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Aurora,NE., Scott Forsman starts out his new Exactrix® 2KD "Weigh Master" system in ridge till. The 25 foot bar is  equipped with 15" band spacing single disc openers with "knee action" angled closing wheels.

The Deere 8400T Is set on 120" gauge width with a three point mounted bar. The bar Is set to apply NH3 on 10 rows of corn. The openers are paired to each corn row banding the NH3 five inches to the side of the corn row. Thus the NH3 Is applied to the side of the ridges. The net affect Is paired rows of bands on 10/20 with average band spacing of 15". The corn plant feeds on dual bands allowing better yield results with double site access of nitrogen.

This is also an ideal system for dual placement of 10-34.0. Dual placement of N and P chemically formulates Tri-ammonium phosphate.... the most available form of phosphate for corn.... with Ideal positional and chemical access of the plant food.

The Exactrix 2KD delivers NH3 with band accuracy of less than 1% CV. This produces even plant feeding and no "pinch rows" of corn ears. The mass meter applies the NH3 within 0.6% field applied rate in all temperature ranges. The Exactrix 2KD allows Scott to challenge the Coop scales.

The net result for Scott is $40.00 additional net dollars per acre with no-till... plus a 30% reduction In NH3 and a 10% yield increase is common for Exactrix owners. An added plus is low compaction since the trailers are also 120" gauge width in a controlled traffic pattern.

Even application of NH3 means that single disc openers can be used since the openers do not freeze. The NH3 Is Injected as a liquid. Each 15" band is evenly applied.... where old fashioned pressure reducing systems apply up to 4 times more NH3 In one band as compared to the next adjoining band.

The Corkin sliding vane pump is capable of injecting NH3 at pressures to 350 psi.  This high pressure direct injection technique "burns or cuts" the NH3 into the soil deeper much like a cutting torch would cut a steel plate.

The Mid-Tech controller maintains the accuracy levels by sensing ground speed, mass flow, rate requirements and thus turns the pump at the correct speed. The MicroMotion mass meter Is now the Industry standard for NH3.
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