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       Exactrix System

  1. How does it work and description of TAPPS fertilizer

  2. Advantages of Exactrix fertilizer system

  3. Ultra high nutrient efficiency, crops and agronomics

    Yield results and Economic returns

  4. Exactrix Test Plots results

  5. Grower results, comments and videos


  6. Implement set up

  7. Band width and accuracy

  8. Single disc banding

    Scientists and Universities

  9. Scientists that endorse and work with Exactrix products

                                          IMPLEMENT SET UP
Manifold Testing Sinusoidal Flow Explained
Tanks - Improving NH3 Efficiency Visual Nitrogen Problems
NH3 Trailers - Design Review Deere 1890, Dual Product Wing Injection Gr. 4.45
Deere Tracker Deere 1890 Mid Row Bander Series 3
Case SDX Yielder Deere 1890 - Tungsten Carbide Seed Boots
Deere 1895 Yielder Side Dressing Spring Wheat
Kinze NH3 Planter Texas Two Step
The Nebraska Clipper Case International, SDX, Single Pass, Side Dressing
Yielder 2520 Case SDX Pre-Plant Tool, Corn
Friesen Bar Deere Exactrix Wing Injection
Foltz Exactrix Injector Wing - Deere Group 4.25
The Western Star Progressive High Speed Single Disc X-16 Tool Bar
Training Bulletin # 799 Bourgault Mid Row Banders
What Are Economic Losses Of Coolers? Open Soil Distrubance
Compare NH3 Manifolds Atom Jet
Power Beyond Load Sense ES 500
Case Power Beyond  

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