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“Move away from the Oligarchs, Take control of NH3 in the original format of producer ownership.”

“You can own your own ammonia plant.” GJS.

Over 500 Small Scale plants are planned by 2030 with the
backing of carbon sequestration entrepreneurs.

10,000 Green Play Ammonia Plants are planned by 2050. Move over Mega Ammonia Plants (1,500 tons per day), Ammonia goes local.

If you are not familiar with the changing world you can now
review HR-4447 which is now in the Senate.

Fossil Fuel Ammonia has about 10 years left. No big deal most of the plants are paid for.

You may want to contact the Senate Energy and Natural resource committee for more information.

Your senator may be on the committee and you can express your
need to reduce NH3 pricing to $100 to $300 per ton .

Your need to drive land values back to where they should be.

How can my farm make more money? 

If you need a subscription booklet and want to subscribe for $100 to $300 per ton NH3, start now.

Exactrix® owners and potential Exactrix owners,
 You may contact call or text
 509- 995-1879  

Spokane, Washington.
Or E-Mail at

Note: That round 2 of Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel subscriptions starts November 5th.

Green Ammonia Underwriters are grandfathered.

The Grandfathers of the First Small Scale plants have placed their subscriptions $100 to $300 per ton for up to 7 years for Green Play Ammonia.

Round 1, Exactrix owners only, Texas, Oklahoma has filled for Agricultural Application for the first 10 Small Scale Ammonia Plants.  Power Generation is 75% complete on a 50/50 split.

Peaking Power and Power Generation for Green Play Ammonia™ electricity or Yielder® NFuel opens in Nebraska and Kansas, November 5th.

Indications of Interest and subscriptions for Round 1 has closed in Texas and Oklahoma. Round 1 is still available to Exactrix owners in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and the PNW. Your subscription is open till November 5th.

Power Plant Owners, Non-Agriculture Industrial applications for Yielder NFuel.

Yielder NFuel for power plants, generator sets, drying equipment, dual fuel diesel engines, asphalt plants certified starts December 7, 2020, The pricing for Industrial Certified Fossil Free, Green Ammonia starts at $550 per ton for 7 years.

Or E-Mail at

You may want to review how things change and yet they do not really.

Exactrix owners are returning to 6 cent to 18 cent N.

Why is small scale so powerful? What does an energy microgrid do for cost of power?

You will see land values driven by Green Play Ammonia.  Land values will change as much $2 Trillion per year by 2030 with improved margins.  The fertilizer industry shot themselves in the foot. By building Mega plants that will never pay back or may even be paid for. They have made a fatal mistake by investing in the foreign plants. They forgot to keep the money right here on the Great Plains.

Only Green Play Ammonia™ and Yielder® NFuel will drive land values.

Finally a way to make nutrients more efficient with no surface or aerial applications of expensive nitrogen.

Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS with Micro Nutrients such as Zinc and Manganese can solve the nitrous oxide emissions with Rotational Band Loading.

In some cases the nutrients are so efficient that applications will last up to 3 years in perennials and 2 years in annual crop production.

Yes Sir, Kansas and Nebraska are back and in the driver’s seat that they left in 2003. A subtle robbery has occurred and you can read about it.

When supplies are ample as they are today you may not realize how much you are overcharged for NH3.

The natural gas price is the same today as 35 to 40 years ago!! The Mega plants (1,500 tons per day) are paid for.  Why is ammonia so expensive?

You may have wondered, Why is it so expensive? The price of the energy is the important part of the story. You can build your own NH3. Note that 1 cent per KW equals $100 per ton and it is locally built. 

The real full competition price of Ammonia today is somewhere between $100 to $150 per ton.  

Green Play Ammonia is on the mark because it is built locally for every 36,000 acres.
This allows corn and wheat ethanol to be green displacing fossil fuel and allowing 30% blends.  

Producers can now own their own Green Play Ammonia™ Plant to improve margins and assure on time delivery.

Green Energy is on the way. NFuel Energy is 50% of the business plan. Green Ethanol can be produced cutting GHG emissions by another 50% with Exactrix® TAPPKTS plus micros and implementing No-till Rotational Band Loading.  Exactrix Mustang Rotational Band Loading sequesters the N2O or Nitrous Oxide which is 300 times more potent than CO2.

Your local heavy hydrogen plant is just down the street from your farm.  Heavy hydrogen is NFuel NH3, burning clean with no carbon emissions.

“Wind Powered Ammonia, Green Play Ammonia™  Yielder NFuel has arrived and brings on the ability to store hydrogen for Green Power”. GJS

When Ammonia burns it has bright yellow to orange flame that is about 5 to 10 times longer at compared to Methane.

Ammonia is an ideal material for drying and heat treating.

Ammonia is also stored much easier than other types of hydrogen.

Toyota engineers have a process to clean up the by product N2O using afterburners that generate more heat and combustion and drive the temperatures into more complete combustion of NH3 avoiding N2O formation. Here are some notes.  Thus the combustion by-products are N2.


Our next issue will illustrate the flame front the extensive work completed for
 power plants, turbine generators and industrial process.



Your Great Plains Reporter.  

      Guy J Swanson 

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Security West Financial

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Application time cut in half at 1 acre per minute.
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The 2017 Agronomy Review.

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