Rape also make superior Bio-Diesel....and the meal is spread back on the land as a fumigant and fertilizer....the meal is hot.
Roundup Ready Corn and soybean rotation does not have residual herbicides allowing Fumigant Mustard and Winter Rape to be propagated.
Spokane, Washington, Pacific Gold Fumigant Mustard was seeded at two different locations. The Seeding date was August 20 th.
The purpose was determine the growth rate of Fumigant Mustard and too see if the Fumigant Mustard would bloom before freezing nights.
Freezing nights occurred the last week of October. 
The Fumigant Mustard will next be tested to see if it will 100% winter kill by spring of 2008.


A second test was carried out under shading of pine and fir trees.
To more of less simulate the shading effect of a crop such as elongated corn.
Another goal is to determine if Fumigant Mustard or Winter Rape can be seeded with a combine at harvest directly behind the corn head.
Another goal is to determine if Fumigant Mustard can be relay intercropped into hybrid seed corn....allowing Fumigant Mustard to be harvested well after the seed corn is harvested.
Another goal is to determine if Fumigant Mustard or Winter Rape can seeded in a simultaneous pass with corn nutrient side dress in June.  The side dressing tool bar can seed Fumigant Mustard or Winter Rape to improve the soil and allow a second crop to harvested.
The knowledge base of the Fumigant Mustard and Winter Rape (Dwarf Essex} is limited to the Northern Plains and the Pacific Northwest.  Special adaptation of existing machinery may be necessary.
Can Fumigant Mustard be used in a Relay Intercrop?...Soybeans have been utilized..


Can RR cotton be utilized with Fumigant Mustard leading the relay?..Can Fumigant Mustard be double cropped improving cash flow, net income and providing two harvest events for the Bio-diesel plant?
Can irrigated Fumigant Mustard be used for Bio-diesel production using a Roundup Harvest label to speed harvest and establish a second crop on the Great Plains?
Will Fumigant Mustard produce higher yields in the relay where corn and soybeans are typically raised?  Indications are that corn and soybean yields can be increased with Fumigant Mustard breaking the bio-rhythm.
Is Fumigant Mustard viable as a cover crop if seeding costs are held in a $10 to $15 range and water costs do not exceed $10 per acre?
Can Winter Rape, Dwarf Essex, be relay intercropped in a corn rotation utilizing special planting machinery?
How does Mustard and Winter Rape respond when seeded into elongated corn in the month of July and August?
Guy Swanson
ASABE, ASA, WSDA Certified
Exactrix Global Systems.
Seed Source....Technology Base.
Pacific Gold Mustard....Genesee Union Warehouse..............208 285 1141
Dwarf Essex, Winter Rape....Brocke and Son. Kendrick, Idaho......208 289 4231
White Fumigant Mustard.....DLF International Seeds, Halsey, Oregon....800 445 2251
Technology Source.......University of Idaho, Washington State University.....Dennis Roe, Johnson Hall, Pullman, 509 335 3491.
Active Plant Breeding.....USDA-ARS, Beltsville, Maryland.. and the University of Idaho, Breeder Jack Brown...DLF International Seeds, Halsey, Oregon, Marshall Peters 1-800 445 2251
EPA Registrations for meal and oil....University of Idaho, Matt Morra or the new business manager, Jim Faber, Bio-Diesel products. Jack Brown, breeder of the mustard/rape/canola program.


John Yockey reviews Pacific Gold Mustard and Soy Bean. Mustard ready for harvest.
Doug Schroeder, Potlatch, Idaho. 
Bluegrass producer. 
 President of Seeds Inc. and Plants of the Wild, Tekoa, Washington.


Raises specialized white mustard seed for DLF International Seeds, Halsey, Oregon. 
Breeder plots shown for radish and white mustard.


White mustard, Potlatch, ID Mustard 30 days before harvest
  Relay Intercrop. Dark Northern Spring Wheat and Roundup Ready Soy Beans
1. 2.
3. 4.
1. Mustard crushing with a Comet Crusher at Moscow, Idaho.
2. Portable Crushing Plant was set up by a non-producer to sell the oil.
3. Total investment is about $25,000 for the low volume system that is designed to run without an operator.
4. A good way to get started. Allows the producer to stay in control of the oil and meal and produce a value added product. 
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